Monday, July 6, 2009

My weakend

At daylight up extra early for my iced down back, wakened chauffeur, done. Got-to do chores early, need to gather my pertinent medical papers, grab and take my HM cushion along, got to be shoving off by 9:00 AM for the Uniadversity Hostile Doctors private practice office, completely other side ANN Arbor... Aren't medical day trips the funnest.
Holy Post Holiday holiday fat man. I had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning. Grand daughter, her spouse, and children were here when I got back into my Shorthorn country. I had a wonderful time all afternoon. As long as I weren’t threatened with rain, hay needing a bit more drying, a-head on my fence setting; what the Heck; I took my six hours holiday afternoon time off today. Ate some grilled Shorthorn beef. Pictures another day. I’m painfully exhausted havin’ over enjoyed. BGKC.

PS: The devil makes me do this.
While Obama was in Russia, he was asked, “Can you see Sarah Palin’s house from there?”

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Paula said...

I have to do one of those doctor trips tomorrow but thank goodness its up the street and around the corner. Not always so.