Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three Way Split

Yup, that’s what I needed this morning. Seems there just isn’t enough of me to go around. First off I had to take Frieda to Doc’s office for a whole slew of minor surgeries. Looking hr over yesterday Frieda had some moles he didn’t like the looks of and Doc was going to remove them this morning. That was one way. I also had to get the ladies out on new pasture so’s they could graze the fresh green stuff and bale green hay for haylage wrapping. What to do?
Much fresher this AM than I was late evening last I got out my chainsaw and went to heavy hand brushing. I got to tell it like it was. I was fresher this AM and the cutting and throwing the brush back into the woods seemed like nothing but light work, which turned so much easy this morning. Then I belayed the fence wire putting on the posts as I rolled along side the lot of them. When I had finished I double checked my work visually and meter readings. The pasture readied I went to share the good news with the ladies. Then all I got out of them was a lot of lip. They’d been down that right-of-way before and had eatened it off. They weren’t going to let me fool them.
Near enough I come in for lunch only there weren’t any. I called the trash pickup and asked, “Where are my trash tubs?” While I didn’t get any static I didn’t get any immediate satisfaction either.
One thing’s sure as hard as those tubs are to come by I don’t need some imbeciles throwing them away for me. I use them for grain spills, grain storage, and my latest robot project when working will require two per building each additional robot. I’ve stowed parts in them, carried tools and varied other supply’s in them. I’ve found them excellent consol covers on the JD’s keep water out of the hydraulic remote cables, thus winter frozen iced free operable. I want my tubs back. They’s supposed to send somebody out to survey my complaint. Probably be another dodge?!
Finshing my lunch the phone rings to tell me I got to come pick up Frieda. I told the Miss on the other the line, “Let Doc take her home while I sit back to see if I like it?” It was no soap, I had to go bring her home. (sigh)
Tractor time, I started baling the alfalfa down the road. The hay so heavy, so much, I had to drop two gears so’s the baler’s pickup could to take it in. Almost finished I was called to stop baling. Bro’ had decided he wants to dry bale it now. (I don’t know?) Finished there I come home contacted the county drain commission about the hole in the county drain out back. That’ll be inspected tomorrow. Caught up phone calls out of the way, Frieda home, lunch downed I was free to dry bale the bottom ground out back. Surprising me I rolled up more hay than I figured was out there. I start adding up the harvest off this place and I’m going to set a long time unbroken record for yield, 60 to 70 bales already harvested there has to be at least that many more out here and then some. I’m already getting a nice all over fire side good fuzzy feeling and Winter is still a fare piece off.
6:00 PM and I’m in the house early. I’d finished all the hay baling I was allowed and then some. There’s plenty more out there, our having a new plan our dry timing against the weather predictions. I look in refrigerator and had a cold supper, and got my hinny chewed on for all the garbage growing in the icebox. An exchange of a few words and I was garbage detailed.
It’s late now and I was pushed only just far enough this day I feel good about it; and, I don’t want to think about tomorrow. BGKC.

"To the moon Alice!"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Got to’s

Got up with a couple got to’s. First I had to take Her Mostess to Doc for her blood results. Secondly I’ve got to finish setting fence posts and stringing wire. And a third if I (should) get to it. I need to cut another hay patch.
Quarter to 9:00 PM and I’m in. yeah so I got another 15 minutes day light and 15 minutes more twilight!!!! Tough! It’s been a Hell of a day.
For one thing I got Her Mostess to Doc’s to be rapidly released three hours later. For another thing I tried and tried to make fence. Interruption upon Murphy’s interruptions kept taking me away froe my fencing rounds (around the field). Lost the use of the Tall Oliver when the distributor-pump liked to blew up swilling, spilling, spraying diesel over a couple/three sure yards of earth. I had just finished baling a semi-wet bale to be fed down the road. The T.O. kaput, had to bring in another tractor, to first dump the bale I the baler. Not wanting it to generate heat and become a primetime target for a spontaneous combustion situation I had to get it out of the baler.
The baler plugged into the Indy tractor the 554 baler was unloaded. The 554 jacked up it was loosed of the tall Ollie, the Tall Ollie towed away; and, the baler moved away via Indy Oliver replacement. a safe distance from the hot bale.
About to step aboard the Cushman Tom asked me to break in the next hay field, this one the last (a 50/50) legume and grass mix. So instead of Cushman I remembered I had a few corners to clean up before stringing wire, so I met Tom on the scene. I ran two rounds and handed the machines over to him. Then went about my way a couple the eastern pastures cleaning the corners with the lil’ Ford and brushhog.
Tom having about half the 50/50 field cut calls me just as I had dropped it for the Cushman. Remember, I’m doing fence today!!! He tells me the Shultz Oliver is leaking and spewing oil out of the engine in the same general area as the Tall Oliver. NO, NO, THIS CAN NOT BE, NO, NO! The Cushman under me I was on my way. Trying to find leak we thought we had it and had it fixed with a couple Cushman’s special tools. Trying it, we seemed to have taken care of one leak only to find another. The second leak required heavier tools, so the Cushman and I departed for the field tool box, my putting it on the Cushman. While Tom handled the Shultz Oliver’s leak I had brought along a gas can for the Cushman grateful to have gotten the drink.
The oil leaks taken care of Tom went back to mowing I went on to fencing. I did manage to set all the electric fence posts. I also had to move some brush and a downed tree. For this I traded off the Cushman for the fixed JD 4020. Took care of the brush, relocated firewood log and called it quits when I was next required to bring out a chainsaw. Two late in the day for my safely using it it had neared time enough for my aching limbs to join me calling it quits.
No new pasture for the ladies I found a marvelous way to get rid of that hot bale. I gave it to the ladies. With their mouths full it had done a splendid job of shutting them up.
One more side note: During my travels today I did partake of a splendid field side stop for some snacking. I can’t tell Frieda about this as I didn’t bring her home some.
Yum. BGKC.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hay Maken

Sposed to be dry for week. So need to stagger hay mowing times for correlating differences in hay drynesses, rolled bale sizes, making smaller alfalfa haylage, and supper sized dry grass hay bales, for daily handling the crop so no hay leaf goes wasted. };^)
So what’d I do, I made a couple rounds the tenant farm alfalfa field and handed the cutting over to Tom. Bro’ in an absolute dither for a couple bales, I rolled and delivered. And when lunch time rolled along I ate. Then it was the Cushman and myself off and running outback to make drive the electric fence posts. Thinking my hand would let me down, before I had gotten to far, I had called Barry for some help. Barry never showed. So as far as I had gotten I seem non the worse for wear. Of course I continue to wear my wrist brace; and, having learned the art of using a hammer the correct way during my informative years I’ve already cover better than a mile with no wrist pain’s objection.
About the time I was going to use the little Ford tractor and brushhog Bro’ cells me he’s locked his keys in his truck and I’m to deliver him the second set. As I was leaving home I saw Tom had finished mowing all my place’s western hay fields. Keys delivered I stopped us by the grocery store on our way home for bread and milk (yeah right). Then stopped up the road and topped of my port gasoline tank.
Interestingly enough about time I had finished taking all the grocery bags in house, taken my meds, Bro’ celling me again was finally ready to do something with those bales he had to have this very AM. Well, they’ve been taken care of finally after an all day heating in the open sun????? they were either fed out or wrapped up temporarily closing off the end of the haylage tube.
By the time I got home I figured I had put in my day by seriously looking for a two hour postponed meal. Was kind-a a slow “ho hum” day until I invited Frieda to go with me my taking them keys to Bro’. My taking her with sure beat my kissing the ugly old woman goodbye. BGKC.
An AM extra Home Board writ.
Sun's shinnin here. Week end was as disappointing and interesting as I had writ. Simultaneously got to go two ways this AM. Must clean pastures corners; and, must reset some electric fences. Just as impotently must cut one whole grass-hay field and half of another alfalfa-hay field.
Worst part the weekend, my beer tender's been out of my favorite beer for over a month.
Worst part looking at today, don't know if right wrist can swing the three pound hammer required for setting the letric posts.
AND: Loop's got her burban backed up to the garage door, facing road, poised like a junkyard dog. Hmmm....meaning?

6-27-2010 Rain and shines

Rain off and on all day long. The shines are the continued progressing accomplishments. While the rain has fouled up my haying. While Murphy had unceremoniously showed up to make the JD 4020 fuel pump go kaput I had cause to bring Ford loader backhoe home for loading a feed lot bale of newly rolled up hay. The Ford comes in handy around here. The new JD fuel pump will be here after 2:00 PM tomorrow.
Shop fun time shined as I roughly sorted out some sprocket part needs for the quadracycle. I made more head way with the azzkicker. The solar panel’s been fit and hooked up, and presently capable of working when the sun shines again. As for the rest of the robot’s minor details I quit that project for its own salvation. My hitting my invisible wall in this headache making weather my mind seriously slipping it was time to quit that azzkicker assembly while I was ahead. Just a few more screws and the gate tape and the Azzkicker while be ready for a field trial. The prototypes completion is within moments of completion.
Coming home rain intensifying, I saw the ladies have managed to be where I was going to put them tomorrow. Getting heavily dumped on wet I’ve opted to down my rattlers (medications), wait for this shower to pass and then with Cushman and supplies hit the fences for a quick fix. Me thinks I know where the problem is. A cussed broken gate handle.
Running a couple doors own the road Tom came back with me to gather up the ladies. One person alone, if determined the can be a problem always out flanking a lone driver. But two people they are no trouble and if the two individuals keep walking back and forth behind them they loose count how many people are behind them. There’s no slipping by your side.
How about some of my Day’s shining fun stuff?
I think for the most part through common knowledge I’ve concocted a self winding electric fence winder, I’ve nearly completed a robot electric fence wire opener and closer, and I’ve started construction on an auxiliary powered quadracycle. This next project is a bit of a different insectical nature still in need of a name. Essentially it is a low calorie, high protein watery refreshment with a real life zing.
Fact is every time I draw me off a glass the song about the “Idée bitsy Spider” washed out the down spout every time it rains only to climb back up again…….
Before going a-field here’s just one more picture of the long time worked on azzkicker or better described as a remote controlled robot electric fence wire opener/closer.
Hopefully next time worked on it’ll be completed and in actual working order field use.
Looks as if this Journal entry will go un-posted this evening as our cable (TV & Enet) has gone out. This journal contribution late isn’t my fault. Soooo……

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Slow paced day.

Some early morn sprinkled kept close to Frieda and home. Afternoon I needed an extra sparkplug for one Tom had broken and I got a whole package full them carburetor filter gaskets. Packaged as they were might be the manufactures were onto me before I myself?! Spent some time on azzkicker formulating the electrical solar panel eventual installation. Satisfied even with as little as I had gotten done that I had to come home and cut a mere couple rounds grass hay for making a morning instant feed bale. Darned if them couple rounds didn’t windup cutting all of my bottom ground to even burying the Shultz Oliver deep enough it was setting on its gear case. It took the 4-180 to bring it up and out of the soft bog muck and mire. Then I continued on until I had finished all but about a 1000 square feet of bottom land. Interestingly enough while we’ve had more rain this spring and summer than a year ago; back then I had to abandon two whole acres hay to wet ground. This was my day with one exception. I enjoyed a Mexican watermelon no doubting it had sneaked one way or another over the boarder to get all the way up here to Michigan. BGKC.
slow paced day.
Some early morn sprinkled kept close to Frieda and home. Afternoon I needed an extra sparkplug for one Tom had broken and I got a whole package full them carburetor filter gaskets. Packaged as they were might be the manufactures were onto me before I myself?! Spent some time on azzkicker formulating the electrical solar panel eventual installation. Satisfied even with as little as I had gotten done that I had to come home and cut a mere couple rounds grass hay for making a morning instant feed bale. Darned if them couple rounds didn’t windup cutting all of my bottom ground to even burying the Shultz Oliver deep enough it was setting on its gear case. It took the 4-180 to bring it up and out of the soft bog muck and mire. Then I continued on until I had finished all but about a 1000 square feet of bottom land. Interestingly enough while we’ve had more rain this spring and summer than a year ago; back then I had to abandon two whole acres hay to wet ground. This was my day with one exception. I enjoyed a Mexican watermelon no doubting it had sneaked one way or another over the boarder to get all the way up here to Michigan. BGKC.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Looken in, Saw this

“"If a June night could talk,
it would probably boast it invented romance."
- Bern Williams“ and I hadn’t thought much about it until it dawned on me this morning I had once upon a time been a carefree floating free life loving young-man without a tie or care in the world until that fateful June, 1958 a saw a young lady in passing, I listened to the same young lady’s words, held her hand perfectly fitting within my own, and decided I could not live a life without her. June was once the happy month I got out of school turned into a month I was sentenced to a life long institutionalizing. J
Okay, I been talking about my favorite Seagram’s Fuzzy Navel beer and of late unable to get. So I tried experimenting. Using a genuine beer I tried mixing it with peach juice, cool-aid, and soda pop. Non of these drinks quite satisfied me. A couple days ago, I hit it. A splendid non alcoholic refreshing drink I can share with any ginnipig….err…another individual adult or child.
Recipe: All ingredients chilled and put together in this order, 1/3 apple juice, 1/3 Faygo peach soda pop, and 1/3 ice water. Pouring the ingredients together they mix themselves together. Then simply enjoy.
1:00 PM. Just got home from running Frieda around for some doc testing busynesses and making like itinerant shoppers running MY in and out of everywhere we went.
Got me a quadracycle sprag part, some Cushman parts for an experimental fix, and some fluids for shop and machinery use. Oh yeah, managed to pick up a couple more items forgotten yesterday
Frieda hit one book fair. I paid for’em. Still wondering if she was worth’em?
It is 1:15 PM, so's I better be getting off and on with my right on time 11:00 AM hay baling.
up Frieda's boat anchoring sewing machine, after learning that's all its good, for after lugging it around a couple three times. Anybody needs one, just stop by and pick it up. :)
With the best of intentions My going to head out for haying with the Tall Ollie and 554 baler, rounding the corner of the barn, there was not on bovine anything anywhere in sight, nada, zilch, zip! Oh no? I step back around the barn and putting a good ride under me headed out to check fences. Hmmm. Nothing close in appearing bad I decided before I bring to much worry in to it I might better check the fence’s field strength finding it was a-okay. Cushman and myself ranging out I found where I hadn’t closed the gate to the ladies last pasturing experience. Ah ha, another foul up I shan’t want to own up to (period) A traveled rurally dislocated city block’s distance driven There they was. Not having them bugging me I quickly turned tail with post haste in an un-admitted cowardly retreat to change seats between the Cushman and the Tall Ollie and sped away to joyfully bale hay. By and by having help loading, hauling and wrapping same. It was ten of 9:00 PM when I finally got in. Glad I had drowned my rattlers a-field hours earlier I was ready for supp when I had come in. Okay, it’s been a-while since getting in. I had a goulash supper and ate a quart of strawberries by myself, savoring every bite. One more act of mercy I’ about to perform for my colon I’m going to slice me off a piece of Colby cheese and hit the hay.
Bad part of evening Tom tried driving Ugly and Ugly’s refused to go again. Whatever did Tom do to tick Ugly off. So Ugly sit’s a-field where it had been last seen stalled. Sure Glad Ugly’s primary colors are in muddy colored earth-tones. None of my neighbors know its broke down. BGKC.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Doc Day

An early morning start 9:00 AM for loco medical practices outside the more formal citified clinics. I got a one arm squeezing, doubly poked for sufficient vial-ed blood supplies for the ghouls in some well hidden test labs, plus two more pin pricks in the fingers for my sugar content. Doing some accounting I had a grand total of four lettings for a blond haired vampire. I was tabled were I had had enough stamps put on me I could have been mailed all the way across the street and then some. Then I was treated to witnessing some several pages coming out of a machine until one of them proved my heart was ticking. The ticking provened, I was treated to a defoliating my chest and varied other areas (extremities). (ouch) This was not the en, as I was led down the hall to be traded off to another blond as if I was a commodity the first blond wanted to get rid of. Behind closed doors this gal had me lower my pants (bibs) which was alright as long as I had had a hold of them. She demanded I put my arms over my head. The lady well endowed I put my hands and arms over my head and lost my pants. It wasn’t such a good idea as then the gal commenced to take a couple black and white negatives.
By and by it had somewhere along with my examination, mine Frieda was also being attended to in another suite. She received some of the same treatments, I had, with some notable differences. She didn’t loose any hair and hadn’t had her pants dropped for her pictures taken.
During all these time I conscientiously consumed liter after liter of water to eventually satisfy some female’s whim she must have some of my personally made water. What a lot of fuss. Nearing more than an hour past the noon hour, some medical procedures untaken care of we went for lunch out. Leaving Arlene’s Frieda cross the street at the village’s only corner traffic light. I had mentioned Fairhaven Store and she was on her way liking a she had a mission. Catching up with her she had found some different knitting needles and more yarn plus some just gotten in some Summer picnic plate holders. From the Fairhaven Store we went, or rather I went, to edge of town parts store for spark-plugs, some inner tube valve stems, among some other needed goodies. Then it was back to town for postage stamps.. By this time all the money I had been holding onto to pay off the stolen tire was gone. Across the street from the P.O. was another auto parts store. Checking them out they also didn’t have, what I had asked for earlier, a cable tightening clamp for the Cushman. So much for that stop. So it was off to the village’s only supermarket. Their prices higher than a giraffe’s arse I didn’t buy but only a couple essentials plus the only bargain I’d seen in a week or more, a whole ½ case strawberries for $5.00. I hate strawberries. Its going to take all my strength to get rid of them in the next few days. {;^)) A few groceries and we drove back to the Doc’s office. It was just as I had suspected my meds needs hadn’t been called in, then we were off for our medical day’s last stop. Parking Ugly backed against the wall so Frieda could enjoy the passing traffic scene I went in to help the staff along with my many medical prescriptions. It didn’t take them long to get out some eight scripts, something about getting rid of one patron keeping the staff and waiting customers at odds having upset the normal routine of things. They had a real problem for sure the day pharmacist and an associate up and leaving while I was there. Hmmm. I wished I could have helped them out?
The afternoon hour so cussed late leaving little enough time to get into some meaningful project I drove up on the road to the Sixguy’s farm to check out their grain handling reconstruction project. Pulling I could see the whole project seriously bogged down. I spook with the family boss, since I’ve been home talking it over with Boss Frieda maybe what they need is a job foreman (ramrod in this case) to over see and keep the construction moving along? Maybe, just maybe, I might go back over there tomorrow and offer those young men my services. Payment? I can think of three very distinct in-trade possibilities. Wish them guys some luck!
Getting back I manage to almost unload everything out of truck before looking for a confederate in crime. I was thinking along the lines putting fixed tire back on Shultz 1850 tractor. Took a couple stops to find Tom. With his help the tire was changed and the ladies behaved themselves…..(hehehe) They was no sneaking around me (out flanking me) this time.
Called Bro’ and passed before him my subletting myself out A few hours a day idea. He didn’t find anything objectionable in the idea and wished me luck. BGKC.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Woke up What to do?

7:00 AM. I don’t want to hear it. I admit I over slept. Happenes every time I’ve put in a good yesterday. My half fast plans for today, need to take care of my Biannual, Frieda’s pain early so if the 5:00 PM rain misses us again I can mow hay. I want to finish up Cushman wrenches and adjust up it’s brakes.
12:00 Noon. Docs office closed Wednesday afternoon. Took Cushman out for a drive to shop. Started raining stopped to put up windshield. Amazingly I stayed dry. Shop to myself. NO-body else around, nobody under foot I managed to snake Cushman into shop. Shoving a piece 1 ½” water pipe into the hitch receiver I used the mobile chain-falls to lift it off the floor. Twice adjusted the pedal’s stopping it without slapping the metal.
1:00 O’clock. Time to head back to shop to either make fix my poor job fixing the HD battery charger OR play with the very promising azzkicker. Oh crud, I’d better make re-fix the battery charger first. That was such a poor solder job. I better handle it first.
7:00 PM and I believe I’ve had my fill of enough excitement for one day. I believe I’ve gotten that HD battery charger solidly soldered this time, like it should have been the first time. (har-har) Played with the azzkicker only long enough to tidy up it’s internal appearance. Sunshine streaming past the open shop doors beckoned me. It was time I moved.
Having tested the tall grasses around about the shop, my shoes remaining dry. Oh yes I moved, I moved right on home. It were hay cutting time. Of course I’ve to ways out back from the farmyard: thru the most recently enlivened mud or through the Ladies. Going via way the ladies the sod was drier.
The tractor easy start was to good to last. The PTO refused to engage for powering the rotary-mower-conditioner. What the? Darn it all, after fnarting around with unworkable wrenches to tighten linkages the fix required another trip to the shop for not a wobble extension, nor a socket and a universal, but rather for a real thing universalling 9/16” socket. At last I was to be under way again.
Now where the “H” I had picked up Murphy along the way with his help I managed to take out and entire “T” post corner complex for a three way corner. Drat’s! Then it was a good hike (wasn’t always) back to the farmyard and the barn. Barn opened (I had already put the Cushman away earlier) more tolls and supplies loaded on the quarter toner I went back out to rebuild me a corner. That gotten done I had to take the Cushman near all the way back were I had passed through the last gate. Knowing the ladies outnumbering tricks, unable use not even one of the gates it was the long walk return exerciser.
Lawd! At last I got the whole conglomerate machine rolling and doing its thing. Making six rounds around all but on the remaining back yard’s fields I quit them at approximately 6:45 PM.
This is it. This was my Shorthorn country day. BGKC.

PS: When my angel broke a wing, being flexible, she bounced right back on a broomstick.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

it rained

Expecting an easy day its noon as I write this. As thus far been anything but. Cushman’s brakes need serious attention. Ugly has decided not to start. Plugging in battery charger it had seemingly gone on strike. Later found outdoor receptacle out of action. Second extension cord brought into play is indicating maybe a blown circuit breaker somewhere.
Shop tied up could be for day’s by an inconsiderate Bro’. I left shop scene. Maybe I can fix Cushman laying in my mud. Maybe make fix Ugly miles from shop conveniences. Maybe dummy will wise up, but doubtful.
Lunch down, got an hour to fix transportation of some kind to get us to Doctor’s office. Then as it worked out I ran my sparkplugs back to the shop and cleaned them as well as as many more I could find in whole bucket of plugs on the back of the workbench. Out of all I had and additionally found I cleaned and tested ten plugs as serviceable, saved two more maybes, and threw the rest into a scrap bucket. Some workable plugs in hand I took my time putting them back into Ugly. I can tell my journal we were a couple happy campers when Ugly and I were running happily. To late for Doc’s office I’ll about us making it tomorrow.
Looked up a couple sweeties: One in misery my looking for an 1855 update report and was treated to her family, homestead changes and gardening, go girl. One Lone Star Honey’s adventures always a joy to read, specially this time’s different takes between northern and southern haying practices, good going wildlife lover. I hope everybody’s getting along with their snakes and turtles.
Yup, it had rained as predicted at about sunrise. The deck and ramp well wetted down we didn’t see another drop all day. I managed a tire change on the implement trailer, found another tire bad and obtained a replacement for that one this evening on my way home. Repaired front tractor tire leaving it for several hours to let the vulcanizing to well set before putting it back together. Aired, I’ll see if it’s a good repair come morning.
While I didn’t make direct headway with Cushman’s brakes today, I did find a fine piece of steel to make a pair of specialized brake wrenches out of. Paired eight inches in length, I merely drilled two starter 3/16” and ¼” holes in the pieces opposite ends. Tomorrow I’ll likely grind the facets at 30* angles to the bars bottoming the slots in the proper pre-drillings. When I’m satisfied with the wrenches finish I’ll label their use, harden them for durability, and add them to the on the go Cushman tool box.
Oh yeah, today’s first day after a continuous five day string I haven’t dispatched a varmint. BGKC.

6-21-2010 1st full day Summer

Also another first. This time one of my own!
I want to thank all my Chinese friends who’ve looked in and commented upon my Shorthorn country life. Thankfully for an internet perk provided by Google’s translations feature I’ve not only read these good folks contributed words but I’ve gone way back to enjoy all the translations. I apologize for my feeble minded slowness but that is the way the birds have chirped the news I was so slow to interpret. Thank you one and all.
May I go further in saying may I, no I shall include all my new and old, young and aged, short and tall, all the colors of their skins making them acquaintances I shall cherish. It is a blind blessing his internet we all enjoy what has made our world so much smaller and a grand place were on to live, love, and learn from one another what makes our own immediate little world centers* so important to each on of us.
As to the Shorthorn farm adventures, I was busy all day. DamnedifIknow what all I did, claiming short time memory syndrome. I changed a flat tire. Moved bunches equipment making a machine loaded pasture available for the Ladies perusal. I fixed fence. Holy smokems, I had to air a flat tire twice to relocate Shelled corn supply wagon, then jacked it up for a jack-stand to hold it up for emptying. Eventually gotten the grain ground and supplemented. All this I did with a limp wrist and a bone grinding knee. Once I got into the house8:30 PM, I ate and fell asleep. Thus this is as much as I can remember a harried day.

*The very center of the world, from where I look upon it, is wherever Frieda and I are together, is called home.

Monday, June 21, 2010

6-20-2010 1st or last…

….Hey, I know! It’s Father’s day not that I’m doing anything special to celebrate it. However should any accolades come my way I shall accept them especially should it they come in the form of a bottled beer. Now seeing’s as I’ve gotten one function of the day’s meaning worked out I’ll no longer worry about the other dated implications in the day’s meaning. Twitch is it, the last day of Spring, or the 1st day of Summer or a astronomical sharing of both? I don’t know why I worry about such small infinitesimal maters in the scheme of the universes workings‘. Maybe has something to do wit what my mind has volunteered to bare for the rest of mankind’s leisured payments.
Oh, crapola, This had all be so much easier to bare had I did my communing thing with all the ladies tripping their individual trips through the chutes. Oh well, I’ve one projected constellation coming up in life as I know it, I’ve got my azzkicker to get back to just as soon as I may get back to it without this seasons haying responsibilities. Oh well, even in controlled painful situations where my usefulness may be exploited to its present fullest advantage I’m just as happy with my accomplishments as if I were in my right mind. Today haying, tomorrow should it rain it'll be fun time with playtime project once more.
Now, assuming it’s a Shorthorn grounded flying circus, I’ll try to get it all back on track with words of real accomplishments and meanings. Oh well, such is the mind’s failing storage receptors of this auspicious day’s references. If none of this makes sense it’s the responsibilities of all my children driving accomplishments having succeeded in making me crazy.
Fully relaxed saving myself for the haying I knowed was ahead of me I’s phone, celled, and phoned again. The yearling heifers and the their yummy hunk had taken a walk cross country. And wouldn’t ya know it I‘m the one what was responsible again. Bro’ in his infinite wisdom turned them six heifers and their boy friend loose in the tenant barnyard rimed with an electric fence supposedly able to keep the yearlings honest in grass five feet tall laying on said electrically charged fence wires.
How is it I’m reasonable? I was never informed of such a secretive action upon his part. Nor was I informed when he’d decided to take the bush-hog apart as to when it was intended to be put back together. Nor was I given any assistance via the individual assuming responsibility for keeping the weed-whackers in good working order.
It all boils down to Judy’s passing screwing everything around here up with her passing. I’ll be hanged if I’ll ever speak to her again.
An hour late getting to my baling it was just as I had said it be. It took me three time as long to bale as it did to cut. Rushed out of the house empty pocketed I missed my phone and camera with me. So what did I see I’d have liked taken pictures of? A beautiful hayfield, postural scene, tightly wrapped round hay hales dotting the field, dozens upon dozens of seagulls, would you believe, all the way from Lake Huron having heard we’ve got the most hospitable inland fields noted for our scavenging birds best daily smorgasbord. I don’t know about a frame-able picture; although, it have been an interesting one if not an entertaining one.
Hay’s baled and all I know is I baled a lot of it without a count.
7:00 PM I’ve taken my rattlers liking a good father (I’d guess) in passing the house with the last hay load. I’m back and between being ravenous and thirsty I don’t know which is drawing me ever closer to a solution. Hup, Frieda just came by, and I asked, and I got a beer with a grumble. I don’t know what she’s peeved (if that be the word) about. I’m home and ready for her Sunday dinner: Fish and Chips including Onion Rings. With the beer in hand I’m ready when its ready for eating. Alreay told her I was looking forward to her Sunday’s cookin’.
Hey, alls said and done. they were 48 bales in all, moved in five loads, and tidily wrapped up and prepared to pickle or ferment which ever or both the case’s may be. Regardless and surely expected I’m all over tired for the day’s efforts to get all that hay in before the forecasted rains descend upon us.
Had my time with Ugly today. Well, actually the last three/four days. Crazy thing finely got to me this afternoon. I’ve been so &*&^%$*%$* upset with the mechanical beast I wanted to hit it right between the headlights. The last refusal to start and then when it did it set (or stood) in one place and blubbered unemotionally refusing to pickup the RPM’s, teasingly dying a couple times rather than move an inch. (grr)
Enough was enough, I popped the hood, removed the air cleaner and found the choke stuck shut. Trying to move it, it refused to move. A screwdriver, a pair of pliers I pried the choke plate loose opening the carburetor to let in more engine air. So what was wrong? The engine merely wanted 16 parts of air for each 1 part of gasoline I had inadvertently been forcing down its throat. Unchoked, Ugly once again came to life saving me a half mile walk up to the house for an alternative method of alternative transportation. Unlikely promises made one way or anther, I had silently spoken under my breath were better not heard words I had spoken over the last few days my ordeal with ugly. One the better ones was my getting Ugly nosed into the shop one these rainy days for a tune up. What the heck, maybe an oil change even.
OPPS! I fell asleep evening last before I had posted this. Sure hope everybody had been all they could be while I innocently slept. (grin)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Noooo fencen’ different?
This time only merely one measly wire in my own backyard needed repair.
Now on to the nitty gritty, while the rest of the troops took care running the ladies through the chutes I played haying man. I greased the old AC PTO driven hay rake an parked it. I also greased the old IH hay rake and used it to flip some clover I had double dog dared it to rain on last night. It did! Rained I mean! I wanted it dried some for today’s haylage baling and wrapping. This is the only way I can handle all I had cut yesterday.
Sun’s shinning today making it glorious day. As nice and warm as it is my knees are still complaining, not that I’ve leaned on them much. Hmmmm, as faithless as I am the couple/four times I was all the way down on them perhaps I might not have at least pretended to say a prayer just to have stayed on HIS good side while I was down there.
Ten full bales and a skimpy one fed out to the girls was my day’s wholesale production. I’m lookin’ for at least three full round bale loads tomorrow. Just making them ought to keep me busy clutching that irritable knee for a misery-ing six hours.
While mowing some of yesterday’s hay crop, more or less knowing where the mower was doing its cutting on my left flank. Coming up ahead of my on my right I had a long established corner post to steer this whole combined conglomerated machine around without hitting something.
Unbenounced to me laying in the grasses in front of the advancing mower had laid a fawn. To my surprise and to the wisdom of that fawn it had sense enough to get up and move, and run it did from in front of that rotary mower ahead at an unbelievable angle headed for my Shultz Ollie. That critter ran beneath me, it the tractor, from rear left under the engine tub’s belly off to the right front through all four the rolling tractor’s wheels. Remarkably the machine or the critter or the combination of both, that wild hearted animal had it one-way or the other been missed. The last I saw of it while drive-ably missing the “T” corner post and wheeling the whole machinery assemblage around for another mowed pass in the opposite direction, the fawn was tripping in and out of the very windrows I had mowen-made only minutes before. Believe me, if I hadn’t seen it happened, as I described it, I wouldn’t have ever believed it!
Darn it I had a couple more topics to bore my readers with. I be shrucked if I can remember them now. Wait a moment! Could be one of them has to do with some of them politically motivated drivers insistently ignoring all manner my hand signals, all so passionately intent on passing me, when I’m trying to make a left turn. Just where the “H” “E” double “L”’s are these maniacs brains. If they’s no regard for their own lives how about letting me live mine for just one more day today and another tomorrow.

Friday, June 18, 2010

4th day failure, BAH

I can’t for the life of me remember when these electrically ^&*^()(&^ charged fences have given me so cussing much trouble. Breakfast not yet out of the way and I’m informed the fountains are hot. A short in the fence has charged the fountains so the steers and yearling heifers are unable to drink. ^&*^()(&^ Here I go again……
Two more loads hay to wrap, Me thinks I’ll take another one of them along with me. BAAHHH!!!! It ain’t nothing like having my day’s activities decided for me. LMAO!
So much for my AM thoughts. Breakfast eatened I’m gone.
It’s noon on the dot; and, this is what I been up to all the AM:
As I had writ I loaded up and took A hay load with me. Spent most the morning not only making fix but also running new fence. AND, then when I was all done the the fence remained dead. I checked and rechecked and about to give up I enlisted Bro’s younger eyes to assist. We weren’t out ten minutes and he spotted the problem. (grrrrr) Backing the wire up a moment, I had easily found and corrected the two easily found shorts those guy’s had made, but it was the 3rd one Bro’ spotted they’d had to stay up all night they’d worked on twisting and thoroughly winding two hot wires with a grounding barbed wire until it looked like a winch cable sporting some mean arsed thorns.
I’m seriously getting to irritated with them’s steers. I been replacing their tatooed numbers in my mind with “T-Bone, “Round Steak, “Meat Loaf, “Ground Round, “Sir Loin, “Rump Roast, “Burger, and more.” My thoughts are also filled with providing each and everyone of them a scenic one-way ticketed ride to Disneyworld. I’m telling it like it is, I’m disgusted and it takes a lot to get my ire up and that mob has mine up their about as high as mountain climbing gear i'd take to get their.
This afternoon I’m gonna get my last load rolled hay bales hauled in, away and wrapped, then mow hay. Why, cause if I don’t, it won’t rain tomorrow. Doing it my way I’m double dog daring it to rain. Call me mister optimistic. I’m sure it’ll rain. It can’t come or go any other way.
I ground grain today just for the Hell of it, I guess. Only a couple days ago somebody was in dire need, even promising me help. Well, its done and it wasn‘t easy. Coming in at 7:30 PM, I’m totally wasted. Sure glad whatever it was I did to day was important. I don’t know how I’ve managed to do what I did with all the help what never showed up.
Hey, the hay I mowed, I mowed in less than two hours this afternoon, it’ll likely take me 6hrs to bale it. Then there’ll again be the hauling and wrapping again. “Promises, Promises?“ BGKC.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I want-a bale hay…

…and I got to fix fences again in stead, plus I got to deal with a couple traps double header. Got caught one each a raccoon and woodchuck.
Photobucket Photobucket
These weren’t no berf day wishes what I recall.
*&(%($)(*^&*))(*^)^$$$%*()@@) fences. Today’s third day in a whole row. From early morn until 2:00PM I made fix on the fences. And these activities included a half hour lunch break.
From 2:00PM until 4:00PM I baled hay, also had to go elevator for fixings. Then came back here to haul hay and wrap. When I got back home Frieda had Miller Family dish ready to go, I delivered. Back home again I had supper. For my last act of the day I was required to show this latest intruding woodchuck the eastern pet cemetery. Leave it to me to solve these pesky varmints worries. BGKC.

Yesterday’s BD Pics

Some sons surprised me birthday showing up for in person wishes. WOW! I was tickled to say the least.
This is my oldest son the III, a greasy heavy equipment repairman, stealing a couple hrs today to see me.

Our youngest son, Flip. Doc’s tell if he hadn’t been hit by a car when he was 8yrs he’d been 6” taller. He’s suffering occasional headaches from those days catching up with him now. I’ve always wished I could take his pain away.

Number three son, Fonz. A mere shell of a mind and body. Now brainless he’s still drinking that cussed Mountain Dew what had taken his life away from him. Any physical advancement Fonz’s made his married family owes Flip.

How about this our granddaughter Bernie made it out to see grandpaw. She sulking a wee bit not wanting her picture took. Soooo, don’t look to closely.

These the pictures for today. Shame on me, I missed a couple opportunities for some more. But hopefully there’ll be more next times.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OMG, slept 12 hr & 74 today

Twelve hours sleep. Wow! I must of walked them fences either a lot longer or lot further than I had realized to have had worn myself such as the sleep indicator suggests. But, who am I to scrutinize my past pillow actions.
Whew! Am I still tired? My head itches! My eyes are deep sea swimming in their own fluid’s! I’m insistently hack, hack, hacking for naughtily smoking a cigarette after a four day hiatus. And, why my ears are ringing loudly this morning for I have no idea from hearing a blasted what? But to me it otherwise looks like it’ll be a good day.
I expect no help with my grind today. I need to check upon tenant livestock yard’s water and electric fences. Nobody consulting me until after the fact it’ll be my fault if there’s a equipment failure. I should have taken up mind-reading in Spirit’s University. Once those little tasks are taken care of I need to cut, haul, and wrap the wilted hay I had cut day-a-fore-yesterday. Then the rest my time is my own? And anything’s done on the azzkicker it’ll likely be only in thought, (hehe) not in hand.
Drifting off to sleep last night I hadn’t given my age a thought. Feeling like I was only worth $73.93 at the very best evening last it’ll be astounding when, if at all, I should feel like a full 74.00 dollars worth sometime today?
Two Secrets….
….for a happy marriage…uh…err…interestingly; when your are wrong, admit it; when your right, shut up!
Surprise, surprise, surprise! Having almost finished lunch I’m called out for another bunch of cattle out. What the Heck? Upon my arrival the other end I find two sons awaiting my arrival. Kind-a a sneaky way to make their presents known. Yup, and the cattle were out although none where in harms way either one way or another. My sons divided riding with their uncle and myself we brought up the cattle a put them in their place. Blamed for their being out…. What’s new. My being the most important individual around these farms, anything goes wrong, I’m picked the one who’d done it wrong.
The Ladies contained My youngest son assisted in running a new replacement ribbon for the four year old one’s failure. Personally I imagine a rather spunky calf had run through it causing the original wire gate’s failure. These latest tasks taken care of we adjourned our visiting to home for the boys mother’s involvements.
We managed to yak it up for at least a couple hours and then some before Keith showed to take Frieda and I to Judy’s viewing. Flip and Frantz had to get back home anyway. Fern III had to get back to work. Hmmm...Hmm! What an afternoon. Took some pictures today. Late now. Maybe some postings tomorrow night. It’s leaning on to late for anymore out of me this day. BGKC.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lazy thoughts

As for HS reunions:
Never felt a part of HS. But, went by once. looked around the room and didn't stay. I instantly realized two truths. Remembering the guys vainly standing in front of mirrors combing their golden locks just so right to impress the girls were all near as bald as billiard balls. Most the ugly duckling girls were late bloomers married to the most hideous looking spouses. And one more truth, those of us the so called country hicks were of the healthiest lot. The men and women in the ruddiest best of human specimen shapes imaginable having lived and worked the physical life were the obvious happiest. That was 40 yrs ago. I haven't wasted my time since.
The lone outsider most my life, I'd guess this has always been where I was the happiest, working the outdoor trades, skipper my own boat on the great lake, spending days on end in the wildernesses of the northern forests or Rockies, and lastly outstanding in my field with the ladies.
I barely dotted the last sentence and I’m called out to fix fence. Had just heard something about cattle out all over roads east of Genesee. At the time of the call I had no idea they was ours. I understand there were cops all over the place, there contribution was containing the critters until Keith had become aware of all the commotion to wit he took care of the problem. The sign right out front of the place not one cop noted the sign nor made an effort to call the phone number printed there on. What kind of cops are we training these days? (grin) Least wise by the time I get there, with Tom and Barry’s help all the critters were contained and the fences were a sure enough mess.
I worked on them with Barry’s help for five flipping hours. Went to turn them on and the barn’s power was eventually found dead. Did some checking, not getting anywhere. Eventually found one electrical leg working. Running an extension cord across the barn we finally got the fence charger working. The fence supposedly hot it checked weak. Bummer! It then took me most the afternoon walking, re-walking the fences never to find it. Was near my having to quit time, leg giving out, when Keith returned from his day job and his younger eye spotted the problem.
Tomorrow’s routine has another shelled corn grind written in, plus I’ve got to bale and wrap the hay I had cut evening last, and I’m supposed to fit in an assist in checking out fuse box electrical connections. Sure glad today was an easy laid back day’s rest. (hahahohohehe sure)
Home calf feeling like its ready to fall off at the knee, I’ve got that leg up in the air. I’ve taken my rattlers and quietly waiting for the moment I may devoir a stuffed green pepper.
Did manage to show another woodchuck the Shorthorn country’s Eastern Pet Cemetery with a one word eulogy, “There!” On our way back, my having taken
Her Mostess along to enjoy what I had seen in passing yesterday, we stopped off to enjoy what I call a Poor Man’s Orchid, or some wild Irises. Leave it to me to find them a day or two late their looking like they had peeked a couple days ago.

Then to top everything else off in my travels up and down this road, yesterday I had to slow down, even stop for an unauthorized pedestrian crossings used by these individuals who carelessly ignored looking both ways before crossing the road. Hmmm Good! Just looking and remembering an hardly waiting to invite one of their kind in for another dinner real soon again.

Damn, I’d like to at least make Judy’s visitation? Without a ride I’m not driving into the city again. Lucky to be here it just isn’t worth it my driving’s taken chances, I have got to be there.
Okay, this basically it for another day; and, tomorrow looking as though it may be even longer I’m closing with the traditional BGKC.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday brings?

Today’s starting out mostly, mostly, as far as cooperative weather is concerned. One thing sure my ladies need a change of menu fresher pasturage. Secondly if there’s any break away from damp weathering we’ve still the Sudex to sew and set. Chance of showers tomorrow with a bit of a weather break today I could just still possibly drop some hay for a quick pre-fully dried rinse. Believe me, this odd ball method of making hay is at times one of our only options. If all these farming facetts fail save the pasturage change over, I’ve got my azzkicker project beckoning my attention for the grand finish.
By my last evening’s azzkicker stopped for the day (or evening as the case) It’s still waiting for me, my ideas to finish it. When left last it didn’t look a bit different from the posted journal picture from a couple/three days ago. What isn’t seen: a battery rack is holding a 12v battery inside its bowels with a protective cover over it. The primary mechanical mechanism’s working capacity has been broadened and workings fine tuned for surer more smoothly working actions.
The next two phases will see the robot enveloped, the invisible arm’s cabinet-ed cuff ready to let it’s reach to come out for doing it’s intended on demand task. Do to the fact that this machine must be adaptable to any position’s orientation reaching out, north or south, east or west, its power absorption must also be easily attuned to the sun’s freely given energy overhead. That last phase had slow-en me down some evening last. Remarkably I’ve figured this simple accomplishment out over night.
Even more remarkably, while I was writing this, my mind happened upon the oh so adaptable KISS* method of finishing off the tricky invisible arm’s cuff finishing. (grin)(hehe)(grin)
7:45 PM I’m in and had had enough activity tiring my bones for one day. First off whoever had come up with the acreage numbers I was to plant must have had rocks in his calculator. I had to go back for more fertilizer and seed. Be it whether I’d done it right or wrong that field is well covered in fertilizer and seed. We get any two drops of rain, we’ll have crop sure as heavy as I might have sewn it, it could become a bumper to bumper winters feeding.
Then while I didn’t mow a lot of hay, I did manage to break-in two fields and teased two more. And obviously I never got to even look at my azzkicker, even in passing.
And while I couldn’t comfortably wrench the disc or drag into storage moods I did bring them home where I thought they’d be safer from thieving marauders.
Oh yeah, in my travels today I did manage to spy a couple lovely deer’s….uh…err….dears… ...whatever? The first deer her ears erect she’s watching me watching her.
A moment later she was running away in fine form…..
….as was the second dear a couple hours later.
I may have to change deodorants at least from ood-do-moo….
Seeing as how it has been a full day for me I’ve got to bow out for the evening. And, as I haven’t made plans for tomorrow I think I’ll just wait and see what surfaces. BGKC.
* KISS method explanation. KISS =‘s Keep It Simple Stupid.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Shorthorn day

Ground grain this AM what included moving three wagons to make ship shape the whole doings.
Then had lunch.
Lunch over wit, I played with putting the azzkicker together in a fine tuned fashion. May take a couple more rainy days; but when it’s ready it’ll be ready to go to work.
Oh yeah, I ran a couple short hot fence wires.
Been an expected headachy rainy day without results.
AT Last, Bro’ is finally getting over his “It might rain!” addiction. With all the good days we’ve lost since the middle of May we could have had 80 to 100 tons and or more hay bailed and up before now. I think I’ve finally gotten it through to him (again) out weather guessers are doing just that across a 300 to 400 mile width front. Sure it’s going to “might” rain somewhere, but not necessarily here.
What a you know? Lots of maybe days ahead of us. If I remain dry, I’ll be cutting hay tomorrow. There’s surely enough ready to cut. That’s for sure.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hey all:
Its been a long time (five years maybe) since I started this project. Been filled with so many setbacks plus other responsibilities continually getting in the way and then all those plans "A", "B", "C", etc, etc, etc, failing to work out. Can't tell ya how many times I've (even Bro'} have been back to the drawing board.

For George:
Now to the azzkicker's first function I do believe you know exactly where I'd like to use it's fictional purpose first. Enough said! That’s between just a few some of us and the bashful reciprocan’t.

For everbody else:
Now again as to the real purpose of the azzkicker's use. When it's finished, deployed a-field beyond the realistic means of handy tap-able power source, this machine (robot) is about to become an un-protesting gate keeper merely asked to lower and raise a simple old fashion electrical wire gate for my sheer pleasure to repeatedly drive over without my having to climb off and on a tractor twice everytime I want to pass.

To simplify, my robot gate keeper will merely take my place lowering and raising my electrical wire up and down for me. Why, all of a sudden, do I feel like Don Knot's “Luther Heggs” trying to explain this?
Today’s mad cap busy day’s events…..
Today more or less started out for me evening last when I drifted off into dreamland very shortly after evening last’s meal. I was out like a light 8:30 PM sleeping straight through until 11:45AM this very morning. All I can figure I had punished my body fixing that durn disc yesterday morning/afternoon. I won’t deny there were several moments of painful experiences coming up to my mind from my right wrist and left knee‘s objections.
Weather’s hot and muggy. The last Sudex didn’t get planted likely in part my fault. Sleepitis you know! Well that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. Bottom line truth if I’m sleeping soundly Frieda leaves me alone figuring I need it.
Up so late on another Shorthorn country day my first meal was lunch. Breakfast postponed I’ll catch up with it another day. Meanwhile in no great hurry to exit the coolness of this house I took to writing some this immediate family’s children and animal stories. I know, I know, I should have done some constructive art work for the book. I know what I want, why can’t I just get at it and get the pictures drawn. I know of a constructive reason for letting the art work slide… It’s just to damned muggy and clammy to slip and slide across either an easel or light table.
Fact is I’m through writing this for this evening before I go on to something else. BGKC.

Friday, June 11, 2010

my Ollie’s brake repair

We've more than one 1850 Oliver here.
Most noticeable was the improvements later models over earlier ones.
Now that you've mentioned it had brake trouble both of the early ones. Trouble might have been trouble with the balls continued oxidation. Got fed up with them and replaced those one inch balls with ONE INCH STAINLESS BALLS.
I've also quit using grease as it collects dust wear and gum's up the workings. Have opted instead to using POWDERED GRAPHITE (seed corn-planter lubricant (John Deere). Just a little dusting will do it.
These have been my braking ways.
Also, my two cents is usually different from somebody else’s. Take it or leave it.
As for yesterday, still woke up stiff necked. Modified tall Ollie’s seat location. Still going to replace it. Worked up another lent to us field for Sudex planting. Gonna try and plant it yet today.
Good and dry here, I also brought out the Crapsman and mowed on my yard in to stints. Mowing brush hogged grass four and better tall well dried still over heated poor Crapsman. Shattered grass easier mowing than green though. The yard a dried grass drifts mess It’ll be a trick if I find time to pick it up before the next four days rain forecasts.
I’ll be glad when we’ve finally finished planting. (haha) By then we’ll be so far behind with hay making. I see no lesser required tasks timely taken care of soon. (groan) One plus for this season, I see no kennel dog getting in my way for another wanted try at replacing our two front doors. Wishful thinking nothing else goes wrong.
Meanwhile! With weather guessed three/four days rain showers likely I may just be able to complete my first working satellite remote controlled gate opener. Almost got to, just to take the four time tractor on and off climbing use pressure off my knees.
Also while I’m gathering more materials to finish this first one of a kind fence implements I had better draw-out/draw-up, even set in stone if need be maybe, the winning wiring schematic and finer inputs to this thing’s final working’s.
It’s still morning as I write this. May or may not be a planting today. I’ve been informed two gangs on disc are broken in one way or another. I sit here waiting for my laundry to dry. EVER NOTIVE! When a body’s in a hurry the whole laundry scene gets fowled up. Twice the washing machine had gotten unbalanced and refused to spin out without some soggy clothing adjustments. Yeah Twice. Then because I’m in a hurry the drier is taking its own sweet time fluff drying my right arm’s wrist brace. I had to wash it. That was evening last I started it. So utterly creepy, I simply had to have it cleaned. I might better had taken out a second mortgage o the old lady and dickered for a new one from my favorite druggist. Oh well, such is the way wet laundry flop’s!
What I wrote earlier about planting today, well forget it. Somehow the disc managed to come up broken up this very morning meaning I had to take it to shop and disassemble it for either parts replacement or rebuilding for repairs. That took the very better part of the day to fix the disc, all inclusive, taking it apart and putting it back together again. It was 7:00 PM my finally getting home, take my rattlers and wait out te hour for supper. To tell the truth I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit I’m tired, pooped, spent, and hosting any number of aches and pains.
Probably the best pat of the day, for both of us, was Handy keeping me company today’s afternoon while I put the disc back together. I enjoyed his company, he was glad to get away from his house for awhile. Getting Handy back home his mother had decided she needed to go to the hospital. Frieda keeping her company while I had spirited Handy away she had been coughing up some green Technicolor phloem’s. This a good indication she’s hosting an infection someplace in herself. I’m thinking lungs. Why can’t old people just quit getting sick. It is such a waste of quality gray haired time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Woke with neck so sore had to have icepack, take a Valium & three Tylenol, followed with a heated rice filled sock neck-wrap. This no daily way to go through life even a morning after hay baling.

Must move steering column up and change seat I can move back. I also need a seat I can slid (or swivel) my butt around upon. And able to stand without prolonged bent knees. Otherwise the 40 some yr old Tall Ollie was a pleasure to drive.

Rain ending early AM the sun had come out along about noon.
A tale for two Georges:
Halleluiah! Alias and TX, between us Ray and I finally got my azzkicker innards working this very afternoon. Playing with it all this time I’ve found one weakness to resolve while I work on the housing cabinetry, install the working mechanism, add the battery and battery solar charging panel. Lastly it’ll take some ingenuity to spot it where it’s needed making it bovine proof. To that end I’m thing hot wiring it. (grin)
An unexpected use made out of a bad habit:
I found two of my used tobacco cans driven onto the disc’s wheeled hubs are making great dust caps to help keep the wheel bearings clean.
If ya got’em light’em up. The can you empty may just be that needed part to complete a machinery fix.
Tom’s Mom is going home.
With the family looking to hospice for moral support. Meanwhile regardless everything else going on around here and there keep a light burning in the window and remember to BGKC.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trash day, must be Tuesday

Serviced and set balers to their respective tractors. Put the welded and shortened muffler back on the Shultz Ollie. Still need a new replacement. Had to re-cut my corncrib lumber and bundle it for this week’s trash pick up. Serviced bale wrapper. Must be the year for failing batteries right and left around here. Two yrs ago it was tires: seven drivers and at least (at least) a dozen wagon tires.
Morning’s shop time I filled oil bottles and played with my azzkicker for a spell. Nope no make it work again today. But then again after supper I’ve got another idea, “Perhaps if I were to add two more ground wires?”
No time for lunch when the dew had dried off I was out I my backyard. I had reconfigured that old PTO driven Allis Chalmers hay-rake for tedding; and, it worked. It did a nice job fluffing up my hay and even scattering it around some.
About the time I finished tedding my hay got a call somebody else was about to loose his to this evening’s rain. Couldn’t et that happen, besides if we could us it it was ours. So, off it was we were heading for a yonder hayfield. I baled the man’s headlands and a couple rounds, loaded the hay and took to Bro’s hay-yard. That’s were the wrapper was. Got that on generous load of hay wrapped taking care of that.
Next I had my own hay to attend to. Home I raked it, baled it and hauled to the wrapper also. At last we’ve a start on our hay making with sixteen 1500# haylage bales wrapped and stowed away for the next 90 days. Ahem, correction, 90 days when that first cell is completed and sealed.
Having had supper an hour late,. Looking outside we rain here. Halleluiah! The downed headlands on two fields save been saved from an over abundance of drowning rain and rotsure. Whew! I has been a Hell of a day Mortimer. These were the good parts of the day.
Into each life a little rain must fall. A Lady friend of ours, Tom’s Mother was taken to the hospital day before yesterday for a recurrence for a hepatitis flair up. That would have been good news. Only it turned bad. The good old Girl’s liver is shutting down. It is expected to be cancerous and even that has already started spreading through out her body. Anybody reading this, if you will, put up all the comforting words to help this family see there Mom thru this crisis regardless the outcome. May her three boys see their mother’s passing a peaceful transition from this world into the next be that the way of our spirits journeys. Amen.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

6-6-2010 in reference….

….I mowed some grass hay evening last. Luckily for me my cut was just in the nick of time for a thorough all night rinse. Gosh, looks like a good day for calling TSC for muffler. Then try crawling under Ugly and install a fuel line filter in the port gas tank so I may fuel that tank and have gas enough to make TSC for a muffler purchase. That is if they’ve got one.
Well, I called TSC and they insist I make a personal appearance to order in an 1850 Oliver muffler. It’s not a required stock item.
So, I been thinking to quiet one them two cylinder Harley Davidson Motor scooters they’s have a built in baffle to quiet them some. Okay, I’m thinking maybe taking a length of three inch tube and slid three baffles thru three paired slices put in that pipe, then welded sure. It’s also an odd bit of a phenomena put a ninety degree bend in a diesel engines exhaust pipe and he emitted sound’s cut more than in half. So instead of using the customary flapper on top that pipe I weld onto it a ninety degree bend shaving the bottom side the outlet at a sixty degree for shedding rain water.
Now if this idear was to work I may just have found a way to fix mufflers for all these tractors, specially when it comes up kissing arse for a part what can’t be ordered over the phone, saving gas (energy).
Well, as it turned out making talk over my idear with Tom, Tom just up and welded the old broken muffler back together again. So now muffler fixed I can put it back onto the Shultz Ollie come morning.
Raining off and on all day, and I mean off and on, often enough it didn’t leave a man near time enough to start anything outside let alone finish it. I played with the azzkicker this afternoon some. Thought once I had it figured out. Got a light to flash. Yet have yet failed to make the relays work. Some of a gun, It’s likely a simple little detail fowling up the whole works. (Balderdash!) BGKC.

6-6-2010 in reference….

….I mowed some grass hay evening last. Luckily for me my cut was just in the nick of time for a thorough all night rinse. Gosh, looks like a good day for calling TSC for muffler. Then try crawling under Ugly and install a fuel line filter in the port gas tank so I may fuel that tank and have gas enough to make TSC for a muffler purchase. That is if they’ve got one.
Well, I called TSC and they insist I make a personal appearance to order in an 1850 Oliver muffler. It’s not a required stock item.
So, I been thinking to quiet one them two cylinder Harley Davidson Motor scooters they’s have a built in baffle to quiet them some. Okay, I’m thinking maybe taking a length of three inch tube and slid three baffles thru three paired slices put in that pipe, then welded sure. It’s also an odd bit of a phenomena put a ninety degree bend in a diesel engines exhaust pipe and he emitted sound’s cut more than in half. So instead of using the customary flapper on top that pipe I weld onto it a ninety degree bend shaving the bottom side the outlet at a sixty degree for shedding rain water.
Now if this idear was to work I may just have found a way to fix mufflers for all these tractors, specially when it comes up kissing arse for a part what can’t be ordered over the phone, saving gas (energy).
Well, as it turned out making talk over my idear with Tom, Tom just up and welded the old broken muffler back together again. So now muffler fixed I can put it back onto the Shultz Ollie come morning.
Raining off and on all day, and I mean off and on, often enough it didn’t leave a man near time enough to start anything outside let alone finish it. I played with the azzkicker this afternoon some. Thought once I had it figured out. Got a light to flash. Yet have yet failed to make the relays work. Some of a gun, It’s likely a simple little detail fowling up the whole works. (Balderdash!) BGKC.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Power outage

Somewhere’s along about 8:30 PM the lights went out with a rumbled flash at dusk. So, what else to do but go to bed; she her’s, me mine; in the last of the evening’s twilight‘s offering. Couldn’t find Consumer’s Energy Company emergency telephone number. Operator insisted it had either been changed or discontinued. I’d guess hat’s on way to avoid work. Sure was good timing for Sparky to pack up and go North. (grin) Locating a couple flashlights and putting them for hands on handy if needed I was set for the night. Rolling back and forth a couple times I had finally drifted off to worry in my sleep.
Waking along about 3:00 AM for a water haul taking care of, I had gone outside. A nice bright moon add luster below. And looking around I had all manor of neighbor with their lights blinking at me through the trees between us. What the ____?
Unable to sleep I got it up and took inventory my emergency box:26 double “A” batteries, 2 “C” batteries, 4 ”D” batteries, 10 Pakistani pocket knives (I’d paid $1.00@), I Norwegian army knife (no Swiss corkscrew); 2 China knives, one of them a no doubt a favorite of Attila the Hun’s for carving living hearts out of sorry captives; and three flashlights needing new bulbs.
4:00 AM wanting to write some naughty thoughts the light was poor and my pencil without lead.
4:30 AM I was remembering a spouse trying to talk a “G”string off the other, the other being me. Then there was the time it took me four hours coaxing her out of a three postage stamped sized bikini, them triangular pieces so small there weren’t room for but on key, a stick of double mint gum and the content of one fortune cookie‘s fortune for the right guy, me.
Then my mind was back to how do I report a power outage? Call “911” for whatever good that’d do? And lastly the peepers and crickets were in toned down voices for all the honest good the antibiotics I had taken over Winter’s last blustery days, had their healing effects.
Disgusted in that I had neighbors with power and I didn’t was starting to boil my blood and I don’t boil easily. Anyway about then the lights come on with Frieda making with, “Good morning, Lover.” So I spend the next hour or so researching the internet for a replacement venial I smashed up last week. And, before I know it, it was time for sort and downing meds. Another hour and breakfast, another hour morning’s relaxation and I was off and on going.
Barry’s volunteered to help me he’s in no rush for me to pick him up, so I go by the elevator first. The place busy, a hand short, I talked an old goat into handling my purchases needs. I jumped on the fork truck, moved a couple items, and transported my pallet piled needs. Having soloed I’m ready to receive my fork truck driver certification. (grin) Back on the road again I picked up Barry, we went for the empty gravity box. Getting home, having forgotten to mention it earlier The ladies had gotten out. Out back rather than on the road out front. I knew of this before I had driven out of my driveway. Messing with the tubs filled with sixteen bushels corn our grind started out slow taking a full four hours to complete. Tom tried fixing my fence and failed at it. it’s alive a half strength. I’ll look again at it tomorrow. Getting on lunch time I haaaaad to put my left leg up for some restful pain relief.
Many things caught up I snuck down the road and grabbed the Oliver with the rotary mower on it. Brought it back, made one round and had broke the muffler off. Getting late there was little could be done. Muffler parts so tin there’s nothing to put together for even temporary. Conferring with Tom We’ll go for a straight pipe with some tubing standing in the shop. We’ll see tomorrow. Meanwhile BGKC.

6-4-2010 The beat goes on.

I must of near worn myself out day before yesterday by reference my post busy day sleep carrying-on’s. I put in nearly ten hours sleep upon the other night’s sheets. Bothersome ups and downs, on and off equipments, had gotten my left knee just a complaining in pain that morning. So it looks like that uncomfortable brace I had taken off two days before yesterday; well, I had to put it back on at least once again that morning. Along with the customary rattlers it was already feeling like it was going to be a Tylenol day that day.
(I knew the Tylenol need for sure when I’d started doing my chores?)(I dislike taking any medication short of absolutely required for my life giving/comfortable life extending health.) Most the time I’d rather keep my mind and body busy to forget about the pain. And when severe enough I find sleep the best single pain reliever there ever was.
I haven’t herd a sound out of my neighborhood ladies since refilling their mouths full with brand-new greener grass just the other side their yesterday’s fence. (smiles)
It was about here the power was lost, dark had set in and it were bedtime for sure. And the adventure continued……..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Way it goes

Okay, I’ll start with yesterday The plows sitting out front the shop Tom and I got into cleaning the sand and clay of them. Relatively clean save for a bit of surface rust, I dug up, dug out, several spray paint cans. You know the kind made for making a weekend warrior look good. I think we finished up the seal coating the moldboards and shares with about the leavings of five colors. All total we managed to trash four cans. Before we’d even finished the painting it started to rain. Running out of paint in the fourth can we (I) was rained off that job.
Standing in the doorway watching the rain come down, Tom and I decided it’d be a good day to take off. Yeah sure it’d been a god day for my playing with my azzkicker; but, for the headache and every joint seemingly paining my sprit we both saw it defiantly as prefect a day for taking off.
Home I took a nap before lunch. After lunch I took another nap. Surprisingly I must have needed the sleep, for when bed time rolled around I slept like a log. Truthfully, I thought I’d be up half the night and I could start roughing out some drawing. An artist I wasn’t, I had solidly slept and slept and slept. All told, I’ve had one busy productive day all day.
I was up and out early this morning raring to go at anything. I had in my mind a whole list of duties to have performed. I chose to move some of Bro’s junk from in the shop doorway, Then I homesteaded that tidied area. I had the wires just a flying, the cutters cutting, the crimpers crimping. When I was done I looked as if I were bellied up to a giant plate of spaghetti. The battery hooked up nothing happen when I pushed the button. I changed batteries and still nothing happened. Desperate I put in another wire just for the Hell of it. Maybe I could generate some smoke?
So’ if it rains again tomorrow, I’ll get into testing the relays. Perhaps I wired them I backwards. I can’t believe I am so close and it isn’t working. (bummer)
Busy, busy day, had to move some tractors around to put the plow away. Plow parked The 2150 Ollie was brought to my house. The ladies or their calves had been busy breaking the fence in a couple places needing repairs. We mounted the bushhog onto the Ford Tractor. While Tom knocked down four foot or taller grass around the tenant house I took to moving hays out of the hay yard. My plan was to let the ladies clean up that entire area off for me before I start bringing in this season’s cuttings.
In here somewhere Bro’ and Tom managed to take Tom’s well pump to another country neighbor for a hopeful fix. And, surprisingly enough it was taken care of today. Reassembled and on the well it’s working without leaking.
Not much rain today the day ending under sunshine. Sure is pretty out. Got to be going horizontal soon. Must of been a good day as all in as I’m feeling. BGKC.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6-1-2010 untitled

I’ve finally come up with a proper tittle fore this urinal entry “My Ups & Downs.” I literally was up and down on and off tractors, up and down in and out of Ugly, up and down on and off the earth as well all the pro-occupied day. Calling it an early evening I had my supper at a reasonable hour as well. Then I had thoughts of either putting the bushhog on the little Ford tractor or getting the Crapsman out for some more five foot high yard work. While that last idea was all well and good when I got down to the barn and had thoughts of pushing and pulling that great big heavy barn door both ways to open and close it I passed on the Crapsman. Okay, my deciding I didn’t need the barn opened that all needily anyway. Turned around, I headed for the little Ford. Thinking I should get me out a hammer and my needing to back that Ford thru all the towering grasses to get to the bushhog, I had lost interest in another activity involved in even handling a hammer let alone finding one.
Walking the ramp up to the house my knees nagging I should get off them, put them up, find meself something a refreshing for drink for settling into my recliner, the evening was beginning to look up. Lawd, once I had disrobed and settled back taking my weight off my knees, my calves and feet felt woody. Humph, out anyone of my javorite beverages I settled for some grape juice laced with Rock & Rye soda. I say up another hour surfing the internet and purchased meself an intruder warning system (motion detector). Using swift delivery, it ought to be here via Partial Post, Brown, or Fed-up Express within the month.
This last reminds me I might better put a tracer on my hearing aid I had ordered last month so‘s I might hear anything moving outside.
For more juicy fun between my implemented ups and downs I loaded Her Mostess up beside me a quick drive into tow for five (what might be call) five quick shopping stops. Well that’s what I’m calling them. On getting back ome and unpacking our swag the complaint department informed me I had forgotten her lemoned tea. What the? Can’t she just be satisfied I had gotten her a loaf of cinnamon-raison bread instead? I’m telling you there just some days a man ain’t up to satisfying a lady, Lady?
Some local vegetation
Once used widely used for making thread, yarn, cloth, clothing and rope. Competing interests lobbied DC to outlaw a commodity American‘s had come to use in their daily lives until big industrial business researched an unhealthy perverted way to use it. Man, the child that he is inside, challenged to find the truth in competition’s claims has strived ever since to improve an innocent alternative commodity use until our so called children (adults) only know its portrayed as a naughty substance.
Hawked supposedly dangerous alternative use to our health by competing manufacturing interests to eliminate its use in a very competitive cotton, rayon and nylon fiber economy.
What’ll be the next thing to be pushed down our throats? Pre-greased ocean fish for faster ready to pan fry or broil sea food? BGKC.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

gulf question

Hurricane season right around the corner will this mean we’ll be getting our oil changed atmospherically?
Will slicker or slickers become a common term describing an article of clothing and/or a universal term describing any person either rained on or selling PB stock and/or telling the American people its all alright????
I’ve heard of and seen pictures of the aftermaths it having rained fish. I’ve seen tornado moving-pictures picking up all manner of objects and dropping them elsewhere. I’ve seen an intact barn lifted off its intact stored hay and set down a mere three/four rods away appearing as if it were built where it had come down.
Will this cause oily rains falling upon our crop lands, forests and freshwater lakes inland from the Gulf sea influences?
The BP mess continues to go on and they’re suggesting it’ll continue to grow and get worse before it will ever get any better?
I raised’im
A white SUV parked in our drive way at about 1:00 PM. Parked, no apparent activity in it, I had come in for a snacks lunch, I went out to find son and family. I explained Mom wasn’t expected home until 2:00 and I listed a few of the things what had to be done before I could sit down. At that, I immediately heard a whole list of things they had to do and immediately took off.
With there help I could have done everything on my list in a couple hours or less. As it worked out by myself I merely got around to half my list and didn’t get to sit down until near 9:00 PM.
I guess I should be ashamed of myself for not having a table spread and the social butterfly just a-waiting their by chance appearance. I guess I should be pleased they hadn’t gotten their hands dirty. Such is my life and association with my Ladies.
Catching up Shorthorn country; two calves born three days ago and one more yesterday. They’re a so pretty!
Finally remembering to hit, push and pull all the elements connected with a safety switch the Crapsman is so nicely starting up it even let me stick in the ditch out front. And with all my towing experience of late the Cushman flexed such a small amount of muscle jerking it right up and out. Unlike the Cushman, that Crapsman has absolutely no shame. ?????
At 12:30 PM, I’m already feeling like a melt down , so I took a short break. The inevitable outside I went back at it accomplishing some grasses mowed on both sides the driveway before the Crapsman geegeed out. Now it is really making some weird sounds trying to start, and a big plus I may have plugged up the carburetor for the lack of fuel filter in the gas line. These last two fixes should be the last for sometime.
After the mower quit I chained it to the Cushman. The Cushman driven I put them both away together. Rain forecast for three out of the next four days perhaps I may catch up on all those listed wants the heat beat me out of doing the last couple days. July neat in may? Absurd! BGKC.