Friday, July 31, 2009

still haying…..

……hauling in that I had baled yesterday. It gives me a real comfortable cozy feeling watching the hay yards fill up. Why the “cozy?” because I feel warmer knowing the ladies will have all the energy they need to consume to be nice and warm inside.
Hay in the yard, lunch in the belly, a broken hay wagon pulled up to the shop, I got to work upon the old mower what’s been lost in the weeds the last two years. The battery charged, carburetor primed the engine started and run good. Steering has been liquid wrench sprayed, oiled and greased making steering free working again. The bearing carriers upon the deck sprayed and oiled they’re free again. Mower blades straightened, sharpened and balanced the deck is ready to cut grass again. Getting the machine to move under its own power was a total loss up until a little while ago. Finding a pair of conversely working variable pulleys stuck but good their removal was required. Out loosened with liquid wench and lubed with silicon spray they is on their way back into the machine. A blinding headache taking over my senses the final assembly now waits for my personal touch tomorrow. It’s best to quit while I was ahead on an up-note. Likewise starting with the completion within sight come morning the whole experience shall end as a moving one.

Well, It isn’t dark yet, but I’m ready to turn in regardless. BGKC.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hayfever maybe

I’ve heard references to mythical fields of dreams. Is there any truth in some such references? Why I question? Yesterday I mowed a field of weeds. To wit I mean “weeds!” May an individual suffer the throws of hay fever without the sneezing and the running of fluids off an innocent nose. I ask this for within a couple hours free of the mown field my sinuses were filled, bagged and packed my suspecting this was or at least a contributor the latest cause of another headache. The new one laid on me yesterday is still with me. Waking this AM my nose is wet unlike Fido’s, but rather from the liken a faucet’s running from the inside out. My forehead aching and nose starting to run did I manage to receive a Mother Natures overdose of whatever it what may be the nucleolus of pollens. I wonder along this line as at no time did my cut smell like grass, alfalfa, nor sweet clover.
Vertical now for a morning’s half hour, whilst sorting my rattlers, my eyes took on a good bit of itch, the nose is more freely running, and some easing or over flowing the stuffed up sinus bags and passages. One more modified thought over the questionable presents of pain. Hayfever is a curse for there is no damaging cause to bring such an affliction upon and individual at any age, particularly in innocent children. I thought I had finally out grown it and now it would appear I’ll take it to my grave with me.
I tinkered some with my old lawn tractor. The abuse that poor tractor has been dealt it’s a wonder, believe me. I primed the carburetor and it started up and ran beautifully. One very big strike again-it mice had gotten into it three-four years ago and had chewed all the insulation off the longest sparkplug wire coming out of the coil. Why it runs is beyond me. Some oil, some, grease, some WD40, all these fluid skirted, dabbed, or pumped are loosening the machines joints up so it’ll be able to run on its own by the weekend. Bro’ even volunteered to straighten sharpen and balance the blades. All the paint havin’ fallen off, I’m seriously afraid to paint it. It may not be able to stand it!
Went back to the very field I had mown yesterday it took me two and one half times the time to bale it as it did to cut it. That’s including getting all the way up to three MPH a couple times. Was slow going if I wanted to stay on the tractor. I still got home in time to see the sun go down. I’m bushed. BGKC.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thinking on Pains…

Before I say to much about my thinking or my reporting upon that which has been suggested a stretch of anyone’s imagination I maybe capable of I have to make one wee comment upon something I’ve read written from one of our friends. May I say this quote was the climatic end to one of her most delightful tales. In misery, it was said, “If nothing else, it's a nice place for bugs and mice to get out of the weather.” ROFLMAO ((((((Donna)))))) I’ll let my reads find the tale this line goes with… };^)).
Back to my McThinkin’. Pain is something a body endures for an injury. Okay I’ve been injured a countless number of times working the trades in my younger more youthful days. Pain was just a minor inconvenience that went along with the occupations essentials: a piece lumber over the head, walking off a scaffold plank, hitting the wrong nail one of them on a thumb, a swung plank on the arse, and some many more serious incontinences. So, so many of the good old fun days seam to be catching up with me. Broken bones; a diagonally broken leg surgically shortened with rod, nuts and bolts; elastic wrapped cracked ribs; job site broken fingers splinted wrapped in electrical tape. And how about sheet metal cuts, solder/lead burns, electrical pokes from live wires.
I may now venture to guess I haven’t yet finished enjoying all those fun years remarkably experiencing headaches for old injuries pain I had come to ignore as job bonuses. Sitting straight, sitting upon my custom notched cushions, a long forgotten sacrum-iliac manipulated back into place once more now supported by a sacroiliac brace. The ability to walk a straight line unlike a drunken sailor. Ninety percent my headache causes are now accounted for and their solutions all so simple.
One drawback. That brace strapped about my middle isn’t to unlike a corset and oh so good to get out of evenings to re-let my chest down.
An almost totally sleepless night. So bad I wrote the immediate preceding because no way could I drift back off. Or so I thought, Once I had emptied my mind, having nothing left, becoming totally bored with myself, the yawns set in I laid myself down even though I were only a few moments away from my rattler time. I slept for two hours waking up late. Throwing my feet over the side I was up and at it, hauling water, packing ice, sitting myself down on my customly notched home made cushion to wait out my hour‘s wait to eat after the rattlers and time for my ice to do its thing.
Leaving house I took up temporary fence around the bale wrapper. I’d have started it if the battery weren’t so flat. If I’ve got to jump it jumping can wait until tomorrow to run it for everthing, the move and the wrapping.
Four miles out I cut another field for supposed hay. What a sorry field that is/was. More weeds than grasses and clover combined. If the ladies will eat it fine if not, oh well. That was so rough it took awhile to mow it, and now that I am writing this I now realized what had done my system in about 2:00PM this afternoon. All that tractor’s jarring my spine had me laid out somewhere shortly after lunch. Laying down looking to escape the head and body (back) aches I slept for two hours. Handy had called waking me out of my afternoon snooze. Waking at right hany time I took my rattlers. Handy wanted a ride over to the crossroads for a few things. I needed petrol anyway. Was a good way to get two things done at once. Frieda also wanted ride to our daughter’s for a laundry bash. Don’t ask me what that means other than I need to fix daughter’s dryer. If I hadn’t been feeling so rotten today I’d been a good time to have looked into it. We’ll see where we’re at in a couple days? Meanwhile my head caving in again I‘ve got to lay it out. Sleep seems to be my easiest drug free pain reliever going for me. BGKC.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

up all nite

Yup, up all nite. My punishment for enjoying the easy life. I had to set up all nite listening to the growls having brought on that association with the old pot bellied kettle. Lets see, two days rest isolated another one my lower back pains. The left side my sciatica is out, likely the cause my left leg’s sciatic nerve pinched occasionally wanting to let me down.
Looks like Ugly’s use is going to get a workout this morning. Supposed to keep a Tuesday morning PT appointment, first in three weeks. I need to pickup my medications this trip. After these things are taken care of I’m going to find me a chiropractor for a realignment. Frieda thinks I had gotten to much sun yesterday, I may have also suffering a bit of sunstroke.
So, while that was yesterday………..
……this is today.
We kept our first PT appointments for first time in three weeks. Frieda says her PT is helping her. I still feel as thought mine continues to be waist of time. I like pretty girl’s hands on treatments. They feels so good.
Next stop our druggist. Frieda’s insurance is fowled up. Her account active she deprived medication payments until August first. I’ve got to call them and see what this about. Therapy doing nothing for putting my sacroiliac back in place I did something about it.
Almost another mile up the road I wheeled into a place where my last chiropractor had snuck of to a couple years or so ago dodging a ton of rent owed that place‘s landlord. A new Practitioner man had taken over a shakened practice, after the previously mentioned crook-a-practor had dodge an even bigger bundle of unpaid rents. This gentleman taking over last May is trying to make something of it. He took good care of me putting my sacroiliac square with my body.
Next stop home, ice pack strapped on my back, half hour’s rest, followed by sacroiliac brace strapped on to hold bones in place, then I re-faced the world. What came after this? A small lunch keeping in mind my boyish figure and charming good looks.
Lastly I checked weather reports to get an idea where I could look good sluffing off next.
Its more than late afternoon my coming in. I had put in some sorry shop time. Worst part was getting a fill in project of my own past my Bro’s homesteading. Moments later Bro’ found the mig welder had been fouled. I fixed it last some ten years ago. That was when I could still see well enough to weld. This time I’s treated I didn’t know nothin’. So be it!
He going his way to have it looked at, wonderful, I closed up shop and came home. First thing I got Her Mostess to take her re-powered wheel chair for a spin. Once she got on it she started to get with it.
Left alone me and Holly, I locked her up and went about what needed doing here. I had to fence closed the one remaining side the hay-yard. Checked the rest that pasture’s fence and turned these ladies out. Let me not forget I hayed the ladies dry pasture just down the road.
Not only all the afore mentioned, bit I also looked after the laundry a moment here and there through out the day.
Coming in I was way past rattler time. I was given glass of milk to tied me over until supper. Meanwhile My body feels like it had been run over by a half tract. And still needed to bottle calf and put Cushman away. It’d be until 8:00PM before the last of the day’d be my own. I wish I could find the words to describe dog tired? BGKC.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What a day

Been a long day. Somebody finally called to tell me I needed to grind. Dummies!
So it was definitely the time to clean the wheat out of the green gravity box. First things first the Cushman had to come out of the barn first. Then to grind the Leland and grinder-mixer had to come out next. It was blocking the wheat. The green wagon behind ugly we headed down to the other farm to park this wagon on the compost pile. There I may have saved about six bushels wheat seed. I also put an equal amount damaged wheat on the compost pile. Then had to load it on Ugly’s back. The seed first saved in 200 pound tubs I had to empty them up into tubs on Ugly. Wagon emptied I was on the road again for home. Ate on the run. Had to call Tom for his help. Keith had jammed the supply wagon’s gate so cussed tight I needed Tom for one and have him bring a couple wreaking bars and hammers for a yet unplanned panic attack upon that gates forced opening and quick closing before five tons of shelled corn comes pouring out to flood my drive way.
Tom’s help invaluable we got the grain ground dually supplemented off the Cushman. Nearing delivery I parked today’s ground grain wagon in front the shop. Here we bolted down plates fore and aft the gravity box. To these we added a couple plywood sheets cut out in the shape of a gable ends. Inside the gables top we nailed in a yellow-pine ridge board. Lastly we rubber strapped a plastic tarp over the loaded wagon. Tom went home. Weather protected I spot parked the latest conjured up feed wagon.
Home I had to unload wheat I’d put the grain in to heavy to move. I again baled the grain from Ugly’s tubs into pails I pour yet into some other tubs. While I did this I passed by a ground hog who’d got itself caught up in the trap what I moved when it was empty this same day’s morning. All this done it was time to put the Leland away. Darn it, it failed to start. As much as I disliked doing it I called Bro’ he knew this tractor better than I did. He got it going shorting the terminals on the starter solenoid. Bro’s hoping it a bad wire rather than an ignition switch. Finally I backed the equipment down into the barn. I opened the gates letting the cow and calf have their freedom of my yard. Made milk for calf, the calf near running me down for it. The trash gotten out I made it in the house owing myself some early to bed time, but it isn’t going to be tonight. BGKC.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catch up day

Likely poking my nose in where it don‘t belong I read this. In my mind it read to me like a child‘s observance’s the adult world. “I'm waiting for them to catch up with me someday. When we talk about once a year we always vow to get together when it gets cooler. Maybe we will this time but we probably won't.” Printed here in a optimistic look at pessimism‘s promise. ROFLMAO ((((((Paula))))))
Passing through misery my mind jarred I’m reminded my mom putting up 200 quarts tomatoes every year, year after year. I can’t remember a day we didn’t have tomatoes in one fashion or another either canned or fresh out of the garden. Icy cold out of the frig with sugar for dessert, heated and ladled over warm buttered bread seasoned with salt for another. There was her chili, goulash, tomato soup cut with Jersey cream (was better‘an Campbell’s) . or beef stew the potted lake held potatoes and carrots out of a sand pit. There were green fried tomatoes having swam in milk dried I flour or cornmeal or both. Those were the best eating days I can remember everything home grown including ham, beef, and if it didn’t lay an egg, chicken. We had jersey milk, fresh churned butter, cottage cheese what had hung over the bathtub when nobody was using it, and hand turned ice-cream made with hand with real vanilla added to skimmed cream, using chopped ice with salt on it to make a near as prettier and tasty a treat frozen cream as colorful.
I wonder whatever has happened to Alice, Loopy has gone fishing, and I’m wishing we could go for a drive up thru the thumb.
A Southern Bell continues making diaper bags.
An Orgamic lady’s already making with thanksgiving’s prayers. She worries me pushing the seasons? Have I missed that much summer? Have I missed turning the months over on my calendar. Gosh? What’ll I put on my Christmas want list besides wanting world peace and all our boys and girls back home?
Again, I’m just as tired as if I had put in a full wet day. I swear every time I stuck my neck out the door I got soaked to the skin. Lazy morning getting out for calf’s bottle it started raining. Then coming back in it quit raining. I head out down to the barn with a sack cat food it started raining. Then coming back in it quit raining. I go down to the barn o tidy up and it started raining. Then coming back in it quit raining. Sitting it out a spell I go out to move hay down the road to those ladies, that was my best soaking. Then coming back in it quit raining. Still later somebody suggested I go cut hay. I looked at sky and told him, “More rain’s coming.” well wait awhile. I had found fence what needed fixing. So, waiting going nowhere I headed out with Ollie and 1435 Roto-mower in tow. On arrival the hat field it started raining. A I/2” rain likely came down before a lucky ride came along. I mean Lucky. Given ride back to my Ugly waiting for me for drive home. Then coming back in it quit raining. I waited awhile before feeding calf, and when I did it rained again. Then coming back in it quit raining. I’m tired. Of what I’m not sure of? BGKC.
Food for thought
A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

continued wet

Been little improvement in the wet rainy weather, I’d guess, I’d acknowledge there’s been no rhyme nor reason for the weather’s being as crazy as it is. The usual beat of the weather crossing our lands has been counted on by our ancestors followed a simple rule. Good weather lasted four day, bad weather lasted three days. What has ever happened to that cycle in the weather as I had seen it growing up? Has it been gored?
Some years ago myself aged somewhere around 12/13 years of age the whole family out in the backyard, I was passing under a big stately maple tree with two wide mouthed water buckets in my hands for my start of the afternoon/evening chores. When I had started out for the barn I hadn’t seen Mom about to go in the back door, nor Dad carrying a couple bags of groceries toward the house. Most importantly I hadn’t paid any attention to Bro’ on heel spinning in place holding out a garden rake or such some hand implement for a counter balancing weight. Evidently Dad thinking Bro’s play a bit hazardous to all our health’s, he oh so loudly hollered out, “Hey stupid!”
So startled was I, I had thought Dad had had-cause to holler at me again. In my startled bewilderment as to what I might or mightn’t done, I dropped both buckets spinning on the ball my left foot, my right foot lifted, and as I turned I set it squarely down into a cold wet bucket of water and answered back, “Who! Me!”
Frieda looking at this, her eyes watering, as I write this. From over my shoulder she’s laughing her arse off as hard as my Dad had way back when. So hard did he laugh himself silly, he had forgotten who and what he had hollered for. Needless to say it had taken me over twenty some years from that day on to live it down. And, to this day Bro’ still credits me for having saved him a tanning.
Now for all I did today. Be prepared to keep up now. Here I go with all the gory details. Ready? For one thing I did chores. Then graduated onto doing nothing’ save napping. Tomorrow I shall pay for having lazily laid around all day. I wrote, read, and napped. Ate a fine supper. And the worst of all felt guilty for my absence. BGKC

Friday, July 24, 2009


Things still damp from previous rains and some more is predicted maybe late today. Looks like a wet weekend. Thought is may have another whack at cutting hay Monday with still continued chance being rinsed next Tuesday.
Today looks like a catch-up day for the last two near off. Near sick of the inevitable weather related headache for one pain has been oh so un-measurably difficult to take this summer season. I wonder if rainy weather is as hard to physically take in a rain forest as it is on these northern flat lands? What I intentionally left slide yesterday I’ll have to take care of today. A bunch of fresh batteries setting around aren’t doing us any good. One for Ugly, two more for Frieda’s wheel chair. Darn it! Now I know what I forgot? A “Slow Moving Vehicle” sign for Frieda’s rea… …backsid… ...chair’s backend. I thimk I finally got that right. How is it I’ve got this feeling she’ll have it out on the road towards our daughter’s west and neighbors east.
Looking outside is no spirit lifter. As dreary a looking day if there was ever another nondescript road hazarding activity… …Hmm, thinking about it I should have picked up one of them high flying red flagged bicycle whip’s.
On child psychology:
One answerable solution to the terrible two’s. Frieda and I talking in reminiscent tones spoke this morning of child’s talk (vocabulary). How quickly they learn the first independence word “no” and then the other one “why.” The “why” word wasn’t a questionable inquiry word for our child (remember, we had seven of children). It was there all inclusive statement making sentence, “I don’t want to do that!” As parents to this was our the simple understandable stock response, cutting the chase, “Because I said so!”
Somewhere between two & three years of age our granddaughter had put on of her first sentences together when having wanted to come home with grandma became upset (mad even) when Grandma didn’t take her to the park a long block away. She asked for the phone. Grandma ahead of her dialed mommy’s number and handed the phone to Granddaughter. A moment or two passed, her mother answering, baby said, “Mommy! Daddy! Truck baby home!” That was the sentence clear enough and not forgotten.
Some fog and a heavy due laid all about and over everything. Down to the barn I dad tried to coax 1005 cow in with a little corn. Darn it the rest of the ladies just had to horn in and I lost the poor girl I wanted to bring the rest of her friends shoving/pushing her away from me. Next I reverted my time to cat feeding. I made up a bottle having to step lively saving myself getting calf run over. Eventually chasing the clock our wheeling left out of the driveway we headed for our PT. Frieda continues to enjoy hers. I don’t think it is helping me. I come out feeling hurt worse than if I had put my energy into my own kind of day.
Home I had to take the giant economy sized gravity box around the block making two elevators visits with Ugly the tow vehicle. Right back out on the road with the Cushman this time I was back to the last elevator dropping off clothing for the church and picking up weekend supplements at the same time. As the Cushman had its place in the barn relieving me moving those loaded sacks twice more It lived up to its ¼ton truck rating. From elevator with small implement trailer in tow I drove down to the other end. Replaced the wheel chair batteries, loaded chair and brought it home. Bro’ knowing a couple kids, two of the 4Hers, I’d got me help convincing 1005 to come in. I do hope we can save her. Keeping her in here, she’s her own worst enemy finding more ways to get out to be with the herd. Now I wish Bro’d come get her making me shed of her. She’ll fair better in a box stall than out here with these other healthier animals unmannerly competition.
Unloaded electric scooter, funarted around some, putting the Cushman inside, winding things up here it was back at shop. Worked on merely patching up a wooden gate what didn’t warrant a half a rebuild. A wood gate needs to be all or nothing. While I finished tha afternoon doing my thing Bro’ and Keith come, treated, took stool sample, and took 1005 away. Before I finished here we’ve had another shower, went out made gates right and tidied up after the thoughtless. Everybody else like little kids can’t seem to ever be able to pickup after themselves. I wonder who’ll do it after I’ve gone; and, I’ve been called lazy bones. Shucks I got to lay it down soon. BGKC.

I forgot a friend's need

I should have my arse kicked…. I had forgotten my friend R.D.’s cataract surgery yesterday. But I can still wish him a speedy and fruitful recovery and some measure of his eyesight back. Better still, may he see his grandchildren and the crops grow his son’s have planted.
R.D. and I are close to the same age. When we confer with each other over the past we stand on equal footing his having also raised seven children.
Next rainy day I need to stop by and see him again. Oh, how I hope!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


For all the rain we’re getting, it’s looking like this is a day of recovery? Weather’s low pressure hovering over me my head’s feeling like it is ready to explode. Ugly has refused to start again. Daren’t park it anywhere they ain’t an electrical outlet. Left turn out of the drive PT. I don’t think its helping me a bit. Frieda says she feels better. Ha! She ain’t practicing what she’s supposedly learned to do?
Needing to catch an uncooperative cow that is something I can’t do for this poor old lady. Not wanting to press her I need some quiet easy going help. That idea canceled for lack of assistance. The day held other need doings.
Next stop farm shop for three shot battery trade-ins. Had to cut across WNW the county a piece for three new TSC batteries. Heading S from their ran out of gas half way to Dentists office. Spare gas carried and a filling station later we’d been to late for dentist. Grocery store same direction we wheeled in there in stead. Frieda giving me her list I did the shopping only to find out later the shopping was for daughter who hadn’t seen an insurance check in weeks guaranteeing her survival.
Just stopped by Kelly’s Chicken Chronicles to say hello. Then read about the following. I remembered when she putt her chickens in short pants. She’s even sharing fashion patterns with other chicken lovers. She’d even mentioned other recognizable names perhaps getting in on the act. Is this another new trend blossoming for the near future? What next? Unable to keep up with the daily changes in the goods supposedly on the market to make us live longer and enrich our lives, I know I'm getting to old for changing newborn baby chicks diapers. What is society coming to? I'm going to draw the line at my ladies having to wear skirts! There’s here where something will just remain uncovered……..but then I’ve been reading Donna and I wouldn’t put it past her to fit a skirt on her Bonnie.
I don’t know what spurred the following conversation. Perhaps some passages in the current book she’s reading? Getting to it she brought up how so many older folks worry about dieing. She was telling me how many nursing home patients she held in her arms as they passed away. She said they were easy, quiet painless, peacefully going into to their last sleep.
Frieda’s comments prompted my mentioning my death didn’t bother me, only I’d not like to go before her for who would take care of her if I went first? I continued with I was actually looking forward to my death rather than having to enjoy any more continued pains.
After lunch it was back to the day’s continuation, after lunch I slipped off into a nap. Must have been about my forth since the first of the year. Gosh, It was wonderful. I had managed to escape all my day’s pain. Sheesh, now I’ve got so much more to catch-up with tomorrow having enjoyed these two days. Nothing good ever goes unpunished. I better take the little implement trailer with me come morning. I’ve got to install those three batteries into a couple things tomorrow. BGKC.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've finally had a day off the farm.

I took some photos. Can’t put them on the net. When I try to put them here they’s cut in half. When I tried to start photo album and they’s cut half off again. So Pizz on them and m-boards.
Other than that I had a great day. I got to go to the farm exp show in Lansing today. I’m home and fed plus just as tired as if I had actually worked all day.
On a more somber note I was stopped by what I’d describe as a lesser edumacated gentleman than myself. Coming to a stop he steps up and asks me, “Aren’t you afraid your riding this thing (Cushman) it’ll make Rudolf Jealous?” It was alright to have asked the question, for I took him was a properly bred gentleman, to have inquired upon my social standing upon the North Pole. I however did see a number of pretty dears. I’d nothing more than to have liked bringing any one of them home with me, let alone all eight, only Herr Clink would have had me immediately taking her (them) right back where I had found her (them). There’s just some day’s I just can’t get ahead even in my imagination. BGKC.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

two birthdays

My Dad and oldest daughter were born on this day, a few years apart, many years ago. Today might ranked right up there with any national holiday had Dad been alive to have seen that birth. That girl been spoiled even rottener than she is.
Via way of a controlled bound, out of bed I continue to reach for my water glass and cold pack. Routine finds me strapping the cold pack on and filling my glass for swilling near to many rattlers. I’ve reduced my common meds to six, vitamins to two, and a mind altering drug to one. Plus optional choice of five or six pain medications as needed and two muscle relaxants as sorely needed. And, what got me out-a bed to begin with? Hauling my own water nobody else can do for me……
Dark and wet out there when I rose I saw what looked like had rain all night long. Sitting here a few moments a sliver of sunshine is trying to sneak under the cloud cover to greet me. “Come on sunshine. Show me you can last all day long.”
One more recently gotten hay field to harvest we at least need a dry overnight to cut and bale it for a haylage wrap. So much matured dry matter in the dried wild grasses stems, our idea is wet wrapping will moisten the dried matter so baled moisture will permeate the dry grasses making the whole bale more palatable feed this next winter.
This wrapping process worked well with the first cornstover we put up the year before last.
Well, I wonder if I’ve done it again?
Only this time I’ve said it here. It’s getting to where I don’t know what I may comment on where? Who know’s? I may even be cut off here. Such is my life, I’m still trying to figure me-self out to this day with that aged old question, “Who are you?” Good question I’d guess but hardly time enough to dwell upon it so much to do.
Damn it, I want to go to the Farm Expo in Lansing. Today is the first of three days. PT got in the way for one thing, my ladies need for fresh pasture another, and thinking I’d just jump in upon Ugly’s seat and go, Ugly refused to start. Dead battery. Super charger/starter hook up I had Ugly running moments later. Taking no chances I more or less stayed near an electrical outlet.
Eventually using a hydrometer I found two battery cells near kaput. So, I swapped Ugly’s battery out for a cute little one left over from a cart repair. Walla I had starter power. In spit our not making PT this morning it continued a complete bust all the same.
All I ask is one fun day out a whole lot of already missed days past. For all I got to do around here me thinks I aught to sublet myself out to me-self so’s I’ll have some competent help get all these things done. That make it me, myself and ……shore I’d like to hire another one. Only there’s only so much of me to go around or I’d have made it a threesome; Me, Myself, and I.
Unable to find or buy in stock 5.70 x 12 spare tires for the little implement trailer Bro’ has decided to take the big implement trailer to cart his cart to the Farm shindig. Wonderful, I’ll load Cushman on that trailer also. Taking two buggies we may each go our own ways. I get irritated with his not wanting to stop and dwell upon those interests I take a fancy to seeing. Watch it’ll be my luck something fowl it up.
Just a quick response here about the daylight shining through some folk ears. They can't take and an easy solution to a problem without knowing more than enough to complicate it.
This situation reminds me of my horse rustling day’s of just about a month ago. That witch has informed her neighbors to call the Sheriffs department should her horses get out again. Good idea!
(hehehe) That a way she develops a record of loose animals to eventually bring out the human society, animal rescue, animal pound, county animal shelter's peoples, one of them likely bringing in more than likely enough law to take her horses away for their protection.
I be damned if I ain't already rubbed some folks the wrong way this season.....over the innocents of animals. I guess I can say I don't stand alone for either myself or my neighbors.
And what’d I do with the rest of my day? Damnedifiknow, but it was a full day just the same. I fooled around some my recycling tire idear to find it wasn’t going to work as smoothly as I had thought it would. So it is back to the drawing board (so to speak) and rethink that far to short an overwhelming excellent scheme to get rid of tires. I wonder if I could make trade. I think I might better contact our friendly tire dealer and work out a no cost to me getting this new idea off the ground.
From one proud old coot!

In any animal’s defense

I had done it again.
Several days ago I was berated for speaking my mind over what I had seen in a photograph. I didn’t have anything against the picture nor the animals depicted in it. What happened in the photo were some balloons used by the photographer to levitate a couple cute kittens. It was an amusing picture to say the least. However seeing the balloons tripped or triggered a response out of me over the general populations total disregard their setting the same likewise gas filled balloons looseover the countryside. Now while I might have lost it going into a tirade over the irresponsible loafing of such balloons I’ll not retract one word over my feelings upon the subject. Why? I had this very season climbed down off my tractor to pickup three such devices out of the hay-making I was cutting for balling. One was of a polished bright metallic nature, two more were of a rubber or latex material, either capable of screwing up a critter or varmint’s digestive system.
It has been suggested I wrote those words in pain. This may be so? Anything I dislike bodily wise is the pain in my knees needlessly climbing up and down form tractor step to pick up after somebody else total thoughtlessness. Perhaps it might have triggered my performing an autopsy upon a dead animal for cause of death, my fingers wading thru the contents of a stomach, slitting the large intestine again looking for a cause, and best of all the crap left that’ll finally exit the large intestine. In cows I’ve seen nails small bits of wire and a piece of barbed wire what had carved that animal from the inside out causing her to internally bleed to death. I’ve extracted these bits of rubber and string out of the mouth of a calf presumably tasting such the article, with the normal curiosity of any baby. A piece of rubber on a string a calf had partially swallowed, what couldn’t regurgitate it to be shed of it. Had maybe another calf swallowed such a foreign object. I don’t know?
I’ve heard the tale of the Vet coming out to this very farm when Mr. Johnson farmed it who’d had a slobbering cow on his hands. The vet seeing nothing, knew no better than to have reached into that cow’s mouth on the side the lady had been sweeping with her tongue and extracted a tin can lid.
I’ve been fighting an old Johnson dump sight ever since. I’ve picked up what could amount to truck loads of trash off the roadsides front our properties. I’ve crawled on my hands and knees picking up trash discover when we’ve plowed the land so some critter won’t cut a foot or imbed a foot with a foreign object. There’s been several these taken to the Lansing Vet College for help.
Will I retract any word I’ve written? No way! It’s liking the day I just luckily was home when a cop trespassed into my yard to take my dog Alfonso away upon the acquisation he’d attacked her kid. He demanded the cop get out of my yard, for he hadn’t even had the decency to knock upon our door with an explanation his activity. I stopped him, demanded a explanation, stood between him and my dog. Fortunately the mad mother and her boys were there to see to it the dirty deed was to be done. I protested vigorously demanding me a turn to talk to the boys on Alfonso’s behalf. Their mother trying to intrude I cautioned the cop to keep her off my yard and her mouth shut or we’d have had some real trouble.
Talking to the boys I learned they had been carrying a cat when they approached Alfonso. That was all the Cop had to hear. Dogs and Cats natural enemies, He run the disgruntled woman off taking her son’s with her. It’s liking poor Holly. She bit me four times the first two or three days she was dropped off here. The poor animal had been up-routed the only kennel home it had known. She was understandably terrified. New home, new people, new rules, a couple freedoms lost, being disciplined for something she’d never been disciplined for before. No! I’ll not retract one word. I like my animals. I enjoy watching and talking to them. They’re Mother Nature’s own entertainment committees.
Serving us animals do, we should serve them well for the sacrifices they make for us.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Will rains ever stop?

As for yesterday in spite the rains, the beat went on. Unable to get it the fields un-account of rain, the shop still beckoned. EzGo cart needed repairs. I had nothing to do with that. The gravity box floor almost mended it wasn‘t finished until today. Ugly taking it in tow I saw a bit of light shinning thru a hole what ain’t supposed to be there. Tough. I ain’t putting it in line for another week for another repair order. Bummmmmmmmer!
While I saw to everybody else was happily doing something along the lines of orderly repairs I experimented with cutting up a tire. It’ll be a few days before I’ll make anything even wholly short of a comprehensive report. If my first cutting works out I may be in bussiness ridding the this Shorthorn country place of a few regooded new to reuse tires. But then maybe not. The first cut up tyre is giving me a bit of trouble.
This very morning’s activity included Tom’s continued gravity box floor’s repair. I aired tires to bring up a retired forage box. I removed the aprons and related hardware. A party of three freed the forage box its un-loader machinery with the aid a heavy skid-steer. The roof raised ugly in tow we moved it away to Tom’s farm-yard. The side walls may be recycled into swine shelters. If I’m not mistaken they’re old materials in that forage box what have already seen service twice.
Now for some tidbits:
Stepping out this morning’s door the home cows were gone having broken the gate. The calf still here I closed things up a bit so he didn’t fall out of the barnyard. This evening taking bottle down to my then full charge, ma ma cow shows up. I locked up the calf and opened the gates to let mom in. Before evening chores were done ma cow was back in my custody with everybody happy for the night.
Our loco weather report, having lived it, three showers today totaling a ½” rain today had gotten uncomfortably wet.
Now, something entirely remarkably different.
Walter Breuning, 112, the world's oldest man, a Montana resident who was born Sept. 21, 1896, remembers his grandfather's stories about fighting in the civil war. He still walks the ramps of his retirement home wearing a suit and tie.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Wakey, wakey.
It rained all night the night it started and right on into the morning, this very morning.
Coffee’s on, I’m strapped into the ice I’ve backed my carcass into a-sitting in my chair. While I wait, you may join me counting rain drops dripping off the eves while I contemplate today’s going’s on.
Sun’s making an eastern appearance, the skies are overcast to the west. What does this mean? More rain? The continued headache? What?
Look’s to me to be a fine day to lift my chair on a couple 2”x4”s. Ugly’s already holding the tools and bolts in a tool bucket for me. And, I may bring up the needed 2”x4” up from the barn the elevation as I‘m doing chores. I’ve turned the cow and calf loose, the cow employed to give my lawn that grazed crazed modern civilized look.
One a drippy, two a-drippy, three and four and more will a bucket make while we watch. Frieda’s hanging over my shoulder out and out laughing at me. For that when it’s filled I just may let her have it? Well, I can daylight dream, can’t I?
AND, then so much for a mini vacation. A couple hours later, it looks as if the sun’s out to stay. What a pretty (woik dreary) day this had turned out to be.
I was reminded of some my youthful high-schooling days when it seemed like I spent one of them years eating a lot of dill pickles.
I’d the mumps long before my higher edumacating adolescent days. But just the same I had days when my neck swelled so solidly full it had pitched my head to one side or the other, all of four times. Each time mom insisted I eat a great big fat almost a meal in itself dill pickle she’d made out of our gardens. They never bothered me like they should have had I really had the mumps. My having had the mumps in my childhood years we hardly expected their return during my high-school years. Son-of-a-gun, them incoming wisdom teeth took their combined times to take a whole month’s pain and agony coming in and settling down.
Woke uo to rain. Exited house in sunshine. Went to servicing rotary-conditioner and got rained of. Had lunch. Went back to work on RC and rain driven into shop’s shelter. Waited the rain out and finished the knives replacements and sharpenings. Finished up with a grease job and a spot of oil where needed. Had fuelled and topped off the tractor fluids. The whole outfit is now standing ready to go work tomorrow.
Tired of all this one-way chatter upon my part I’m gonna yield the floor to anyone the nerve to squeak up. };^)) BGKC
PS: I found my keys. How they had gotten to where I had found them I've no idear. They was in my hip pocket. All the rolling around I been doing these last days in the name of physical therapy. They must have slipped out of one pocket and slid right into the one on the backside my hip. (hahahaha)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dragging “A” Day

I ain’t haying, no big project to kill time or fret over. We did my PT thingies get them out of the way early morning making rest of day our own. I finally left the wife. I’ve had enough, could take no more, I was all through, I had to get out of her house. I picked up my stuff and was gone. On the road mulling over in my mind my next move I had gathered more barn materials and went up the hill and nailed them down.
Dang-nab-it, I’d found I had lost my keys again. No idea where they went this time. So, in my early days travels I had to go borrow back my original set from Tom. I got it in my mind I was going to do something even if it were wrong. Bro’ had taken Chip back to the hospital in the middle of the night and pooped he’d be no good to the farm today. Tom wanted to do some work around his home today. I couldn’t find fault with that. Homeless, thinking, and on my own I hooked the holey gravity box unto WD45 and parked it all in front of shop. Then I could get to the box what had had wheat seed in it all winter. What a mess that had come to be. Some of even growing under a leak in the covering. Hooked on Ugly we took back to my old home. The baler gone from the lower barn for the summer I could put it there. Sweep the concrete floor under it and see what I can let slid out and salvage and/or feed and/or dismiss as lost. I’m sure that box floor can stand a good cleaning and a new coat of paint. Lastly I’m pizzed off. In as much as I didn’t manage to park that wagon in the baler’s place, but in the center aisle as it were and managed to tuck the Leland/grinder mixer combination backed into the barn with room left to spare. Arrggghhhh! I would not have had the wheat grain mess I’ve got to deal with now! Damn it, “Hind sight is in deed a remarkable to late educational commodity.”
Dog gone it…. So much for running away. Getting hungry I wondered what was for lunch and had to go back home where I belonged or go hungry? Darn it it’s true, “When lovin’ don’t last, cookin’ do!”
Lunch filling I found I had also indiscriminately napped. When I woke I finish painted the new loader spear assembly for the 4020 JD. Then had this need to come home, I mean come home. There’d be no other place I could a-rest myself, if my reader get’s my drift. Then sat down with another cup of nuked vintage coffee, by this time, and wrote this offering until rattler time.
Well, we havn’t gotten the promised rain again. However a low pressure system has move over us giving me one of them mind blowing migraine headaches. “Take a pill, not take the pill, that is the question?”
Supper served, shortly after headache acknowledgement, I didn’t need the pill. Sure is good to be back home, especially after I hadn’t even been missed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

They wont give up

Them weather imaginers don’t give up. All I saw, read, saw, and listened to last few days was all the rain we were going to get nite-for-last then all day yes-sir-day. Liar, liar, pants on fire. We merely got enough rain to wash a windshield let alone rinse it. Now I’m looking for that aged old weather question, “What’s next?” The devious messengers Are predicting some sort of maybe rain for six out of the next ten days.
Yeah, sure, Michigan got rain yesterday, in the upper peninsular at least 250 miles from here. What ever happen to local weather forecasting what often involves my reaction to it in my workday? The loco liars predict weather for a 500 mile front. They can say anything and be close to right anywhere along that line. For all the good they are anymore, any-less, I might just as well use the “Farmer’s Almanac.” Doing my own guessing the weather usual is four days nice, three day damp weather. Throw in reading the sunrises/sunsets would also be about as close an helpful indicator as the overpaid dreaming mystics.
That’s all I got to say about that again.
Relaxed do I or do I not have an eye on matters.
Well rested during physical therapy I finished my morning chores getting back before being shown and scouted another hay field desirous mown. Some around here suggested it might rain. Dumb suggestion. It’ll always might rain? So took to doing some barn carpentry. Closed a secret panel passage way in the back-in-side the barn and replaced tie rail along one side main gallery. Have a couple three more barn tasks to do. The new twin spear hay mover for the 4020JD finished I prime painted it. Getting past my rattler time, I took care, and did my chores. Called it a night.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7-15-o9 Sposed to be a rainy relaxing day

Bah humbug, As I had busted my arse last week to bale all the hay I had down before it were rained on. By the same token I busted my arse yesterday upon morning machine availability bring in hay and again all afternoon broadcasting fertilizer to get it all done before the rains we ain’t getting.
I wanna sue the media-illogical guessers for broadcasting untruths. Like it ain’t raining? I prepared for it, I worked for it, I wanted it! Weather I like it or whether not they should be held accountable….
Descending the stairs into the dungeon’s hold I feared not for I knew Herr Clink wouldn’t be getting to me here! Then after approaching the skinned drier it only took me 45 minutes to have it spread entirely all over the first dungeon cell floor. That even including looking up “replacing a dryer belt” repair, on third google page.
Then found “Kenmore” for my next internet stop. Lastly trying to 'member what I had seen up in the keep to do my any good around the corner from the winter active iron dragon in my morning‘s work cell.
Busted belt in hand I ascended the stairs to displace what Her Mostess had let break. I got no sympathy for that remark, but I wasn’t skilleted either if her machine were to see reassembly. (hehehehehe).
Right turn I headed for the near north side Flint for dryer part. Having to take a primary country road to at least cross the river I turned off soon after driving thru a county park to avoid one lane road construction further on. Surprise, surprise, just outside park road’s other end I run into a detour. Well, even so it weren’t as bad nor near as busy the first option I had still avoided a lot of waiting one way traffic. In Steve’s rebuilt appliance emporium at the back parts counter the man near knew what I wanted before I got there my old belt hand. Belt cost $11,95 on internet, $16.95 in person, if I’m going to make fix today, what’s an added cost inconvenience? Besides I wasn’t interested in wasting energies shopping around. I paid my money and was on my way home.
Ah shucks, I forgot to return fertilizer trailered box. Some worry whethered I’d get wet returning it… It’d been alright with me. Sure could use a good dousing to wash that root food into the soil.
Asked to come other end. I get there for nothing. Was wasted trip. I come back home, and put dryer back together remarkably with no parts left over. This reassembly I wanted to do with the help what little light comes in three basement high walled dungeon windows this part of this man's castle. One light bulb. That’s it. I never got a round tuit for the second ceiling light. As far as the dryer went not having seen the belts routing I was kind-a stumped for a few moments, gave it a rest. Poped a top on a beer. The mind lubricated the solution was easy. Didn’t know why I hadn’t seen it before. Just pass the belt through the idler bracket an loop the belt over the motor’s pulley.
Anything what bothers me is progress I can’t keep up with. I miss my Model “A” Ford and its steaming radiator cap. Open the side cowl vents, the windshield, I had instant air conditioning.
Afternoon I worked on converting WD45 back into a useful tractor around here. First up took three point drag, parked it and removed it. Then took three point off the WD45, and put drawbar on. Should-a took pictures. Didn’t think of it until now. Oh well. I want the WD45 freed up for AC hay rake when I get to second cutting alfalfa should that need arise. First immediate need is patch floor large sized gravity box I haul shelled corn home in.
Have tried encouraging a couple neighborhood kids to voluntarily help me out stacking my winter firewood. Oddly enough when they get sick in school or need a doctor I manage to either get them home or where they NEED to go. I guess they see there pay back time a wrongly inconvenience. Their parents excuses, “They’re just kids.” Funny isn’t it when I was 9-10 years old I was doing a day’s work everyday all summer long. Seemed to never run out of hoeing or harvesting. At aged 12 years I set a tractor plowing, disking, cultivating plus filled in with all I had learned to do earlier. I had learned to work ahead. Fall stacking wood after all the crops were in was a gas. One season was winding down for winter’s rest before the next new season blossomed. Chores and animals glad to see me made the winter days fly by. Their warmth was an unselfish bounty under a snow covered barn roof. Had I ever mentioned these were the same animals who’d come meet us our walking home from school spring and fall.
Did my chores, feeling tired, queasy stomach, and don’t want nothen but some setting time before shower and supper. Then it’ll be lights out regardless where the Sun’s hanging. BGKC.

7-15-o9 I’m Too Fit…. This morn of yesterday.

….Fit to be tied. I busted my butt yesterday to prepare for the night rains what aren’t wetting things down around here. I had found the laundry hadn’t dried. The hay loader was only available until 9:00 AM. Consequently Frieda was short on outer wear. I had given-up my PT appointment for feed and Frieda on-account her clothing hadn’t dried. I had hay to unload so JCB could return home. I had animals to feed my getting back here and down the road. Some of that feed had to be the orphaned loose hay off the tenant farm hay field. Some taken down the road. Making another trip count going down road I had to move bigger gravity box to shop for repairs. I had more hay to bale before the rains we aren’t getting. Then I was pressed into languishing under a 4010JD hardtop spreading fertilizer (it) on a hay field. These activities alone took me well into evening eventually finding me home without Ugly parked in my yard. Celling I found no ride, not only that nobody was answering their cells. On shanks mare in front of the homestead I hitched a ride with a passing neighbor. Know Ugly needed fuel I also picked up Handy for the Crossroads his prescription, my gasoline. On way back picked up required tools, nobody around I closed up shop. Eventually home to late, too tired, too late, the drier’s need had to wait. No urinal adding, ate and retired at dark.

PS: Fat chance making weather forecasters accountable for their metrological predictions!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7-13-o9 haying continued

Hauled in hay all day and that is about it. Bro’ with Fillis went west or our hay. I went east, having use somebody else's loader. Grasses growing so vigorously east most likely will get second cutting. Some first cut hay still standing, some second cutting alfalfa harvested and put away. I’m (we’re) near caught up, second cutting growths looking good.
All haying finished for the moment out back I’m closing in on running the last fence adjacent the hay yard. Crop tending reprieve coming up may be my chances to install two new door assemblies front this house and get a few licks construction another hay wagon. Time for day or two to find 5“x10“ white oak main beams. Will use my seasoned ash for deck.
Getting in late, supper, and bed time. BGKC.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Screwball Dog

Nearing bed time last night I particularly took notice Frieda had insisted Holly not do something. All Frieda had done was tell Holly, “No! No!” Holly went to her traveling case. As if it were ….well ….shall …. I call it her room. As I understand it Holly has picked up on what she may not do. Last night Holly havin’ entered her little room stayed there all night, door wide open.
That fancy mutt is beginning to act more like me everyday. Just comes from good training I‘d guess.
Days events started in front of shop finishing the bearings repacking, last night’s needy hay wagon.
It’s been a long day in the fields. Over 150 hay bales off the 26 acres. Also saw deer twice while doing that. Sure as I’m on this key board I wont see a hair come November. The last of the hay bales here brought up from out back. Bro’ unloaded, I loaded, Chip and my Fillis shuttled. By-gum, I hope we’ve another hay wagon or two next year for another shuttle driver.
Then for something completely different I invited Frieda to ride along while running the fences. Frieda brought Holly along making it a Cushman’s seat full. The ladies change over will be at dawn giving them all day to find the perimeter.
Taking a bottle down to the barn, the calf seeing me coming dropped his maw’s teat and came to me for the bottle
My rattlers taken way back when they’d had time to settle, I was coursed into popping a top. Oh, that was so good I drank up my whole limit, one.
I am so tired tonight my jaw’s shaking; and, my hair hurts. I don’t know if my roots will ever be the same? BGKC.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rain’s here.

My hands wrapped around a steaming cup-a-coffee. At last, darker now than at sunrise, raining the rain’s promise since this Thursday last. Sure took the weatherman long enough to get it right! I’d busted my butt to bale that hay ahead of the predicted heavy Thursday’s rain we didn’t get. If that forecast hadn’t been postponed, I’d finished that baling last Wednesday’s evening.
Frieda’s rainy day itinery….:
“Come on get up and get going. I want to do some things today.” she’d said. I guess I had to get me off my arse.
“Worm barn cats.” she had said…. I did that
“Take me to my hair dresser. “…. Well I did that…. Coming out she didn’t come out looking any thinner.
“Take me to a farmer’s market,” (for real) for genuinely grown Michigan produce supporting our farming neighbors. …… Did that. Frieda buying Michigan blueberries, cabbage, and a giant bell pepper. Then she says, “I ain’t fixing you any stuffed peppers I can’t eat.“ What a bummer! What a negatively bossy old woman…. She reads this I’d better already been hidden.
Here’s two pictures of Holly for Paula.
Holly not to sure

For anyone wanting to see more pictures stop by one my haunt’s until I can produce a Shorthorn country album. Oh, and I’ll take some help doing so from anyone. Suggestions?
When everyone finally got their acts together we managed to move a few bales in. between my loading wagons I saw deer twice. The first one so big I hadn’t rolled a bale big enough for him to hid behind. In the velvet he was sporting a rack what one day may hold for coats and their corresponding hats. Can’t be true in the velvet they look bigger. A second deer a big doe had come out That lasted right up until a bearing went out on another hay wagon. So while one committee took to working on wagon axel bearing I took to making mowen the last first cut hay field. With that last field mowen also brought to a close another Shorthorn country day, until I remembered I hadn’t fed the calf. Oh balls, I had to redress. Make bottle and await next commercial for some silly movie on TV.
Just up and in from the barn and coral. Day six I didn’t have run the cow and calf into the chute. The calf met me almost halfway within the corral. This is making progress. To bad it’s a bull. I could have used a new pet around here.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I’d better Rain

I’ve busted my butt working ahead of this twice delayed cold front promising tons of rain water. Oh how disappointed I shall be if I have been lied to again.. Have thought about putting contract out on all weather guesser. Myself not one considering wasten anyone I just want some sort of low-down-dirty-trick to let’em remember me by.
My eye lids propped open Her Mostess had redirected me my promise to take Holly to the local doggy spa. I’ve no doubt but what I promised, but it was dirty low down deed to coerce me when I had been well into overly selecting what I didn’t want to hear, that’s sneaky.
Poor Holly came out looking so good, coat looking like it were car washed and waxed, and smelling oh so good. So self conscious she hid behind a bandanna. It wasn’t easy getting her picture.
The times cut close our dropping Holly by the house, scarcely home long enough for Her Mostess’s refreshing and my finding a bush, and we were on the road again my cutting our time close I had covered three miles in four minutes. It was another hour PT. Hooked up to electrodes, juiced, and turned on, only thing wound around was my arse. Nothing else had a lift in it. Got to admit though when I finished I supposedly felt better. Next thing was I had to much to do to worry about how good or bad I felt. I didn’t have time to wait and find out.
Conferring with the masses Sparky had volunteered to drive. Tom was going be enlisted to sooth Ugly’s rough running disposition. We were going to hit a hay field after lunch and bring it home somewhere, here or there? There won out. This went on mid-afternoon into evening. Giving into tired I called it. Bro” made his bottles,, I made my bottle. Calves fed it had been a day. BGKC.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

7-9-o9 Buttoning up busy’s

We made PT our first goal first thing out the drive. I received treatments two different ultra sound machine application plus some exercises I’m supposed to do everyday. Most important ones are stretches I think I can handle imagining myself a high class athlete. The “High Class” part is my own idea. These stretches I’m supposed to do mornings start/evening’s end. Frieda got a magazine? My pumping her she’s gotten exercises she’s supposed to be doing. Yeah sure?
Next stop was Her dentist. Took longer either going or coming than she was in his chair. She went in/came back out. Me, I protested I hadn’t had near enough waiting-room time.
From there we motored up the street for some spark plugs to go along with the plug wires I had purchased earlier in Otisville. Same street still further north we stopped Save-a-Lot grocery store for those bargains compared to the pricier fancier chain store’s. No shopping bags with us I stowed our purchases in a couple supplement bags we happened to have a long. They turned out easier carrying into the house.
Lunch over pre-commanded appearance to paint new Home Made 4020 JD loader parts I went shop, mixed primer and sprayed away what we had. Then returned to mid-field for hay baling finish. Five more rounds I was finished. And at that, last bale was merely tied with a whispered piece twine. I’ve no idea how many I rolled. Must be over a hundred tightly rolled 5’x4’ bales out there needing hauling into hay-yards. One more first cutting field to go. Thankfully it’s only three acres.
Rattlers out of way, returned to shop for JD parts finish paint coat. That finished returned home, pulled Cushman away from electric fence. Imagining I’ll have to completely unload the little buddy to untangle its transmeshineering parts, may they shift again. Jeeze, I’ve simply got to get poor Cushman in shop this winter for some column shifting hardware rebuilding. Poor little buddy!
Now waiting supper. Must feed calf. Get Cushman moving so I may put it away.
Ben thinking about this last baling One thing for all the ground Ollie and I covered we were followed by an orange monster feeding on everything we passed over. That monster’s appetite was ferocious and then it had the nerve to stop us every few minutes to poop out a great big green round like lump. We could have been done driving in circles that field sooner had it not been for all those pesky rest stops. {:^))
Now that I’m looking forward to some “Z“-time home off the Shorthorn country range. Somebody’s called and is worried a trapped raccoon may die? Can I come and get it? Yeh, right! (snicker)
9:15 PM, I’m in, the twilight zone only half gone I’m to wrung out for any today’s details. I see a snooze coming. BGKC.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy, busy & worry

It were no joke, but funny just the same, to think back upon it just the same. The very first incident accrued when I was 14 yrs old. Pop and I were removing 17th century porch on a our Doctor’s modest Victorian design like house. All the sheathing had been removed with but the porch posts, beams and rafters in tact above the floor. At the corner of the porch there was but one nail driven holding the hip rafter to the corner of the house. I pulled it......... Next thing I knew Pop was frantically pulling all manner of debris off of me, my literally being on the bottom. When he had gotten to me the tears I saw in his eyes were explanation enough the seriousness the accident.
Some years later Herr Clink ghoulishly salivated over the surgery she watched another Doctor remove a questionable cist from the middle of my back I have suspected it was some sort of body gelatin what had enveloped a dirty hemlock sliver that day’s leftover. The cist looked and felt like a piece of white grizzled substance surround encasement protecting me from that old sliver’s poison or infection characteristics.
While that job had its negative side, the house but two blocks from Lake Michigan, the going and coming scenery was clearly exceptionally pleasing to the eye. The doc, a young surgeon, had a young very decorative a pretty wife. Va va vom. Blond, blue, eyed, built like a brick outhouse she and there four year old daughter going and coming the beach each day I worried should she have caught that miniscule hand knit white yarned coverings garment on a nail I’d never get to her in time to offer my shirt for modesty’s sake. I had also hoped it was wool yarn. I wouldn’t have wanted her to catch cold, my missing seeing her every sunny day.
To be continued……..
Out the house I took up hauling the hay I hadn’t finished last night. Then it was connect the corners of the electric fences in all the appropriate places to keep the ladies honest. Then I turned them out on the new pasture, with the usual blatting and bawling and mooing's gone-ons. Sheesh the female has always go to have the last word.
After lunch I was off to bale the 26 acre’s or what I could. Three hours I had half of it. Then it came need for fuel and twine break. Getting back afternoon slipping into evening I had one could have been colossal mess near on my hands. I cleared the baler and called it a day in the field. The next incident could be a colossal accident. There was no need to push-it. The weather guesser’s have supposedly given me another 24 hours clear skies before it rains.
Fifth night breaking half grown calf to bottle went well. He almost took it on his own. Still had to play part the game, my cornering him before he takes it. At least last two nights I haven’t had to prime the sucking. Maybe tomorrow night I wont have to either corner or press him again the wall.
Supper was late tonight. I don’t know about good? But it was filling! Now but a few more words and time to turn in. Two medical appointments for Herr Clink, one for me. The last one we share. While its good, it saves an extra trip and fuel; then again it’s bad, I’ll have to mind my P’s & Q’s amongst the lady physical therapists with Herr Clink as witness.
…….the continuation:
It's no joke, but funny just the same. The very first incident occurred when I was 14 yrs old. Since then I’ve fallen a stair well, endure a fracture skull plus, walked into stairwell landing on my head, and falling off additional numerous buildings. Let me not forget my falling into the powerhouse pipe chase. Which one or two saw the fracture my tail I don’t know. I know it hasn’t had a happy puppy wag for a lot of years.
No pills for that coccyx problem. Seams it’s between me and my cushions to alleviate that pain in my particular arse.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So much going on.

Fillis’s birthday. Darned if her age ain’t making me feel old.
Grand-son-in-law kept me company while I did fenced enough ground for ladies perusal tomorrow (maybe?). Then all I had to do was get the hay bales hauled off two adjacent fields first. The bounty of one having to cross the second one first.
In the middle my rearranged and then augmented schedule I had to go other end for fence fixing. Argh…. Found three shorts. How my shorts ever got in that fence I’ll never know? That put me behinder here.
Coming back I had company of a bandit faced varmint taxied to its nearing end. Was going to show it to great grand daughter but they were all gone before I got back. (Sniff)
Nathan had said he’d liked to see some dear. The State Tourist Council didn’t disappoint him. He saw single by itself and
three in on bunch, yesterday afternoon. While riding shotgun fence he enjoyed another deer totally ignoring us while it grazed my only official hay field.
Great Grand daughter near wore me out swinging. Great grand son near pile driven my knee into the floor. What a wiggler, wanting to be on the go. Now I know where all my energy went. My own kids had sapped it all out of me.
Backtracking, Doc in Ann Arbor has written me off. He was the most delighted individual to see me, particularly when I thought his help had been significantly important to offer me some relief my pain as when I returned home, Doc George had me enrolled in some upper back and neck physical therapy. Going to PT I found and learned the true value of ice the useful benefit reducing muscular inflammation thus easing muscular mid-back pain. Wow! Most helpful. My headaches reduced some they still continued. But alas when the PT was over the full strength of the headaches had returned. More and more to do each day keeping me on my feet longer and longer hours my head remained free the walloping I thought were either so unjustly rewarded me for a deed yet undone or overlooked. Then a belated miracle befell me/my Frieda’s observances, she see’s me beset with these head stricken beatings each time I sit down. She reasoned further my headaches may stem from an old tailbone injury. A week end coming upon us there was no new confirming with Doc George. I researched the internet an found a word, coccyx. Further study I found any number of seat cushions available at varied exorbitant prices. Discussing my problem with a neighbor I’m redirected a supplier. The master of the estate taking me aside gave to me a rough piece of extra firm foam rubber. With it I fashioned a cushion with a vied cut removed from the middle back edge the. The next three days I immediately found a great measure of head pained relief. Seeing Doc George, x-rays confirmed Frieda’s diagnosis. My coccyx had been broken twice and haphazardly healed into a couple hap hazily bends or directions. I has been no wonder I haven’t had a beneficial wag of my tail for numbers of years. Pictures? Another night please. BGKC.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My weakend

At daylight up extra early for my iced down back, wakened chauffeur, done. Got-to do chores early, need to gather my pertinent medical papers, grab and take my HM cushion along, got to be shoving off by 9:00 AM for the Uniadversity Hostile Doctors private practice office, completely other side ANN Arbor... Aren't medical day trips the funnest.
Holy Post Holiday holiday fat man. I had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning. Grand daughter, her spouse, and children were here when I got back into my Shorthorn country. I had a wonderful time all afternoon. As long as I weren’t threatened with rain, hay needing a bit more drying, a-head on my fence setting; what the Heck; I took my six hours holiday afternoon time off today. Ate some grilled Shorthorn beef. Pictures another day. I’m painfully exhausted havin’ over enjoyed. BGKC.

PS: The devil makes me do this.
While Obama was in Russia, he was asked, “Can you see Sarah Palin’s house from there?”

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Knowing well time’s mysterious happening to leave open a potential accident possibility I too have felt the sting of a manure fork’s revenge having been pushed around on said concrete to very long. No idear how we managed, that fork and I, we were alone, one of us punctured a perfectly good almost new vinyl boot making it a dedicated leaker. At the same time that act got my foot into hot water for all of a week denying any goobled greening upon something out on a limb. To say the lest cleaning a stall that day made me sore.
Oh yeah, a vinyl boot can’t be patched, making anything of said material idealic landfill mountain building material.
Seeing an 88year old gentleman straddling a lawn tractor is inspiring. I hope I’m as agile as he when I’ve reached his given seniority. Myself the days are already here when in some-ways I don’t know whether it’s best to ramble backwards cheekily walking it onto the seat then swinging my lower limb over the engine cover; OR, the straight on approach usually missteping over the mower deck to once more place my foot upon the foot rest’s open stirrup to do the John Wayne thing exuding the manly art forward imaged mounting the 16 horsed machine….
You guys will do anything to lighten a machine to run it faster and further on less fuel relieving the poor over worked heart’s shade. This last act as some folk’s scrap anything for a fast junk buck!
I remember not the year, only the circumstance… The 4th had to have been the last day of that holiday extended weekend. It was mid afternoon, everything dad had on his doing list until was done must have been. It were celebration time. Rather then going thru the farm yard. One of us driving we rolled the old 10-20 McCormick Deereing. We went out the lower drive, the other end the farm’s vineyards, turned left and headed for Vietareny’s corners. There it were a $.85 wine. We might have even made a second trip for a refill. It was a day of continued instruction. Partaking of spirits was something acceptable in the light of work finished, work well done, work’s pride. I don’t remember if I had yet been issued a driver’s license (aged 14 yrs) we sat with our backs to an old apple tree passing first one bottle and then also the second.
My mom’s timing was right on, for about the time we had two dead soldiers lay in the grass between us, Mom arrived on the scene with the old ‘35 ford pickup. She dropped the tailgate, assisted each of us into the cargo box, closing that tail gate so’s we didn’t roll out. When/what next I knew that truck was backed upto Lake Michigan’s beach. What we were going to get was no supper without first taking a dip in said great big lake. It wasn’t easy but we made it to the waters edge and fell in. Oh Lord, it was wet. And that water got colder the ride home in back of said open truck before our clothes had dried.
Well wetted down, rinsed, so to speak, we were fashionably in our pajamas. E-gads what a son and his Dad had to do for a holiday’s supper.
It seems a shame when some folks can come along and trash an individual’s words. I put this deed right along with those dirty deeds performed by utility company employees piling their tree trimmings in the only hay field access opening. Or, how about all those trashed bedsprings, mattresses, other over stuffed furniture, tires on our property, plus the stinking renderings of ill gotten game.
A reasonably funny thread I’d started had also started to turn nasty. The shame is a small mind willed out over an assortment of open minds; and, that’s all I got to say.
Remember I said Palin wants to stay in the limelight. One today’s headlines, reads, “Palin Links Resignation to 'Higher Calling'.”
What now? She fixing to run for Pope?
PS: This imaginary thought like yesterday’s comment I daren’t put this comment upon an intended fun board. I’d bring out the argumentative “red necks.” “red neck’s” in this case undeserving even capital letters.
Oh shut it up!!!!
I've got 26 acres 2nd yr alfalfa cut and stubbornly drying. The weather hurters are beating their gum's to the tunes of almost guaranteed thunder showers. The hay so thick and heavy it could be Tuesday before following ideal drying conditions before it'll even be teaseingly dry enough to swing my tail bones into a baler's action. I see it taking three times longer baling than the three hours I took to cut it. Plus……
……Ouch! Could be Frieda may better find another ride to her half our combined physical therapy appointments. What gets me, those medical people already know better than interfere with my farming’s compulsory haying season. Real dunder heads. They’ve been repeat-ably told!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Forth Grind

In recent months I’ve been making admissions about my decreasing drivability and the people I’m trying to convince think I’m telling tales beyond rationale. It is becoming rarer I drive beyond the limits of Otisville or the Crossroads. I may drive to these small communities via back roads for the most part. My driving further without a safer available driver I must pick my days for such jaunts and map out my intended route well planed in advance. I insist my Frieda keeps my mind active with her sparkling repartee.
My vision is not what it used to be. I experience an attention disorder (ADD). My reflex’s have slowen. I’ve lost so much my agility. And, I’m unofficially suffering a coccyx disorder. It has been so bad dealing with this doubly broken tail bone, the very root or bottom of lightening striking headaches. Between the headaches start from all the way back September, 2008 and seeing so many Doctors and scans and x-rays and hospital rooms for in the most recent end it was my Frieda who figured it out. Cure thus far is a coccyx
During the very last intervening days I’ve dreamt of mad Russians coming through the pass. The Cossacks almost out numbering me they weren’t more than I could handle.
I had made a political observation this very AM. And been attacked for it.
“Palin Resigning as Alaska's Governor.
What's next? Book? Movie? The out house?
I’ll answer It is not my fault McCain brought this elk shooting musher out of a snow bank introducing her to the varied medias. It's also not my fault she's obviously taken to enjoy all manor of press the attention. Further I hadn’t given her any further thought until preassured. So, here it is! I think her a calculating soul thinking more money selling her failed political Cinderella story to the entertainment media rather than flunking out the political arenas attention.
Let me point out I merely noted Palin quitting her job. I didn't make any suggestions other than offering up a smile for those who rather do so than scowl looking for an argument.
As for making political statements I admit I've done so some more times in my journal than I have here. Let us not confuse this board with my journal. I suggest reading each in its own place for its own entertainment and informative value. BGKC.
PS: I see no place for an ill equipped uneducated and experienced bimbo residing in the White House.
Anything else I may admit getting into trouble. I ground grain today. Three batches full to last a time for gravity box floor repairs. I hope this activity is no political slap on anyone’s behind. After all I didn’t ask the bovine to vote upon my farmyard activities in this Shorthorn country community. BGKC again.

Friday, July 3, 2009

weekend’s start

I was out extra early to make up for what I wasn’t going to do in last night’s rain. The hardest part was replacing the receptacle including the box. I had thoughts, as bad as my hands were shaking I wondered if I were ever going to get synchronized enough to put the electrical wires under the screw heads and tightened.
Perseverance winning out help timely arrived immediately after the worst of the assembly was over. But it was nice to finally have company to help the time pass. Tom assisting we took turns with the required steps bolt the fountain down with all its insides sorted and routed as they should for working in harmony. Carefully we tilted and eased the fountain cabinet down over the wiring and plumbing leaving it perched upon the anchor bolts to dress some silicone caulk were the cabinet sides would eventually come to rest. A couple oversized nuts driven down over the replacement studs, all the finishing nuts tighten down we tried the fountain’s operation. It worked. A less than one hour job, with Tom’s help I parleyed that project into almost a three hour pass time.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
Fountain fixed, fence working to required specification, I was ready for eating be it a bit early. Getting lunch out of the way I fueled the 1850 Ollie on the rotary conditioner, and went hay mowing. Putting down 26 acres beside Fillis’s little house just down the road. Took three hours, would you believe! Should be dry for baling Monday or Tuesday. We’ve medical appointments both days. Tuesday’s appointments may have got to give. Haying’s haying.
Bro’, Keith, and the 4H kids sorted and moved cattle most of the day without me. I don’t who’s where until I’ve caught enough other tasks to have time for a close look. The bulls are out and romance is surely in the air. Again, when I have the time. BGKC.
My sitting here listening to Frieda and Fillis talk about cold operating rooms, I reasoned, and mentioned, “Likely to reduce patient bleeding.” I was soon corrected. “Germs don’t grow well or reproduce in a cold environment.” I sat corrected and thought about my girls spoken observation. From premise I deduced that was why I had never saw a tall germ.
On Alice, I've looked in a number of times. Her last post was last May???

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This weeks pet peeve

My favoright pet peeve this week end-tails my city cousins total disrespect the country cousins limited ability to take care everybody else’s dropped off pets off for feeding and keeping responsibilities. Turning down a litter everyday people seem to think farmers have unlimited recourses manage the degraded pets they can’t afford to keep fed. What an Ugly truck in the yard, half dozen old tractors, fifty cows in my back yard, they’d been misinformed.
I’ve one I’d like to name Alice and send her light colored calico butt to the moon. Under foot, totally demanding touch me not attitude, she’s been in my face yowling out her menu orders, just isn’t going over for me. She’s a pretty, untouchable, demanding feline kind I can well do without. To the moon Alice………….

Just another rainy day.

I lost tract some what I did today. Did have to take Frieda to her foot Doctor, for her toe nails clippings. Personally I think it a waste of time. He comes in makes a few common knowledge statements. Plays patty fingers with her feet. Then gives with some more common knowledge. Tells Frieda the loss of her Medicaid coverage no problem her Medicare insurance is picking up the bills. Sounds like history repeating itself don’t it. “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.”
I gather all I needed to reset and put together water fountain come morning. Was going to take care of it this afternoon right up until it started another shower. I’d been caught out, soaked to the skin yesterday. I’d had enough of that last night.
Next six days promise fair weather I’ll be starting the hay making whirl wind adventures all over again. Plus brush-hog the barnyard in the hollow and clear the hot wires of grasses for some serious love matches going in there this week end. This it for another really wild day in Shorthorn country, BGKC.
PS: Think checking out furrier trade. Could just save some trips to town and foot medical appointments and any more shoes? I could save me some time and fuel. Now, I'm wondring if I can get her winter horse shoes?

7-1-o9 wow Yr’s ½ gone

Going back some 50 yrs to an earlier day, Frieda and I furnished our honeymoon cottage with my HOMEMADE sideboard, dining table, a matching set coffee and end tables.
For overstuffed furniture we purchased at great discount a sofa and chair plus two lamps. All our appliances were scratch and dent. Everything else was early attic, late basement and city dump.
The city and township dumps were the premier recycling center's in those adventurous day's. I brought home all manner table and kitchen ware, more table lamps and table lamp materials. Almost all the masonry blocks and bricks on our foundations/in our fireplace and chimney. I brought home complete window units, our back door. All the framing and sheathing came out of a building I purchased for those materials alone. What a buy that was. That was more than enough lumber to build our honeymoon cottage plus a three car garage where only a vehicle under repair ever got inside.
We started out slow. We started out thriftily. And I’ve maintained that pace ever since. This philosophy near parallels our intimate life. If I bought her intimate lingerie, freshening herself, she liked putting it on in mere minutes, in turn, my taking two, three, boo-coo hours to take it back off. That was then……
…..This is now. If we don't take care ourselves as you should we wont be making any comments about others funny legs or dragging asses.
Us oldsters don't take of ourselves Doc's can't help who they don't see.
Fore instance I been seen five doctors, been seen state University horsewhipled twice, been kept locked up in hostile psychic wards twice since last September. Opps! (The psychic wards go with another story.) Still been horspistoled for observation twice since the same last September. I been put on bushels of medications for my headaches. I've had physical hands on experiences with more than three women, who Herr Clink had unfortunately just met some the other day. Now, I walk the line! I been x-rayed and ex-rated time and again. At long last it were about time when Herr Clink got to the bottom my headachy problem. She had observed my headaches came on every time I sat down mornings and nights. She concluded my sitting on my tail bone was an injury’s headache problem.
I made me a deeply notched firm foam blubbered cushion to sit on. No more headaches, Other than those generated by any of Herr Clinks discoveries.
Both of us needing help we seen Doc. Taking picture front and side views the bony pictures my arse revealed a rather broken up and misshapened tail bones set. I nice set might I add, rather disappointed I haven’t been able to wag it to express some pleasure’s joy. (sigh)
A miserable dripily wet on and off rainy day. I did little other than spent most my day cooling in front of this miserable box trying back my documents and genuinely other crappola.
The days single biggest accomplishment all methods for re-a-fixing removed water fountain on its originally as is bass, I enlisted Tom’s help plus his bread box sized 110 volt mig welder and assisted his welding all-treaded rods to the basses broken off studs. The whole operation so cleverly/smoothly done I’m proud our efforts, thus saving us a whole lot of grief drilling holes in concrete cementing new SS bolt with use an epoxy for a remounting the fountain starter requiring the design and ingenious styling new mounting bracket hardware.
I am so delighted with my insistence doing it my way thus far, I can’t wait to see, it’ll all work out in the end.
This little bit was what made up our Shorthorn country’s adventures yesterday. I’ve tried my own BGKC advice.