Saturday, July 25, 2009

continued wet

Been little improvement in the wet rainy weather, I’d guess, I’d acknowledge there’s been no rhyme nor reason for the weather’s being as crazy as it is. The usual beat of the weather crossing our lands has been counted on by our ancestors followed a simple rule. Good weather lasted four day, bad weather lasted three days. What has ever happened to that cycle in the weather as I had seen it growing up? Has it been gored?
Some years ago myself aged somewhere around 12/13 years of age the whole family out in the backyard, I was passing under a big stately maple tree with two wide mouthed water buckets in my hands for my start of the afternoon/evening chores. When I had started out for the barn I hadn’t seen Mom about to go in the back door, nor Dad carrying a couple bags of groceries toward the house. Most importantly I hadn’t paid any attention to Bro’ on heel spinning in place holding out a garden rake or such some hand implement for a counter balancing weight. Evidently Dad thinking Bro’s play a bit hazardous to all our health’s, he oh so loudly hollered out, “Hey stupid!”
So startled was I, I had thought Dad had had-cause to holler at me again. In my startled bewilderment as to what I might or mightn’t done, I dropped both buckets spinning on the ball my left foot, my right foot lifted, and as I turned I set it squarely down into a cold wet bucket of water and answered back, “Who! Me!”
Frieda looking at this, her eyes watering, as I write this. From over my shoulder she’s laughing her arse off as hard as my Dad had way back when. So hard did he laugh himself silly, he had forgotten who and what he had hollered for. Needless to say it had taken me over twenty some years from that day on to live it down. And, to this day Bro’ still credits me for having saved him a tanning.
Now for all I did today. Be prepared to keep up now. Here I go with all the gory details. Ready? For one thing I did chores. Then graduated onto doing nothing’ save napping. Tomorrow I shall pay for having lazily laid around all day. I wrote, read, and napped. Ate a fine supper. And the worst of all felt guilty for my absence. BGKC

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