Friday, May 7, 2010

5-7-2010 Nites

Late Nite's survival
3:00 AM, instead of making with ZZZZZZZZZZ’s I’m wide awake chasing channels. I come upon Sylvia Kristel in Lady Chatterley’s lover And long remember a many a pleasurable evenings on into night with my one love. Such wonderful memories I see, feel, and relive in my memory particularly all those entwined hearts and limbs we had joined in one. In her warmth and caring there was no other place I could ever dwell. She has been my strength, my one I was destined to care and provide for. Oh! Enough of this maudlin.
An hour laying in bed rest seemingly nowhere near coming back to me I might as well be up. On the start of my second hour I retrieve me an orange for munching to fill an empty space and a cup-a-coffee for something to warm the belly. And of course a few minutes contemplating today’s activities. I had promised to take handy to the Doctor, I need to make call for the immediate availability for a brass three way fuel valve, figure new rerouted fuel lines for tubing and hose needs. Then take on the reconfiguring the fuel tank on hand from left to right for installation.
Mmmm, while I’m at it I might just as well re-secure the damaged ICC lamp and replace a headlight socket. I would like to have two full time headlights for a change.
Well, orange consumed, coffee swilled, capped with a tell tale yawn, I think I may catch up on a few of them ZZZZZ’s, and later see what the dawn brings.
Unable to un-wrench the fuel tank brackets from the tank I had to employ a blue tipped torch to heat the bracket nuts so I could remove them. To do this I had to employ a stainless exhaust-pipe extension we’d made up for gassing woodchucks either coming or going or found in an active den. The top part of the gassing pipe may be seen shoved into the top of the tank. Further on may be seen the flexible part of the same gassing pipe is shoved into the muffler of the truck. The truck running put an inert gas into the furl tank so I may bring a flame near it without a day spoiling KA-BOOM!
A bit later having need of more parts I made a list and we went shopping within a radius of about eight mile from the shop; over to the Crossroads for some metric bolts to screw the tank brackets to the truck frame, west eight miles for a mechanical three way brass fuel valve ($ouch$), south another seven miles for the wrong 5/16” plastic hose needed for a gasoline tolerant venting, southwest about nine miles or so for oxyacetylene tanks exchange plus a bundle of fluxed crazing rod.
I exchange that wrong hose for the proper sized hose , come morning, the cargo box is less than two feet from sitting down on the Ugly’s frame. O yeah, I had forgotten to mention we managed to move Ugly inside with the cargo box hanging over it. We had twi ideas in mind: lock up the shop and leave Ugly in out of the rain for drier assembly once I (we (Barry & I) had all the important repair needs gathered together on truck hood.
It is 1:00 AM the next morning, wide awake, enjoying a cream cheese on a bagel, an orange and a glass of milk mini comfort meal. BGKC.

If a man speaks in the forest, but there is no woman to hear him, IS HE STILL WRONG?

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