Thursday, July 9, 2009

7-9-o9 Buttoning up busy’s

We made PT our first goal first thing out the drive. I received treatments two different ultra sound machine application plus some exercises I’m supposed to do everyday. Most important ones are stretches I think I can handle imagining myself a high class athlete. The “High Class” part is my own idea. These stretches I’m supposed to do mornings start/evening’s end. Frieda got a magazine? My pumping her she’s gotten exercises she’s supposed to be doing. Yeah sure?
Next stop was Her dentist. Took longer either going or coming than she was in his chair. She went in/came back out. Me, I protested I hadn’t had near enough waiting-room time.
From there we motored up the street for some spark plugs to go along with the plug wires I had purchased earlier in Otisville. Same street still further north we stopped Save-a-Lot grocery store for those bargains compared to the pricier fancier chain store’s. No shopping bags with us I stowed our purchases in a couple supplement bags we happened to have a long. They turned out easier carrying into the house.
Lunch over pre-commanded appearance to paint new Home Made 4020 JD loader parts I went shop, mixed primer and sprayed away what we had. Then returned to mid-field for hay baling finish. Five more rounds I was finished. And at that, last bale was merely tied with a whispered piece twine. I’ve no idea how many I rolled. Must be over a hundred tightly rolled 5’x4’ bales out there needing hauling into hay-yards. One more first cutting field to go. Thankfully it’s only three acres.
Rattlers out of way, returned to shop for JD parts finish paint coat. That finished returned home, pulled Cushman away from electric fence. Imagining I’ll have to completely unload the little buddy to untangle its transmeshineering parts, may they shift again. Jeeze, I’ve simply got to get poor Cushman in shop this winter for some column shifting hardware rebuilding. Poor little buddy!
Now waiting supper. Must feed calf. Get Cushman moving so I may put it away.
Ben thinking about this last baling One thing for all the ground Ollie and I covered we were followed by an orange monster feeding on everything we passed over. That monster’s appetite was ferocious and then it had the nerve to stop us every few minutes to poop out a great big green round like lump. We could have been done driving in circles that field sooner had it not been for all those pesky rest stops. {:^))
Now that I’m looking forward to some “Z“-time home off the Shorthorn country range. Somebody’s called and is worried a trapped raccoon may die? Can I come and get it? Yeh, right! (snicker)
9:15 PM, I’m in, the twilight zone only half gone I’m to wrung out for any today’s details. I see a snooze coming. BGKC.

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