Friday, June 25, 2010

Looken in, Saw this

“"If a June night could talk,
it would probably boast it invented romance."
- Bern Williams“ and I hadn’t thought much about it until it dawned on me this morning I had once upon a time been a carefree floating free life loving young-man without a tie or care in the world until that fateful June, 1958 a saw a young lady in passing, I listened to the same young lady’s words, held her hand perfectly fitting within my own, and decided I could not live a life without her. June was once the happy month I got out of school turned into a month I was sentenced to a life long institutionalizing. J
Okay, I been talking about my favorite Seagram’s Fuzzy Navel beer and of late unable to get. So I tried experimenting. Using a genuine beer I tried mixing it with peach juice, cool-aid, and soda pop. Non of these drinks quite satisfied me. A couple days ago, I hit it. A splendid non alcoholic refreshing drink I can share with any ginnipig….err…another individual adult or child.
Recipe: All ingredients chilled and put together in this order, 1/3 apple juice, 1/3 Faygo peach soda pop, and 1/3 ice water. Pouring the ingredients together they mix themselves together. Then simply enjoy.
1:00 PM. Just got home from running Frieda around for some doc testing busynesses and making like itinerant shoppers running MY in and out of everywhere we went.
Got me a quadracycle sprag part, some Cushman parts for an experimental fix, and some fluids for shop and machinery use. Oh yeah, managed to pick up a couple more items forgotten yesterday
Frieda hit one book fair. I paid for’em. Still wondering if she was worth’em?
It is 1:15 PM, so's I better be getting off and on with my right on time 11:00 AM hay baling.
up Frieda's boat anchoring sewing machine, after learning that's all its good, for after lugging it around a couple three times. Anybody needs one, just stop by and pick it up. :)
With the best of intentions My going to head out for haying with the Tall Ollie and 554 baler, rounding the corner of the barn, there was not on bovine anything anywhere in sight, nada, zilch, zip! Oh no? I step back around the barn and putting a good ride under me headed out to check fences. Hmmm. Nothing close in appearing bad I decided before I bring to much worry in to it I might better check the fence’s field strength finding it was a-okay. Cushman and myself ranging out I found where I hadn’t closed the gate to the ladies last pasturing experience. Ah ha, another foul up I shan’t want to own up to (period) A traveled rurally dislocated city block’s distance driven There they was. Not having them bugging me I quickly turned tail with post haste in an un-admitted cowardly retreat to change seats between the Cushman and the Tall Ollie and sped away to joyfully bale hay. By and by having help loading, hauling and wrapping same. It was ten of 9:00 PM when I finally got in. Glad I had drowned my rattlers a-field hours earlier I was ready for supp when I had come in. Okay, it’s been a-while since getting in. I had a goulash supper and ate a quart of strawberries by myself, savoring every bite. One more act of mercy I’ about to perform for my colon I’m going to slice me off a piece of Colby cheese and hit the hay.
Bad part of evening Tom tried driving Ugly and Ugly’s refused to go again. Whatever did Tom do to tick Ugly off. So Ugly sit’s a-field where it had been last seen stalled. Sure Glad Ugly’s primary colors are in muddy colored earth-tones. None of my neighbors know its broke down. BGKC.