Thursday, May 13, 2010

Alternative Computering

Make yourself comfortable. This is one long posting.
The Internet having gone out for an extended unscheduled morning’s breakfast into a brunch event. So, I’m diligently into terrorizing my own journal with my kind of prattle. Before warned as I get on with it.
Day’s activities coming and going…
First off we’re captured under a fine drizzling rain a just a keeping everything wet. It couldn’t be a better day for what follows. (hehehe) Can’t wait for my parts in it. ;^)
Woke up after 9½ hours all night’s sleep having made only one water haul all that time. Last thing I remembered bringing it with me from dream land, “I had gone to Church.” Frieda’s first jovial vocal reaction to my tale, “Oh no!”
Well, let Frieda have her fun… It was when coming out of Church standing about upon the front walk exchanging families news with our neighbors I had looked down my eyes drawn to odd looking ground cover along side the Church building foundations, That variable width on going area was filled with moral mushrooms. I commented and several of us went back inside to the kitchen looking for something to put them in finding a box of theater popcorn bags. Back outside picking and filling our precious bags with a precious find with precious goods. It was here I woke up. Worst part I never got to taste them. So many of them we could have had a fun/fund raising hamburger mushroom church dinner for our masses. };^))
After sorting my meds, taking them with gotten water, writing this piece thus far, attacking the bag of rolls I had come home with me yesterday, and rechecking if the net was up to functioning, It was working.
While it wasn’t first in/on the ABC news, I felt it a personal warning to myself segment about my bag the safety of aging trick skincare products upon my face, particularly around the eyes. OMG! It seems I must ever be more careful my makeup’s ages and uses. How will I ever come home convincing looking I had put in a hard day in the shop if I must refrain getting varied shades of shin substances the likes of varied shades colored hard worked convincing oil and grease smears upon my face for maintaining a busied look.
Looking forward to two of today’s top events one I have to take Frieda to see her knee replacement Doctor. While not compulsory, Sears being just around the corner less than a couple long blocks away, I’ve a handful Craftsman tools to trade in, plus I’d like to pick me up about four screwdrivers, maybe one or two ½” x 9/16” box end wrenches, and some tough replacement hand impact bits. And still only a couple more short for long blocks up the same Miller Road I want a set of Harbor Freight’s torx driver bits.
Oh crap, this means dressing in clean clothes and no wearing my kind of makeup is bordering on the edge of an un-ceremonial drag.
Still AM. Just been out to hay the ladies. Inside of twenty minutes I was near socked to the skin. Raining so hard the ladies can’t pick-up their ears. Raining so hard tall long legged Shorthorn cows their calves are standing under their mothers bellies out of the rain. Raining so hard the barn is sitting on prime water front property. Raining so hard the creek is running across the outer barn yard. Raining so hard I couldn’t check my rain gauge for the white caps on top the water. I just may take a canoeing vacation when the rain stops?
4:00 PM Home
Frieda’s seen her knee Doctor. She doc was pleased with her efforts. Frieda’s frre to do what she wants. Worst part Frieda continues to put on roller skates.
Second stop was Sears where I come away smelling like a rose with a tool bag filled with new and replaced tools. Half my ticket was a Sears worth $15.50 three replacements for a flea market $2.00 investment. The other half my ticket was for a couple hand impact bits they just happened to have in stock and eight screw drivers for the price of the only three I really needed in the set. I do like those unconditionally guaranteed Craftsman tools.
Third stop was at Harbor Freight near across the street from Sears. Be reminded one (myself in this case) was only getting what I was paying for. While what I picked up wasn’t exactly what I wanted once I got it home, for no more than I paid for the principle item it was a torx bolt and screw sockets and bits (twice the tools in the kit for less than half the first stops prices) for tools I’ll not have that much use for. I purchased some tough Italian scissors for a buck for my cutting up the recently acquired totes for convenient use: small quick covers, over winter’s firewood, Half a one for tractor seat cover, used whole opened covering large round bales set on their sides for peeling hay fed into small lots. Imaginatively set up they make excellent Fall and Winter hunting blinds. These totes cut in two make neat ATV load covers. I collected a half doze thus far, going to collect at least a dozen more.
Forth stop was at Best Buy, my looking for a USB extension cord for my new mouse. My choice three foot or twenty five feet at exurbanite prices. What’s this? Just then another patron put me onto an IO computer store some malls up Miller Road. On our way again I was not only looking for IO but a bank also to have some answers to some troubling news my bank had mailed me. Asking directions I had become confused twice. About ready to give up the last two stops I spied a cop car completely equipped with a cop. He parked on the wrong side of street I slipped sideways a couple lanes, made a panicked right residential street turn, made another un-signaled right turn in somebody’s driveway, did a wrong lane reversal into the wrong lane, finally making it across some heavy traffic to park it beside the officer watching all this. Our windows wound down, my first words were, “If you saw all that, be forewarned when the baby boomers start catching up to me, you’ll see a lot more such goofy moves.” He just chuckled, and unceremoniously asked me, “What can I do for you?” In the end he was no help to us(me). I was on my own again, this time looking for a filling station. Finding one the proprietor was so kind to help me spend my City Bank debit refund plastic. Goofy thing always asking me for a pin number I never knew it. These young people I encountered most the day knew how to get their money out of it. The last clerk was most helpful with my gasoline purchase. He also told me where IO was. Son-of-a-gun, I had passed the place three times already. In a mall across the street from the gas station I turned into some alley like lanes around about two malls getting to the third one and there it was. Whew I had sneakily navigated three parking lots and alley trash bins without traffic. I ot my cable just as the patron had put me ono for the price he even mentioned. Whhoooppppeeeee!!!!! Almost through.
Fifth stop excluded any more looking for a bank. I took instead to taking a side street I thought I knew. Remarkably it came out close enough to where I wanted us to be for taking a country road north squirting the city and all its traffic. Nearing the town from where our mail is delivered I stopped by my favorite seamstresses. Walking in my barnyard tux was still undone. I suggested they had better fix it soon before the neighbors start talking about us. While we laughed and smiled a bit I asked if they could look at Frieda’s sewing machines. Nothing broken I figure they likely needed lubing and tensions adjusted. A couple women using them everyday will know better what to do with them than the sewing center.
Sixth stop I finally made it to the Crossroads bank for some explanations. I got them, along with a new debit and credit cards. The debit card had a $25.00 price attached paid back and then some if we used it instead of cash for grocery and gasoline purchases. The credit card came with annual fees or use charges whether I ever used it or not. Sounded good while I plan on never using it.
Heading home, interestingly enough going south by the Crossroads school was a drier drive than when we had left home fore the city. Then after only a half hour or so driving back north on the very same road we encounter the road flooded while I was inside the bank. Unbelievable the water was more than a foot deep. Into it (the water) before I realized the road was so covered I braked fearing I might have drowned the engine out. Luckily we made it although while we saw water descending into a storm drain curb scuffer. plus there was a whirlpool water just a couple/three yards away. Committed I steered left to avoid the whirlpool should it have been a place the pavement might have given way to a under mined area under roadway.
7:30 PM Supper’s been had
I’ve had an unplanned nap. Had a tuna fish casserole fruit and mixed fruit cocktail in lime gelatin salad for supper. I’ve had a look-see at the ladies. They all look a lot cleaner after their two day’s showers. There were no new calves. I’ve done two loads laundry. My morning’s wet clothing refusing to dry I washed it after supper. Presoaked in soft rain water it be a good time to wash and dry it properly.
This my day, I’m calling it quits for bed time. BGKC.

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