Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

Haying is done at last. Now if I may find just a couple hours I'll have the Cushman up, out, and running. Then its cleaning, power washing, and blow drying balers and mowers before either putting under or covering over.. The old Ugly truck’s repairs supposedly next has put on hold again. The EzGo car has developed some serious breaking down where the front suspension fastens to the main frame. It's first next, seriously in store, for metallic surgery a definitely possibility.
At last haying time consuming farm importance is out of the way, a second Cushman reformation only an hour or two away, I’ve got a couple thoughts about today’s holiday.
First Columbus has been so wrongly credited with discovering the America’s, The mislabeled American Indians were already here first. They needed discovering for what?
Secondly if historians want to call the first eye opening visitors to these lands discoverers every time I see the pre-Columbus killing foot prints have been over shadowed in part via European Norsemen traversing the Atlantic first. Two more also’s: how was drawn on maps what had already had these continent’s labeled the America’s by a map maker? And, how is it the Polynesians had come and gone traversing the Pacific before the Europeans.
Every time these subjects are brought up on either the TV’s National Geographic channel, the Discovery channel, the National Public Broadcast channel, or any other commercial and/or cable programming’s all that old history is being rewritten. It’s time all the hypocrites landing on these shore who’ve destroyed these North American lands forests, brought all the damaging environments seed from the old world with them, and thoughtlessly polluted these rivers and streams. Then our people have the nerve to tell the South American peoples they mustn’t cut down their forests. Who are we to tell anybody else what they may or may not do with their lands when we haven’t shown the same kindness or respect to our own.
Oh crap, I don’t want to get started on this……….
Hey, look at this, I’m so relaxed I can set here dribbling my own brand on nonsense across my pages. Enough time wasted. I’ve got to get out of here and finish my mechanical buddy’s good fixing.
I spoke to soon about a reprieve from all what needs doing around here. Boy, am I sorry I saw the laundry pile. Had to been three loads on first sight. They was by noon when I put one in the drier and another in the washer. Aren’t these modern appliances the cat’s pajama’s. I need only spend a couple minutes here and here throughout the day doing laundry. Still, I dislike the dungeon visits it take me going down there to get it all done.
Thinking I was getting somewhere with the Cushman It had given me a time starting it. Once going sounded good to me. However I had two oil leaks. Arrggghhhh!!!!! I had miscued applying the tappet cove gasket on one side for one and throughout all my monkey-ing around with all the solid hard engine operating linkages I broke the oil pressure gauge's oil line. That one is going to be fun the conjunction in an almost inaccessible place.
The hay wagon on Greene’s back I’m going to try and do my part to finish once and for all the haying.
Oil line fixed, I had Cushman running and moved outside. Seems a little hard starting, the timing perhaps advanced to far. Sounded good when I could keep it going. Oil pressure 40#, I’ll accept that. Whole machine was running/driving tight. Now how long is it going to take to brake it in. Speaking of braking, I wonder if maybe I had either tighten the brake shoes right or wrong. Working on all the linkages it seems to have more throttle that it either hadn’t had before or couldn’t have had as it was linked the last ten years. Looks like another evening I’ll be curled up with the Cushman shop manual tonight again.
I was almost in on the end of the hay wrapping finish. I blew my cork, Raymond insisting I finish my day weight lifting so late into the day. When I did come home I see the last cell looked closed. Maybe he had Barry’s help. Looks like my brother wont get the message until I protest and entertain a few more late afternoon refusals. The bottom line I still haven’t gotten over the damnable concrete block movings of just last week. Enough again is enough!!!

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Hope you find the pot of gold.