Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10-4-2010 Morning and…

…..can’t call it. One thing’s sure right off the get go I felt all morning as if I had hit my wall. Accomplishing anything was an up hill drag taking a whole lot of earnestness on my blanked mind to accomplish anything. I did the sitting and looking at it 9Cushman) again as if picking up right where I had left off evening last. Remembering my preconceived idea and new parts start I loamed onto those pieces first, center punching them for a series of holes each individual piece., and drilled them When I had all the pieces, volunteering, Bro’ welded the individual pieces together for making three useful parts out my mess in the end. (grin) I even painted them before splitting for another hardware store run for more parts even before lunch.

Lets back the truckster up! We had a gosh darned extra heavy ice forming frost this morning. The Sudex Left growing till the end, the end is here. The Sudex seriously wilting on the root, I’ll cut it tomorrow. Then watching it I’ll likely rake the field putting two cut windrows together, and likely bale it the day after that.

Sheesh, hungry and tired I wont last long tonight. So tired I don’t even care enough to find a good flick to sleep through. Now, that’s bad. Don’t nobody get between me and my bed tonight. BGKC.

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