Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7-15-o9 I’m Too Fit…. This morn of yesterday.

….Fit to be tied. I busted my butt yesterday to prepare for the night rains what aren’t wetting things down around here. I had found the laundry hadn’t dried. The hay loader was only available until 9:00 AM. Consequently Frieda was short on outer wear. I had given-up my PT appointment for feed and Frieda on-account her clothing hadn’t dried. I had hay to unload so JCB could return home. I had animals to feed my getting back here and down the road. Some of that feed had to be the orphaned loose hay off the tenant farm hay field. Some taken down the road. Making another trip count going down road I had to move bigger gravity box to shop for repairs. I had more hay to bale before the rains we aren’t getting. Then I was pressed into languishing under a 4010JD hardtop spreading fertilizer (it) on a hay field. These activities alone took me well into evening eventually finding me home without Ugly parked in my yard. Celling I found no ride, not only that nobody was answering their cells. On shanks mare in front of the homestead I hitched a ride with a passing neighbor. Know Ugly needed fuel I also picked up Handy for the Crossroads his prescription, my gasoline. On way back picked up required tools, nobody around I closed up shop. Eventually home to late, too tired, too late, the drier’s need had to wait. No urinal adding, ate and retired at dark.

PS: Fat chance making weather forecasters accountable for their metrological predictions!!!!!!!!!

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