Tuesday, June 1, 2010

gulf question

Hurricane season right around the corner will this mean we’ll be getting our oil changed atmospherically?
Will slicker or slickers become a common term describing an article of clothing and/or a universal term describing any person either rained on or selling PB stock and/or telling the American people its all alright????
I’ve heard of and seen pictures of the aftermaths it having rained fish. I’ve seen tornado moving-pictures picking up all manner of objects and dropping them elsewhere. I’ve seen an intact barn lifted off its intact stored hay and set down a mere three/four rods away appearing as if it were built where it had come down.
Will this cause oily rains falling upon our crop lands, forests and freshwater lakes inland from the Gulf sea influences?
The BP mess continues to go on and they’re suggesting it’ll continue to grow and get worse before it will ever get any better?
I raised’im
A white SUV parked in our drive way at about 1:00 PM. Parked, no apparent activity in it, I had come in for a snacks lunch, I went out to find son and family. I explained Mom wasn’t expected home until 2:00 and I listed a few of the things what had to be done before I could sit down. At that, I immediately heard a whole list of things they had to do and immediately took off.
With there help I could have done everything on my list in a couple hours or less. As it worked out by myself I merely got around to half my list and didn’t get to sit down until near 9:00 PM.
I guess I should be ashamed of myself for not having a table spread and the social butterfly just a-waiting their by chance appearance. I guess I should be pleased they hadn’t gotten their hands dirty. Such is my life and association with my Ladies.
Catching up Shorthorn country; two calves born three days ago and one more yesterday. They’re a so pretty!
Finally remembering to hit, push and pull all the elements connected with a safety switch the Crapsman is so nicely starting up it even let me stick in the ditch out front. And with all my towing experience of late the Cushman flexed such a small amount of muscle jerking it right up and out. Unlike the Cushman, that Crapsman has absolutely no shame. ?????
At 12:30 PM, I’m already feeling like a melt down , so I took a short break. The inevitable outside I went back at it accomplishing some grasses mowed on both sides the driveway before the Crapsman geegeed out. Now it is really making some weird sounds trying to start, and a big plus I may have plugged up the carburetor for the lack of fuel filter in the gas line. These last two fixes should be the last for sometime.
After the mower quit I chained it to the Cushman. The Cushman driven I put them both away together. Rain forecast for three out of the next four days perhaps I may catch up on all those listed wants the heat beat me out of doing the last couple days. July neat in may? Absurd! BGKC.

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