Thursday, July 2, 2009

7-1-o9 wow Yr’s ½ gone

Going back some 50 yrs to an earlier day, Frieda and I furnished our honeymoon cottage with my HOMEMADE sideboard, dining table, a matching set coffee and end tables.
For overstuffed furniture we purchased at great discount a sofa and chair plus two lamps. All our appliances were scratch and dent. Everything else was early attic, late basement and city dump.
The city and township dumps were the premier recycling center's in those adventurous day's. I brought home all manner table and kitchen ware, more table lamps and table lamp materials. Almost all the masonry blocks and bricks on our foundations/in our fireplace and chimney. I brought home complete window units, our back door. All the framing and sheathing came out of a building I purchased for those materials alone. What a buy that was. That was more than enough lumber to build our honeymoon cottage plus a three car garage where only a vehicle under repair ever got inside.
We started out slow. We started out thriftily. And I’ve maintained that pace ever since. This philosophy near parallels our intimate life. If I bought her intimate lingerie, freshening herself, she liked putting it on in mere minutes, in turn, my taking two, three, boo-coo hours to take it back off. That was then……
…..This is now. If we don't take care ourselves as you should we wont be making any comments about others funny legs or dragging asses.
Us oldsters don't take of ourselves Doc's can't help who they don't see.
Fore instance I been seen five doctors, been seen state University horsewhipled twice, been kept locked up in hostile psychic wards twice since last September. Opps! (The psychic wards go with another story.) Still been horspistoled for observation twice since the same last September. I been put on bushels of medications for my headaches. I've had physical hands on experiences with more than three women, who Herr Clink had unfortunately just met some the other day. Now, I walk the line! I been x-rayed and ex-rated time and again. At long last it were about time when Herr Clink got to the bottom my headachy problem. She had observed my headaches came on every time I sat down mornings and nights. She concluded my sitting on my tail bone was an injury’s headache problem.
I made me a deeply notched firm foam blubbered cushion to sit on. No more headaches, Other than those generated by any of Herr Clinks discoveries.
Both of us needing help we seen Doc. Taking picture front and side views the bony pictures my arse revealed a rather broken up and misshapened tail bones set. I nice set might I add, rather disappointed I haven’t been able to wag it to express some pleasure’s joy. (sigh)
A miserable dripily wet on and off rainy day. I did little other than spent most my day cooling in front of this miserable box trying back my documents and genuinely other crappola.
The days single biggest accomplishment all methods for re-a-fixing removed water fountain on its originally as is bass, I enlisted Tom’s help plus his bread box sized 110 volt mig welder and assisted his welding all-treaded rods to the basses broken off studs. The whole operation so cleverly/smoothly done I’m proud our efforts, thus saving us a whole lot of grief drilling holes in concrete cementing new SS bolt with use an epoxy for a remounting the fountain starter requiring the design and ingenious styling new mounting bracket hardware.
I am so delighted with my insistence doing it my way thus far, I can’t wait to see, it’ll all work out in the end.
This little bit was what made up our Shorthorn country’s adventures yesterday. I’ve tried my own BGKC advice.

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