Tuesday, July 21, 2009

two birthdays

My Dad and oldest daughter were born on this day, a few years apart, many years ago. Today might ranked right up there with any national holiday had Dad been alive to have seen that birth. That girl been spoiled even rottener than she is.
Via way of a controlled bound, out of bed I continue to reach for my water glass and cold pack. Routine finds me strapping the cold pack on and filling my glass for swilling near to many rattlers. I’ve reduced my common meds to six, vitamins to two, and a mind altering drug to one. Plus optional choice of five or six pain medications as needed and two muscle relaxants as sorely needed. And, what got me out-a bed to begin with? Hauling my own water nobody else can do for me……
Dark and wet out there when I rose I saw what looked like had rain all night long. Sitting here a few moments a sliver of sunshine is trying to sneak under the cloud cover to greet me. “Come on sunshine. Show me you can last all day long.”
One more recently gotten hay field to harvest we at least need a dry overnight to cut and bale it for a haylage wrap. So much matured dry matter in the dried wild grasses stems, our idea is wet wrapping will moisten the dried matter so baled moisture will permeate the dry grasses making the whole bale more palatable feed this next winter.
This wrapping process worked well with the first cornstover we put up the year before last.
Well, I wonder if I’ve done it again?
Only this time I’ve said it here. It’s getting to where I don’t know what I may comment on where? Who know’s? I may even be cut off here. Such is my life, I’m still trying to figure me-self out to this day with that aged old question, “Who are you?” Good question I’d guess but hardly time enough to dwell upon it so much to do.
Damn it, I want to go to the Farm Expo in Lansing. Today is the first of three days. PT got in the way for one thing, my ladies need for fresh pasture another, and thinking I’d just jump in upon Ugly’s seat and go, Ugly refused to start. Dead battery. Super charger/starter hook up I had Ugly running moments later. Taking no chances I more or less stayed near an electrical outlet.
Eventually using a hydrometer I found two battery cells near kaput. So, I swapped Ugly’s battery out for a cute little one left over from a cart repair. Walla I had starter power. In spit our not making PT this morning it continued a complete bust all the same.
All I ask is one fun day out a whole lot of already missed days past. For all I got to do around here me thinks I aught to sublet myself out to me-self so’s I’ll have some competent help get all these things done. That make it me, myself and ……shore I’d like to hire another one. Only there’s only so much of me to go around or I’d have made it a threesome; Me, Myself, and I.
Unable to find or buy in stock 5.70 x 12 spare tires for the little implement trailer Bro’ has decided to take the big implement trailer to cart his cart to the Farm shindig. Wonderful, I’ll load Cushman on that trailer also. Taking two buggies we may each go our own ways. I get irritated with his not wanting to stop and dwell upon those interests I take a fancy to seeing. Watch it’ll be my luck something fowl it up.
Just a quick response here about the daylight shining through some folk ears. They can't take and an easy solution to a problem without knowing more than enough to complicate it.
This situation reminds me of my horse rustling day’s of just about a month ago. That witch has informed her neighbors to call the Sheriffs department should her horses get out again. Good idea!
(hehehe) That a way she develops a record of loose animals to eventually bring out the human society, animal rescue, animal pound, county animal shelter's peoples, one of them likely bringing in more than likely enough law to take her horses away for their protection.
I be damned if I ain't already rubbed some folks the wrong way this season.....over the innocents of animals. I guess I can say I don't stand alone for either myself or my neighbors.
And what’d I do with the rest of my day? Damnedifiknow, but it was a full day just the same. I fooled around some my recycling tire idear to find it wasn’t going to work as smoothly as I had thought it would. So it is back to the drawing board (so to speak) and rethink that far to short an overwhelming excellent scheme to get rid of tires. I wonder if I could make trade. I think I might better contact our friendly tire dealer and work out a no cost to me getting this new idea off the ground.
From one proud old coot!

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Paula said...

That tire idea sounds good to me. Do they litter the sides of the road with them there like they do here?