Saturday, May 29, 2010

game & lame…

….I am. But even so I took it outback the Cushman and myself both knowing that the last fence would be entwined in briars and brambles, multi-floral-rose, and wild grape vines; much-less considering the awesome height’s the wild growing orchard grasses. It took us some time, a lot of brush clippings, some more tugging and pulling, making more clipping essential. It wasn’t to bad running the clear areas time made up on the more open areas. Water levels down, I only had one sticking the buggy close call. Even so, Being able to run right along even the troubled areas the ground drier than most seasons we had this field opened for harvest in good time. But we weren‘t finished yet. I still had those fences to check for more ladies early grazing opportunities.
Best of all in addition to harvesting a crop off the Duck Pond in doing so I’ll bring some weed and wild brush under control making for a continued cleaner field for either grass hay and/or grazing. It had been a good morning.
Lunch winding down I’m celled a bred heifer is in troubled labor and in dire need of help. Fuzzy is off and running to the call. On arrival I block the first escape avenue with Ugly’s bulk. I close the gate to the yearling heifers so that the bred heifer wont miss the barn. I cart load of filled feed buckets in a sure fire way I pulled them to one side. I swing gates easily caught that I must also bull. I didn’t need this, still sporting a game leg and limp wrist. I’m celled, she’s headed my way. I check. Sure enough and somebody hadn’t opened the gat allowing her access further up to the barn. I take care of it. Meanwhile the troops had lost her. Another catch only gate of sorts tangled in some grasses I take command of the mess and quickly sort it out so’s I may bring it into play behind the troubled heifer. Ith my arrival on the scene my one more hand made it a much easer task for the rest of the guys. Might say I had her.
In the barn trying Tom’s unworkable method of putting into the chute didn’t work as I had warned. But we quickly brought her back into the barn before she had any time to think about another out (escape). Put into the chute the long way we almost made it. Having to grab whatever cow sized halter I could I worked it on her. Halter on her she had planted her feet and refused to advance. I tied her off and team wise we commenced to chain the unborn calf’s fore legs so Chip and tom could haul down on the chain handles to help her deliver the calf.
The calf delivered the (now) cow hysterically frightened became ever more uncooperative. Trying to gain her interest in her calf proving futile at first. When I untied her she tried another escape, but I hung on and away we went for a long un-indulged in break-dance. How she missed trampling her calf I’ve no idea, I however when she’d found I was a force she could not get shed of I took a couple soundly placed kicks in the side of my already troubled knee. Those gifts aught to make for some interesting looks and feeling by tomorrow afternoon. Wonderful, just freaking wonderful!
Making some quick adjustments we run her back into the same box stall we had used to guide into the chute. The calf moved into a box stall, the gate closed, bringing her a bucket of water we tried as (at least I did) tried to get away from the pair so’s she could quietly bond with her newborn calf.
While I was so close to shop I might just as well as bring my Crapsman home. The trailer parked the ditch, tractor loaded, trying to make do with what’s left of hardware for securing a load around here I headed for home. Good thing I had engaged both transmissions and the parking brake. All the tie-downs were ineffectively with me, machine and trailer. My customary straps destroyed yesterday, I hate that when other people do that and think nothing of it. Sheesh, they had worked for me for years.
Photobucket Photobucket
Whatever’s happened with making things right???
Okay, were all home by the grace of whomever. The Crapsman refuses to start. It’s dead, unresponsive, ain’t gonna do nothing. Nuts, I come into the house for a cold drink. I’m treated to lemoned iced tea. Not bad, I liked it enough for two pints. Then went on down the barn. Cussed Crapsman started. I make a round about the house and front yard. Turning around in the road it quits never to go again today. ^%*$(%((I(%^, Might say I’m upset. If I should ever figure out how to move it closer to the barn, I’ll bring home a continuity and test light from shop tomorrow.
Even worse yet, I had neglected to stock up on beer. It’s sure looking like a dry weekend around here. Oh well, Iced Tea sounds pretty good to me for a change!!! Ya all BGKC this Memorial weekend

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Paula said...

I feel so sorry for those heifers having trouble giving birth to their calf. I hate to see those calf pullers but I know it's better then the alternitive.