Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In any animal’s defense

I had done it again.
Several days ago I was berated for speaking my mind over what I had seen in a photograph. I didn’t have anything against the picture nor the animals depicted in it. What happened in the photo were some balloons used by the photographer to levitate a couple cute kittens. It was an amusing picture to say the least. However seeing the balloons tripped or triggered a response out of me over the general populations total disregard their setting the same likewise gas filled balloons looseover the countryside. Now while I might have lost it going into a tirade over the irresponsible loafing of such balloons I’ll not retract one word over my feelings upon the subject. Why? I had this very season climbed down off my tractor to pickup three such devices out of the hay-making I was cutting for balling. One was of a polished bright metallic nature, two more were of a rubber or latex material, either capable of screwing up a critter or varmint’s digestive system.
It has been suggested I wrote those words in pain. This may be so? Anything I dislike bodily wise is the pain in my knees needlessly climbing up and down form tractor step to pick up after somebody else total thoughtlessness. Perhaps it might have triggered my performing an autopsy upon a dead animal for cause of death, my fingers wading thru the contents of a stomach, slitting the large intestine again looking for a cause, and best of all the crap left that’ll finally exit the large intestine. In cows I’ve seen nails small bits of wire and a piece of barbed wire what had carved that animal from the inside out causing her to internally bleed to death. I’ve extracted these bits of rubber and string out of the mouth of a calf presumably tasting such the article, with the normal curiosity of any baby. A piece of rubber on a string a calf had partially swallowed, what couldn’t regurgitate it to be shed of it. Had maybe another calf swallowed such a foreign object. I don’t know?
I’ve heard the tale of the Vet coming out to this very farm when Mr. Johnson farmed it who’d had a slobbering cow on his hands. The vet seeing nothing, knew no better than to have reached into that cow’s mouth on the side the lady had been sweeping with her tongue and extracted a tin can lid.
I’ve been fighting an old Johnson dump sight ever since. I’ve picked up what could amount to truck loads of trash off the roadsides front our properties. I’ve crawled on my hands and knees picking up trash discover when we’ve plowed the land so some critter won’t cut a foot or imbed a foot with a foreign object. There’s been several these taken to the Lansing Vet College for help.
Will I retract any word I’ve written? No way! It’s liking the day I just luckily was home when a cop trespassed into my yard to take my dog Alfonso away upon the acquisation he’d attacked her kid. He demanded the cop get out of my yard, for he hadn’t even had the decency to knock upon our door with an explanation his activity. I stopped him, demanded a explanation, stood between him and my dog. Fortunately the mad mother and her boys were there to see to it the dirty deed was to be done. I protested vigorously demanding me a turn to talk to the boys on Alfonso’s behalf. Their mother trying to intrude I cautioned the cop to keep her off my yard and her mouth shut or we’d have had some real trouble.
Talking to the boys I learned they had been carrying a cat when they approached Alfonso. That was all the Cop had to hear. Dogs and Cats natural enemies, He run the disgruntled woman off taking her son’s with her. It’s liking poor Holly. She bit me four times the first two or three days she was dropped off here. The poor animal had been up-routed the only kennel home it had known. She was understandably terrified. New home, new people, new rules, a couple freedoms lost, being disciplined for something she’d never been disciplined for before. No! I’ll not retract one word. I like my animals. I enjoy watching and talking to them. They’re Mother Nature’s own entertainment committees.
Serving us animals do, we should serve them well for the sacrifices they make for us.


Paula said...

I can certainly understand where you are coming from Fernan. Hold your ground. Anyone who have had cattle know what you are talking about.

Mel said...

Fern, you have the right to your feelings, of course. But I don't think either one of you deserve to lose a friend over what was, in the grand scheme of things, a small matter.

Do as you will; I for one, will miss you.