Monday, June 28, 2010

6-27-2010 Rain and shines

Rain off and on all day long. The shines are the continued progressing accomplishments. While the rain has fouled up my haying. While Murphy had unceremoniously showed up to make the JD 4020 fuel pump go kaput I had cause to bring Ford loader backhoe home for loading a feed lot bale of newly rolled up hay. The Ford comes in handy around here. The new JD fuel pump will be here after 2:00 PM tomorrow.
Shop fun time shined as I roughly sorted out some sprocket part needs for the quadracycle. I made more head way with the azzkicker. The solar panel’s been fit and hooked up, and presently capable of working when the sun shines again. As for the rest of the robot’s minor details I quit that project for its own salvation. My hitting my invisible wall in this headache making weather my mind seriously slipping it was time to quit that azzkicker assembly while I was ahead. Just a few more screws and the gate tape and the Azzkicker while be ready for a field trial. The prototypes completion is within moments of completion.
Coming home rain intensifying, I saw the ladies have managed to be where I was going to put them tomorrow. Getting heavily dumped on wet I’ve opted to down my rattlers (medications), wait for this shower to pass and then with Cushman and supplies hit the fences for a quick fix. Me thinks I know where the problem is. A cussed broken gate handle.
Running a couple doors own the road Tom came back with me to gather up the ladies. One person alone, if determined the can be a problem always out flanking a lone driver. But two people they are no trouble and if the two individuals keep walking back and forth behind them they loose count how many people are behind them. There’s no slipping by your side.
How about some of my Day’s shining fun stuff?
I think for the most part through common knowledge I’ve concocted a self winding electric fence winder, I’ve nearly completed a robot electric fence wire opener and closer, and I’ve started construction on an auxiliary powered quadracycle. This next project is a bit of a different insectical nature still in need of a name. Essentially it is a low calorie, high protein watery refreshment with a real life zing.
Fact is every time I draw me off a glass the song about the “Idée bitsy Spider” washed out the down spout every time it rains only to climb back up again…….
Before going a-field here’s just one more picture of the long time worked on azzkicker or better described as a remote controlled robot electric fence wire opener/closer.
Hopefully next time worked on it’ll be completed and in actual working order field use.
Looks as if this Journal entry will go un-posted this evening as our cable (TV & Enet) has gone out. This journal contribution late isn’t my fault. Soooo……

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