Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5-4-2010 Discount Day

6:00 AM riser. Need to run to drug store for first Tuesday of the month senior citizen discounts: six patent medications, picnic supplies. Should stop by grocery store for milk, oranges, (Late Evening fat-free Bedtime Snacks), BEER (was Sunday denied by stupid law).
Of-course I must unload Ugly first. Had gotten home at late yet reasonable hour. Came in for meds and half hour relax time before taking out Tuesday trash pickup; and, Ugly truck down loading more winter’s firewood. THEN WHEN, I quietly had gotten up to tend to two out of my evening household chores I walked out into an arse wetting rain. Arrggghhhh!!!!! The firewood unloading was put off until this morning. Regardless, I like MY way I re-supply my firewood’s needs a little at a time. Less tiring, more interesting, different scenery, and forestry control at my slower pace. Oh crap, just spotted a fallen Ash tree having fallen near the tortoise crossing. More importantly that tree’s laying on hay ground. Nuts! Well, that scenery is in a pleasing site while the spring water levels are down.
5-5-2010 2:00 AM Wednesday morning
I’d have to say I had had a good day yesterday as all the simple activities plainly wore myself out, my needing bed time a bit earlier than usual. Receiving a phone call the ground grain was gone. I knew them that day was going to be a grind. First off I didn’t have any grain to grind as the gravity wagon I normally use had a hole in it’s floor remaining unfixed of that morning. Oh well, making do would have to hitch onto one of the extra’s I had gotten back for the extra shelled corn purchases coming up shortly. This news had my start over to the elevator and then I picked up Barry.
Picking up Barry I’m celled the bulls are almost out. Needed a few minutes more for starting the 2150 Oliver for today’s activities The bulls had to wait a few moments.
Arrival on the bull pen scene those bulls had near pushed their pen’s gat into an entirely new configuration. They had bent that gate out into a semi circled configuration what also looked like a frame for a Spring’s planting hot house needing but some plastic sheeting covering. It looked like something other than a gate what’s sure; and, Bro’ was just a setting there watching them.
A cable come-along placed just so over that gate’s framework and under the gates bottom post hinge pin. I tried prying that gate back into a reasonable likeness it’s former self. That plank/my un-godly strength to much for the bent-up gate to handle Bro’ brought up the JCB’s fork lift load a sort-a leaned on the bottom edge of that gate and made it hole in a fence some kind of a closure with a different look. Then I reconfigured the electric wire that had once discouraged the bulls molesting the very same gate.
That situation handled Barry and I got onto getting the gran ground. Only the grinding activity had gotten some out of hand or a bit complicated. I had to use another gravity box/running gear combination as the usual box hadn’t been fix as of yet. So even selecting another box as long as I had it on the road I wound up a offering a side trip for every box I moved today for an empty weight slip. The bunch of them finally collected together all sitting in the west side’s near pasture the scene was looking as I had been trying to corner the market on those contrivances, so’s anybody needing one had to talk to me first. Then wouldn’t be known by the time I had all my boxes standing in a row, those Sixguy’s would be into dinner. Oh well, that worked out for a weight slip on the last wagon I had chosen for today’s hauling home shelled corn.
Shelled corn out here we commenced to grind feed. And cover the boxes trades I was using in place the last few weeks and months temporary replacements. When the grind was over that day had worn on something fierce. Lunch postponed the newly loaded REBUILT ground grain box was spotted before we ate. Our bellies comfortably filled I took Barry home. It being late afternoon I was thinking calling it quits just before I remembered the wind blown down tree over the FoxFire Farm’s turtle crossing. I took my pills and ventured out back my tools loaded upon the little Ford tractor and wood hauler. Real gone, I cut up that tree, loading the firewood, piling the brush for wildlife habitat. That’s some more gotten firewood easily piled for this coming winter’s use. (This is the way I like to do it a little at a time acquired through clean-up.) Frieda had lists of groceries and patent drugs (senior citizen day discounts at drug store) needing attention. And, by gum, I finally got my beer, two packs today!
So it had beena full day, my getting in by dusk. Hungry, I ate and was ready for a little snooze. BGKC.

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