Friday, July 31, 2009

still haying…..

……hauling in that I had baled yesterday. It gives me a real comfortable cozy feeling watching the hay yards fill up. Why the “cozy?” because I feel warmer knowing the ladies will have all the energy they need to consume to be nice and warm inside.
Hay in the yard, lunch in the belly, a broken hay wagon pulled up to the shop, I got to work upon the old mower what’s been lost in the weeds the last two years. The battery charged, carburetor primed the engine started and run good. Steering has been liquid wrench sprayed, oiled and greased making steering free working again. The bearing carriers upon the deck sprayed and oiled they’re free again. Mower blades straightened, sharpened and balanced the deck is ready to cut grass again. Getting the machine to move under its own power was a total loss up until a little while ago. Finding a pair of conversely working variable pulleys stuck but good their removal was required. Out loosened with liquid wench and lubed with silicon spray they is on their way back into the machine. A blinding headache taking over my senses the final assembly now waits for my personal touch tomorrow. It’s best to quit while I was ahead on an up-note. Likewise starting with the completion within sight come morning the whole experience shall end as a moving one.

Well, It isn’t dark yet, but I’m ready to turn in regardless. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Its just a sight of beauty to see enough hay stored up for the winter.