Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s ay HA!

Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother’s Day? Huey!
Today the men folk are supposed to do for all the mothers. Whoa now! Hold it right there! Herr Clink has me two hands full taking out the trash, She’s got me doing the laundry, She’s got me toting the firewood in, then She’s got me hauling the ashes back out. I’ve finally got her doing some the cooking again while I’ve gone back to drawing the line at doing dishes. So what’d I do for her today? I got out of her way. That’s what I did!
I almost had the Ugly truck out of the shop today. What had happened I had glued a broken up clearance lamp lense together using the cargo bed’s flat edge. Opps, getting the broken mess clamped together once, I had my doubts whether we could do it again on another surface. So, Ugly sets another night inside the shop.
Ugly’s accomplishments: the fuel tank’s installed, the cargo bed is bolt tightened down the right headlight’s shinning on both beams. Ugly’s got a tailgate, some internal rods still needing TLC out of an oil can. Can’t tap into the working fuel tank’s fuel line without taking a gasoline bath. So, I’m going to let the tank run dry before splicing in new gas tank line. AND, still waiting for new 35x11x15 tire.
Ugly ain’t pretty but it’s a good solid work truck again. Even solid enough to fit new field fuel supply tank mounted, my tool box back on and reloaded with fluids, grease gun, tools, jumpers, and funnels.
On the shelled corn supply front, Tom and Bro’ have taken to making fix the biggest of the gravity boxes. Last I seen of them they were working the gate mechanism over for opening and closing.
I get Ugly rolling again I’ll pick up the last borrowed gravity box.
Doing my afternoon chores I spotted we’ve another newborn calf out here. Came into the world red like mama. This makes nine calves here. I’ve lost count on the other end.
So, while I’m thinking of it. What I do for Frieda’s Mother’s Day? While I labored away in the shop, I let her keep the home fire burning while she cooked me up a fine beef stew, soda’s for desserts.
This was just another ordinary Shorthorn country day around here. BGKC.


Paula said...

Just an ordinary day here too. In fact we are getting a new roof. Bet Frieda is like me not much on all the hoopla.

Donna said...

Cliff bought me a tree. And I ain't even his mother.