Wednesday, May 5, 2010

For errors and nap’s

What a day I had starting somewhere around 2:00 AM. Restless sleep, up and wide awake. I gave into the mood and the night rather than waste either one I got on and rode the internet. I found a 225R75x15 the model replacement for an old tried and true aging H78X15 May-Pop. I researchered a couple words I had been trying to spell. Being right on the ball if I were axed rat now I could never begin to remember what those words right now and were. Isn’t grand how a man’s mind work’s keeping him on the ball? Oh yes and while I was up I delved into the refrigerator for just some of the no-no’s I had been avoiding what been mysteriously known to add inches to the waist line but negating all the wrongs I finished up with an orange.
By and by I felt sleeping for some unknown reason and ventured back to bed. With in some unknown minutes I missed saving for posterities record.
Waking some time later to a sunny bright eyed sun shining upon my house I moved up and thru the house to satisfy on of Mother Nature’s immediate needs. I poured my breakfast cereal into a pint sized glass drowning it in milk. I munched away while Her Mostess’s comments over road missing Kelly Ripa’s just knowing I had forgotten what? Bending to add socks and shoes to my farmyard formal-wear my cell phone going off, I immediately knew what it was. The phone call confirming my suspicions I had forgotten I’d promised Handy a ride to see Doc. Yup, it was handy. With all the more urgency to get me together I was soon out and on my motoring way.
Handy dropped off, I celled a volunteer’s house to see if he needed entertainment. He did. I swung by his house to pick’im up Barry and found Tom had innocently broken the disc. Regardless these findings Barry went on to shop to by pass it for resetting the taken up fencing from the other day. The fencing taken care of Barry and I had to make snip’s with some vegetation shorting out the fence in areas other than those machined clean the last couple days. That one finished we tidied up the lower feed lot’s fencing and turned the yearling heifers out.
Looking like rain (where the sun go?) Bro was calling it a day, Barry was rather negative about giving it just yet. WE hadn’t broke for lunch yet. Celled again Handy was readied to come home. Letting him sit where I was we fueled the cans knowing there need tomorrow. Barry still reluctant to go home I dropped him at home. Home I had discovered I had forgotten the ladies. Then I didn’t feel so awfully bad leaving Barry to make my apologies with the ladies. There’s nothing I can’t handle, even a steamed Bossy. Besides I had Handy to pick-up. During all these plans changing minutes some sprinkles moved in turning to rain. And rain it did. After lunch we went back to the shop. Bro’ had challenged me to removing the PTO shaft from the old snow-blower. Two scissored hydraulic jacks did nothing for us. By and by I brought in the use of the blue flamed instant wenching persuader. The drive shaft removed we called it a day, delivering Barry, a repaired disc part, and four cans diesel to his home.
Back home a little after 4:00 PM. Happy to be inside on a rainy day, yes I know I could have played with me childhood electric train set (the azzkicker in this case); but, I had developed a headache. “Home sweet home,” refusing to succumb to a Tylenol I chose instead a chance nap on the couch. Oh boy! Did I ever nap. Woke up almost four hours later. I guess I had needed it. I gotten to see some sunshine again as I took my rattlers in preparation for supper. For my evening’s entertainment I watched “Shadow of the Thin Man.” I delightfully quiet evening was enjoyed by all in my Shorthorn country house. BGKC.

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