Sunday, July 12, 2009

Screwball Dog

Nearing bed time last night I particularly took notice Frieda had insisted Holly not do something. All Frieda had done was tell Holly, “No! No!” Holly went to her traveling case. As if it were ….well ….shall …. I call it her room. As I understand it Holly has picked up on what she may not do. Last night Holly havin’ entered her little room stayed there all night, door wide open.
That fancy mutt is beginning to act more like me everyday. Just comes from good training I‘d guess.
Days events started in front of shop finishing the bearings repacking, last night’s needy hay wagon.
It’s been a long day in the fields. Over 150 hay bales off the 26 acres. Also saw deer twice while doing that. Sure as I’m on this key board I wont see a hair come November. The last of the hay bales here brought up from out back. Bro’ unloaded, I loaded, Chip and my Fillis shuttled. By-gum, I hope we’ve another hay wagon or two next year for another shuttle driver.
Then for something completely different I invited Frieda to ride along while running the fences. Frieda brought Holly along making it a Cushman’s seat full. The ladies change over will be at dawn giving them all day to find the perimeter.
Taking a bottle down to the barn, the calf seeing me coming dropped his maw’s teat and came to me for the bottle
My rattlers taken way back when they’d had time to settle, I was coursed into popping a top. Oh, that was so good I drank up my whole limit, one.
I am so tired tonight my jaw’s shaking; and, my hair hurts. I don’t know if my roots will ever be the same? BGKC.

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Paula said...

Me thinks Fernan is getting mighty attached to Frieda's dog.