Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy, busy & worry

It were no joke, but funny just the same, to think back upon it just the same. The very first incident accrued when I was 14 yrs old. Pop and I were removing 17th century porch on a our Doctor’s modest Victorian design like house. All the sheathing had been removed with but the porch posts, beams and rafters in tact above the floor. At the corner of the porch there was but one nail driven holding the hip rafter to the corner of the house. I pulled it......... Next thing I knew Pop was frantically pulling all manner of debris off of me, my literally being on the bottom. When he had gotten to me the tears I saw in his eyes were explanation enough the seriousness the accident.
Some years later Herr Clink ghoulishly salivated over the surgery she watched another Doctor remove a questionable cist from the middle of my back I have suspected it was some sort of body gelatin what had enveloped a dirty hemlock sliver that day’s leftover. The cist looked and felt like a piece of white grizzled substance surround encasement protecting me from that old sliver’s poison or infection characteristics.
While that job had its negative side, the house but two blocks from Lake Michigan, the going and coming scenery was clearly exceptionally pleasing to the eye. The doc, a young surgeon, had a young very decorative a pretty wife. Va va vom. Blond, blue, eyed, built like a brick outhouse she and there four year old daughter going and coming the beach each day I worried should she have caught that miniscule hand knit white yarned coverings garment on a nail I’d never get to her in time to offer my shirt for modesty’s sake. I had also hoped it was wool yarn. I wouldn’t have wanted her to catch cold, my missing seeing her every sunny day.
To be continued……..
Out the house I took up hauling the hay I hadn’t finished last night. Then it was connect the corners of the electric fences in all the appropriate places to keep the ladies honest. Then I turned them out on the new pasture, with the usual blatting and bawling and mooing's gone-ons. Sheesh the female has always go to have the last word.
After lunch I was off to bale the 26 acre’s or what I could. Three hours I had half of it. Then it came need for fuel and twine break. Getting back afternoon slipping into evening I had one could have been colossal mess near on my hands. I cleared the baler and called it a day in the field. The next incident could be a colossal accident. There was no need to push-it. The weather guesser’s have supposedly given me another 24 hours clear skies before it rains.
Fifth night breaking half grown calf to bottle went well. He almost took it on his own. Still had to play part the game, my cornering him before he takes it. At least last two nights I haven’t had to prime the sucking. Maybe tomorrow night I wont have to either corner or press him again the wall.
Supper was late tonight. I don’t know about good? But it was filling! Now but a few more words and time to turn in. Two medical appointments for Herr Clink, one for me. The last one we share. While its good, it saves an extra trip and fuel; then again it’s bad, I’ll have to mind my P’s & Q’s amongst the lady physical therapists with Herr Clink as witness.
…….the continuation:
It's no joke, but funny just the same. The very first incident occurred when I was 14 yrs old. Since then I’ve fallen a stair well, endure a fracture skull plus, walked into stairwell landing on my head, and falling off additional numerous buildings. Let me not forget my falling into the powerhouse pipe chase. Which one or two saw the fracture my tail I don’t know. I know it hasn’t had a happy puppy wag for a lot of years.
No pills for that coccyx problem. Seams it’s between me and my cushions to alleviate that pain in my particular arse.

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