Saturday, July 4, 2009

Forth Grind

In recent months I’ve been making admissions about my decreasing drivability and the people I’m trying to convince think I’m telling tales beyond rationale. It is becoming rarer I drive beyond the limits of Otisville or the Crossroads. I may drive to these small communities via back roads for the most part. My driving further without a safer available driver I must pick my days for such jaunts and map out my intended route well planed in advance. I insist my Frieda keeps my mind active with her sparkling repartee.
My vision is not what it used to be. I experience an attention disorder (ADD). My reflex’s have slowen. I’ve lost so much my agility. And, I’m unofficially suffering a coccyx disorder. It has been so bad dealing with this doubly broken tail bone, the very root or bottom of lightening striking headaches. Between the headaches start from all the way back September, 2008 and seeing so many Doctors and scans and x-rays and hospital rooms for in the most recent end it was my Frieda who figured it out. Cure thus far is a coccyx
During the very last intervening days I’ve dreamt of mad Russians coming through the pass. The Cossacks almost out numbering me they weren’t more than I could handle.
I had made a political observation this very AM. And been attacked for it.
“Palin Resigning as Alaska's Governor.
What's next? Book? Movie? The out house?
I’ll answer It is not my fault McCain brought this elk shooting musher out of a snow bank introducing her to the varied medias. It's also not my fault she's obviously taken to enjoy all manor of press the attention. Further I hadn’t given her any further thought until preassured. So, here it is! I think her a calculating soul thinking more money selling her failed political Cinderella story to the entertainment media rather than flunking out the political arenas attention.
Let me point out I merely noted Palin quitting her job. I didn't make any suggestions other than offering up a smile for those who rather do so than scowl looking for an argument.
As for making political statements I admit I've done so some more times in my journal than I have here. Let us not confuse this board with my journal. I suggest reading each in its own place for its own entertainment and informative value. BGKC.
PS: I see no place for an ill equipped uneducated and experienced bimbo residing in the White House.
Anything else I may admit getting into trouble. I ground grain today. Three batches full to last a time for gravity box floor repairs. I hope this activity is no political slap on anyone’s behind. After all I didn’t ask the bovine to vote upon my farmyard activities in this Shorthorn country community. BGKC again.


Donna said...

Bimbo is what Cliff calls Palin too. ROFLOL! He said the Republicans were obviously WANTING to lose the election, or they wouldn't have chosen her.

I think she resigned because too much dirt was coming out, from people who have worked closely with her and know her well.

Paula said...

I know how you must feel having to give up driving where and when you want to go.