Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twilight’s musings

One and a quarter inches rain
here last twenty-four hours.
Got wet all under doing everything,
including anything we did under Ugly.
Calves born since noon day yesterday
did so no needing help.
Internet down for hours evening last.
Evening quiet, I started search
to model book illustrations.
And, was early to bed, early to rise.
Already raining looks like more for today.
For all my slight of hand repairs made to Ugly two things have happened awaiting the third. First Ugly’s gotten a better cargo box on its back. A second happening is the loss of all the rattling, banging, and clattering noises of the old box threatening to have fall off while drowning out the bark of the barely audible straight pipes (Cherry Bomb glass backed mufflers). Maybe some of the third thing will happen today?
My Day:
The jumping off place in time was my having to grind grain. So, its go by the elevator for fixings. Then I went after Barry stopping in long enough for some coffee and learning what had happened with Tom’s court date. A couple professionals testified to Toms in ability to ever hold another job for a day let alone for a whole week, the rest of his life. Twenty minutes later he was granted SSI benefits. If anybody needed the help he does. I thought I was in bad shape, but he’s worse off than I am. I’ve learned my limitations, and know enough when I have to sit down, take a break, or having pushed to far I know when to lay down. Without machines I couldn’t begin to accomplish what I do around here each day. Tom has no such machines and gets himself in trouble over doing it. His present salvation are the women around him limiting his activity seeing to it he’s had a nap everyday and takes his medications. Cussed medications, I know them a pain in the neck.
Handy borrowed the Cushman for mushrooming, my having to give him some directions and operation tips, before I had gotten into my day’s grinding. Gravity boxes shuttled up and down this road including another one borrowed from around the corner tires checked steering gear lubricated making it ready to go, my morning was soon spent and then some.
Then when all the necessities had been taken care of, thinking it was our time to put some more Ugly together along the lines of reconfiguration we ran into Ugly’s deciding to give us a hard time spitting and sputtering along the motorways. GD Murphy had reared his ugly head and caused all manner of grief for a couple/three hours. Right away assuming it were a plugged fuel filter failure payment for all the disturbances we had made on the gasoline tanks and gas lines I went for the Fuel filter in the carburetor. Checked appearing clear we tried it to get Ugly back to shop for an on the shelf replacement. Replacing it, made no difference, plus each time one off us had attacked the input fuel line gasoline escaped under pressure. Our problem wasn’t fuel.
Our problem reduced to an electrical matter Barry and I got into the distributor. My knowing of no known tests to test any of the five components in a modern 1980 electronic ignition, the only solutions, as far as I knew was to replace each distributor component one at a time until we found the whole distributor’s failure’s cause. Take it apart, clean this and that, put it together, try it, take it apart and replace one part for another twice we hadn’t gotten anywhere. About the time I was ready to just plainly/simply go out and buy a whole new or rebuilt distributor assembly everything in it new and assembled ready for installation and instant use and of course to be thought of as trouble free. One more time we put it back together, tried it and Ugly’s engine behaved itself as it should. I’ve got to possible theories or causes. The pickup coild deep inside the distributor has a bad or broken wire. This is a real head scratchier. What bother’s me should it happen again where will I be with help or a part, more parts, and tools. On the other hand in/during our unplugging and re-plugging the wires perhaps this simple act had clean off an minute amount of troublesome corrosion?
Ugly running I’ve no plans to venture very far for a while. Running though we added to Ugly’s usefulness a 100 gallon diesel fuel supply tank including a transfer pump for refueling tractors in the fields. My tool box divided for key fluids, grease, and lubrications was installed and tenetively repacked. Using Gym baskets for those divisions they also served making additionally areas/spaces for larger tools now and then needed. So here it is continuing to take on a more useful look one more day in our individual lives.
The clocks racing towards sundown I’ve really had it. Supper was stuffed peppers a sugar free gelatin hosting fruit cocktail. I like them whereas Frieda doesn’t. Sometimes I just don’t believe her. When all is said and one It’ll be another one of then early to bed evenings. BGKC.
PS: No new Shorthorn babies today. How’d I know? I counted all their ears and divided by two. I have got to grin. Three/four ladies acting as a committee approached me today making complaints and demands I turn them out on greener grass. I choose to ignore them, my no getting into a shouting match with them.

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Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Fern, I haven't stopped by in a long time! Glad to see that things are somewhat normal in your neck of the woods. See you again soon!