Monday, May 10, 2010

Frosty morning

Hard frost this morning slow melting off the van. Sun’s shining under clear skies this AM. I’m running late for loss of two hrs sleep during the middle of the night. So, my day is starting from behind. In neighborhood news: My favorite pharmacy was broken into last night and all the Viagra was stolen. Now our one loco TWP cop’s looking for a gang of hardened criminals!
Our liking flowers outside I had spotted a white blossomed Lilac bush growing away out back on down yonder farm. Ugly laid up as its been maybe soon I can carry a shovel and bucket to belatedly dig and bring it home for Frieda’s enjoyment.
One of Mother Nature’s cruel tricks:
It took us with the vet’s help four hours to deliver this under developed calf: hollowed eyes; forelegs strong enough looking, no rump; spindly under developed, hips, legs, and feet; and no tail. We didn’t bother showing the calf to the cow.
Disappointment’s depression
Got Ugly together enough to move it out of the shop. Started up just fine. Pulled out, stalled, never to run again this evening. To tired and in disgust, I left it sitting in its tracks before I did something I’d regret. Both fuel lines empty its hard telling which tank has the gasoline in it. I’d made so many mistakes, its hard telling where I may have gotten it wrong. Might be I’m working the fuel line switch over backward???
The tail gate still needs some internal inspection, and the ICC light needs be put back together.
As if enough hadn’t gone wrong today, I come home to find Frieda had given MY SUPPER to the cats. Oh whoa is me…..
A time with a life in the balance I’d not like to see anyone else go through:
After my Brother's horrific being drawn into a fodder chopper accident Sept, 1998; I was basically alone on all the farms, emotionally upset, anxious, burdened with culling cattle, livestock sales, corn harvesting, green chopping everyday, everything what had to be timely done every day, plus some, I had quickly become rundown finding myself loaded down with the walking flu, plus further aggravating an already in born heart condition. Bro' already fighting for his life given such short odds of survival it pained me miserably having to miss seeing him for days/weeks following the accident. Almost two months had passed, with snow on the ground, before I could safely go in and see him in the hospital.
Then in addition he was sequestered in the most secure germ free ward, the hospital's burn units. Already prepared as clean as I could make myself I had to wear sterile paper booties over my shoes.
Believe me it's alright for grown men to emotionally cry, as my tearful eyes are almost doing right now. Sorry! Some times ready to instantly disown him I continue to love him deeply. BGKC…..


Donna said...

Maybe there's a can of cat food you can have for your supper?
I know the kind of disappointment you feel when you lose a calf. Been there, done that. It's sorta like rolling dice, isn't it?

Paula said...

Yes it is alright for grown men to cry. It just shows they are caring people.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Too bad about that calf.