Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Body Stored Coffee?

I’m thinking I was up close to/at about every 90 minutes all night long. At least that’s what I told Frieda when she asked me how well I’d slept. She commented that was for all the coffee I had consumed yesterday. Wait a minute, I drank three cups coffee, two half pints water, and three half pints milk. And I had even watered down the dust everywhere I had been with one exception, the last elevator. Now, Sunday was a whole another mater. I had consumed two half pints water, four half pints milk, and two-quarts-one cup coffee and I didn’t settle near as much dust as I had Sunday. Really, I’m beginning to look at myself as an en-enveloped closet pee-body without the use of a Depend’zzz. Am I fast approaching the last elderly’s embarrassment?
Up late this morning after nearly ten hours sleep I must have been busier than I had suspected by the time had gotten in last night. Last I remember for evening-last, when I had gotten in, my supper was in the microwave. Nuked food was mighty good after a whole day out. Frieda had even gone to bed while I was still eating. Our conversation was short. And I followed her horizontally un-remembering what was on the Tellie.
Up two hours late for my norm, my eyes were itching and watering profusely, my trying to catch up with the televised morning news was over my near lock jawing yawns.
The day’s morning weather was questionable here being rain to the north and south of us. We’re supposed to have sunny skies (clearing/) this afternoon. Area temps ranged from 38* to 52*. Sheesh how does a body dress for these kinds of weather’s
My primary concern for today was hauling and stocking piles shelled corn. I managed two loads. Didn’t worry about my first wagon’s ability. The second wagon I took along a jack, my wrenches, and two spares. A third wagon requires some touch up painting. I’ll haul that one in loaded come Thursday. A forth wagon requiring some sort of a temporary weather covering, I’m still thinking about that one.
My day’s hauling taken care of I finally got around to paint the so called repaired wagon box. That taken care of Not looking for another energy intensive project. I took on my Crapsman lawn tractor. The machine not getting gas I commenced to take the carburetor off the engine. Just removing the air filter parts came falling out of it. What the heck was this. I saw and picked up all the parts save for one screw I I’ll have to find another this fixing covered. Removing the fuel line a pressed fit fuel pump fitting came out of the fuel pump. Cheese-O-Pete! Its no wonder the machine couldn’t start let alone run. The fuel pump sucking air and a butterfly falling out of the carburetor the engine couldn’t even be chocked for a start. My search for the right screw will take me an eye crossing good time to find. For the fuel pump I’ll mix up a dab of Quick-metal epoxy and theoretically glue those parts together. Shouldn’t take me more than a couple hours to make it all copasetic; and, see it happily running on fresh gasoline.
Having to do some shop lifting Handy went with for some his needs. Grocery shopping was easy. Granddaughter sort of letting me down I visited three shops unable to find me a decent sized sketch pad. Arrggghhhh!!!!!
And, tomorrow I must change a couple Ugly’s wheels and run it as a 4x2 until the new tire gets here. That goofy Ugly truck is un-becomingly shimmering and shacking itself shamefully over the roads. I’ve got to put an end to that before that right front tire goes and blows out letting me down where it’d be the least bit handy.
In at O’beer 7th PM hour, I’m indulging. Only one problem with it, I don’t rightly know if I’ celebrating my accomplishments or disappointments. Here’s to you all’s health….Hic!
From a reminded memory’s past.
My first experience was behind the wheel of a Model "A" ford providing the engine with a one and a half ton "A" rear axle the major parts for homemade doodlebug.
Followed in this an approximate order shortly after the doodlebug came the 1020 McCormick Deereing, Farmall "A", 1935 I/2 ton Ford pickup, 1939 Hudson (a real fine automobile), a brand new Cushman Eagle motor scooter, a brand new ½ ton 1950 Chevy pickup truck. I never got to drive parents Plymouth’s nor their first Desoto.
My favorites included the Ford and Farmall A’s, the ’50 Chevy pickup, and my Cushman Eagle. The best quality of all these vehicles were the ‘39 Hudson, and a 1952 Desoto. Our rural roads in those days liking roly-poly failing roller coasters destroyed the Plymouths and 1st Desoto. The most fun of all these Vehicles was my Cushman Eagle. While the scooter wasn’t fast it was my ATV taking me in and out of the roughest wilderness places. The bests being the Allegan state forests and the Great Lake Michigan’s forested sand dunes.
The most economical drives were the scooter and a later 1953 Plymouth. The Plymouth when my interests swung that way I used for chasing women when I wasn’t apprenticing or fun fishing. I had moved up to a 1955 Desoto hardtop by the time I chased after Frieda. Ohhhhh! How we had steamed up the windows that Summer we courted. Ah yes I remember well. That coral colored ‘55 Desoto, an absolute delight to drive, was my romances ruin.

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