Friday, October 22, 2010

I got her ire up again

Let me explain. Her Mostess taking to heart; all she sees in books, on TV, around our corner of Payton Place; love stories gone wrong. In disgust after finishing one of her book readings, she looks up and muses, “To many people don’t know what love is!”
Hearing her (for a change) I piped up, “I’d like an explanation?”
In an instant transformation without so much as a phone booth Herr Clink, said, “You would.” she steamed, “Love is thinking of someone else before yourself.”
And as usual I must have had one of my usual stupid looks spread across my face. Looking at me, while turning around, she added, “You would!” as she more or less stomped off muttering something or other under her breath. If I didn’t know better lunch will be a cold one.
(sigh) When will I ever learn?
Gosh, we both slept well last night. I got up to reset the fire under the last log Frieda had laid on the fire last night. While I was at I stepped outside crossed the deck for an ash bucket. The underside of my feet liking slipping and sliding across a surface so smooooth I thought had been waxed.
The Sun shinning bright, when I left my headache gone and my senses clear I figured whatever could go wrong with a day like this one for a start. For my endeavors start, I headed down to the barn to unload last night’s Greene load of horses where I had left them standing for the night, saw horses. TV reporting lows of 28* temps, the barnyard creek had froze over, I walked up stream to cross where it were drier. Such a pretty day I wasn’t taking any chances anything going wrong. I wasn’t about to walk on that ice. Had I fallen in there was nobody else about to throw me a line and pull me out. On getting to the shop I took up sorting, condensing, separating savings and trashings. I even picked up a broom making like sweeping and doing a bad non professional job of that at that. Walking about with hands full of things to stow in their proper places I felt a rumble deep down inside me. Oh oh! I suddenly knew I’d never make it home so immediately headed for Bro’s house. I didn’t make it either for I experienced a 102% fallout. Shyit! Well but not else to do I went in and finished what had started. Clean out my shorts, packed them with a wad of toilet tissue and went back out to the shop. Nobody else around my bibs filled with tissue papers no body to offend I was going to get something done one way or another. I lasted for awhile, thinking I was no more odorous than that of a skunk what had passed rather closely by the shop doors during the night. I managed to load the truck filled with tires and a custom made cab from tractor removal only box for the over the hill shed. One odor following to closely the other I could move away from, living with the skunk’s after burning was better than just staying ahead of my own. Able to unload Greene later I gave in to going home for a shower and a renewed start on the day.
Yup, it was just as I predicted. It were a cold lunch. A tossed salad fixed for today’s dinner fare.
Seeing Terry Home I got him to drive me down and around the corner twice I could bring two tractors with implements home. I be damned if I didn’t let the Rotary conditioner get away from me taking out maybe forty-eight feet of a plank fence. Just what I needed, two more things to fix. And, thought I use that mower today. Can’t happen now without a fix. (oh crap) Guess what I’ll be working on tomorrow. Other things to do, one of them move the new Cushman out of the way for parking RM in its place.
On my second approach to the shop I stopped by the lower shed unloading Greene truck. Into the shop I but shoved a few things out of the way that the Greene truck’ll transport down to my barn later. Bring in out the Polaris Ranger I backed it into the shop. Using its front winch with some finagling I pulled that second Cushman into the shop. The first tug of the cushy buggy was via it’s own hitch. The machine in the door, the second pull was off the new machine’s front end. This allowed me to pull it in some more doing it off-sides or along side the Ranger. Once the machine was on a level floor it was just a matter of a couple leanings on it to park it where I wanted it. The Greene loaded it were time to get my dragging assed butt home and finally move some wood into the house. I’d be dark before it was either me or the day done.
The shop press will see some serious use tomorrow.


Paula said...

OMG Fernan you tell it like it is, don't you? We had a skunk odor in our neighborhood a couple of nights ago. lol

Mizz MC said...

It sucks when you can't fight nature. I've gotten over being embarrassed when stuff like this happens and just chalk it up to aging.