Saturday, May 8, 2010

Murphy’s got to go

Damn, damn, damn! Murphy’s law involved itself in the Ugly pickup truck revitalization all day long. Right out of the drive I motored to replace the correctly needed hose from Home Depot. Barry and I attacked that Ugly project with all the zeal of confidentiality we had everything under control. Yeah! Right! The fuel tank mounting bolts we had gotten were wrong. This meant replacing metric with USS threading. Okay then found the fuel tank assembly we were trying to mount on Ugly’s right side was not going to easily bolt on. The meant going to the hardware for some metal clips of which I’ve no idea what they’re called. While they didn’t hold the bolt replacements tight they at least held them to position the fuel tank in the general location I wanted it. A modern pry bar and an antique tappet wrench (I haven’t used for at least eight lustrums) were the tools of the day. More modifications thought-out accomplished we brought the replacement cargo down. Barry riding it all the way for balancing the cargo box into position while I pushed and pulled the “A” frame gantry around to do my part aligning the two large pieces together for the up and down meetings. It all had come together like they were made for each other. A small amount of pushing/pulling six out of the eight bolt holes lined up. Two empty holes bothering us we finally figured them out. The cargo box had come off another chassis drilled for this boxes anchoring. In as much I’m adding a heavy diesel fuel tank to the truck’s uses I thing those chassis holes will be drilled for more secure bolting.
Tomorrow having quit while we were ahead, we’ve got the wiring to thread through the box and put the lamps back on. The fuel switch to install including rerouting the fuel lines. Plus a little tidying up all the tools, unused parts, and more over a lot of stuff Barry let me get out. (hehehe) Barry ain’t here.
Holy Smokem’s
Michigan’s Secretary of State has sent me the driver’s license and motor vehicle plates forms for mail renewals. Wow! What a break! Thankfully I needn’t face an in person inquisition.
An entirely different topic….
I see and hear of Iceland’s volcano troubles and problems with mounting depths of volcano ash. People sicknesses, people having to bring all their animals inside for protection from the elements. So. I’m either wondering or suggesting the Iceland country scrap up, pile up, sweep up , all their fallen volcanic fly ash, stock pile it and make some foreign deals selling the stuff to states or countries interested in making the tightest, densest, longerst lasting roadway concrete nearly impervious to the soaking up of water and salts susceptible to the impervious winters thaw and freezing seasons elements capable to scaling, spauling lesser made concrete without the precious volcanic fly ash.
I’m only saying…………a number of northern areas could most assuredly use this volcano fly ash in building better road surfaces. This material in Iceland’s abundance it would seem to me a number of mutual beneficial deals could be negotiated to handle some awkward problems by all who’d participate in some useful trade deals. It be at least one most beneficial way to help Iceland get back onto its feet after their recent economic and ongoing disaster problems.
Enough for today. BGKC.


Paula said...

Glad you are going to be able to renew your licence the easy way.

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