Saturday, May 1, 2010

Farm’s May Day ... part one

I did but three things today. What chores I had to taking care of my ladies. Then squirreling away in the shop while the humidity teased our community with the possibilities of more rain. I took on to make the azzkicker work for once and for all. It had been between three and four hours I spent on wiring that contraption. When all was done what could be done I hooked my battery power to it, set back making myself comfortably like, and pressed the remote transmitter button to watch my accomplishment work.
I pressed de button and absolutely surprised for my efforts in its working’s refusing to move. I pushed the button again and again. I had my choice of three of them. Not one of them buttons caused the decrepit machine to go into any sort of action. Rather than jump up and down, stomp my feet on the floor, cry and making odd ball noises, as in a temper tantrum, I opted in stead to remove the battery power source and put the damnable contrivance away for another day.
Not to waste my remaining afternoon hours I immediately opted to finish coat paint the repaired gravity box repairs. Photobucket
While it looks pretty good from this side, the only side I painted, wasn‘t about to put on airs in front of my neighbors. Additionally, I didn’t feel like cleaning and painting the whole thing anyway. There!
Coming home I’m wondering how long it’ll take the yellow over spray landing in my beard to dry. If I should leave my beard as it is, I may just look like a dandelion come morning.

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Paula said...

Hee hee I say leave the yellow paint in your beard. You may start a new fashion for men.