Sunday, May 30, 2010

89* but who’s counting

Only one booked up here is myself. Everybody else cut out at noon. I’m left to grind grain I had no fixings for. This required my moving the woodsplitter to get to the emergency supplements. All I had to do for them was to one handedly lift the sacks out of the barrels for today’s use. All that was after I had moved the tractor grinder combo out setting it up at the same time. The WS with Fixings I parked by grinder mixer. Using the Indy 1850 Ollie, it was time I snaked the silage baler out for this season’s use. That done heat getting to me, Frieda coming home from a dog show. Boy, am I glad I wasn’t the one taking her! I came in for a couple pints of tea. Then I had to back the wood hauler into the barn and scrap most of the bikes I took apart to clear the area where the WS belonged parked. Other than this, I’m looking to get back at it after 6:00 PM, my(our) evening’s free. A cold beer sure sounds tempting. I had forgotten to re-supply. The frig is bare.
My day ending right on time at 8:45 PM. 7:00 AM to 8:45 PM had been a long day today under the sun. I couldn‘t help myself, an hour past noon I took a two hour break.
I spent most my day moving slow. Seems to just come naturally anymore. The grain’s been ground and doing that I had a colossal 16 bushel spill to pick up. I tried and failed to throw all my quadrabicycle leftovers away enough to put the logsplitter back in its rightful place but it is way back in the barn. While I had found a new battery for it, I failed to start the second lawn tractor. Most embarrassing, the Crapsman started for me his evening and I ran it into the barn under its own power. Been two year since its last use. I had forgotten the machine possessed three safety switches all needing depressing at the same time before the goofy machine will start. Where the hell had my prehensile tail gone when I need it.
Trying to navigate on my own I shed (nor bothered to wear) my knee brace. Quite frankly I don’t think I could take another day wearing that thing so I’d gone all day without it. Evening upon me a couple spasms getting my attention I’ve taken a valium. As for the wrist is concerned I had to continue wearing the wrist brace. The slightest bump without it causes me to rise straight up clearing my laced my laced up boots.
I wish everyone a safe and sane Memorial Day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

A safe Memorial Day to you and Frieda too.