Friday, July 17, 2009

Dragging “A” Day

I ain’t haying, no big project to kill time or fret over. We did my PT thingies get them out of the way early morning making rest of day our own. I finally left the wife. I’ve had enough, could take no more, I was all through, I had to get out of her house. I picked up my stuff and was gone. On the road mulling over in my mind my next move I had gathered more barn materials and went up the hill and nailed them down.
Dang-nab-it, I’d found I had lost my keys again. No idea where they went this time. So, in my early days travels I had to go borrow back my original set from Tom. I got it in my mind I was going to do something even if it were wrong. Bro’ had taken Chip back to the hospital in the middle of the night and pooped he’d be no good to the farm today. Tom wanted to do some work around his home today. I couldn’t find fault with that. Homeless, thinking, and on my own I hooked the holey gravity box unto WD45 and parked it all in front of shop. Then I could get to the box what had had wheat seed in it all winter. What a mess that had come to be. Some of even growing under a leak in the covering. Hooked on Ugly we took back to my old home. The baler gone from the lower barn for the summer I could put it there. Sweep the concrete floor under it and see what I can let slid out and salvage and/or feed and/or dismiss as lost. I’m sure that box floor can stand a good cleaning and a new coat of paint. Lastly I’m pizzed off. In as much as I didn’t manage to park that wagon in the baler’s place, but in the center aisle as it were and managed to tuck the Leland/grinder mixer combination backed into the barn with room left to spare. Arrggghhhh! I would not have had the wheat grain mess I’ve got to deal with now! Damn it, “Hind sight is in deed a remarkable to late educational commodity.”
Dog gone it…. So much for running away. Getting hungry I wondered what was for lunch and had to go back home where I belonged or go hungry? Darn it it’s true, “When lovin’ don’t last, cookin’ do!”
Lunch filling I found I had also indiscriminately napped. When I woke I finish painted the new loader spear assembly for the 4020 JD. Then had this need to come home, I mean come home. There’d be no other place I could a-rest myself, if my reader get’s my drift. Then sat down with another cup of nuked vintage coffee, by this time, and wrote this offering until rattler time.
Well, we havn’t gotten the promised rain again. However a low pressure system has move over us giving me one of them mind blowing migraine headaches. “Take a pill, not take the pill, that is the question?”
Supper served, shortly after headache acknowledgement, I didn’t need the pill. Sure is good to be back home, especially after I hadn’t even been missed.

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Paula said...

We had some rain here in town late this afternoon. Don't know yet if it rained at the ranch. Better watch leaving Frieda she just may change the locks or quit cooking. John lost both sets of key to his truck last week. One set was in the truck where they belonged. lol