Tuesday, July 28, 2009

up all nite

Yup, up all nite. My punishment for enjoying the easy life. I had to set up all nite listening to the growls having brought on that association with the old pot bellied kettle. Lets see, two days rest isolated another one my lower back pains. The left side my sciatica is out, likely the cause my left leg’s sciatic nerve pinched occasionally wanting to let me down.
Looks like Ugly’s use is going to get a workout this morning. Supposed to keep a Tuesday morning PT appointment, first in three weeks. I need to pickup my medications this trip. After these things are taken care of I’m going to find me a chiropractor for a realignment. Frieda thinks I had gotten to much sun yesterday, I may have also suffering a bit of sunstroke.
So, while that was yesterday………..
……this is today.
We kept our first PT appointments for first time in three weeks. Frieda says her PT is helping her. I still feel as thought mine continues to be waist of time. I like pretty girl’s hands on treatments. They feels so good.
Next stop our druggist. Frieda’s insurance is fowled up. Her account active she deprived medication payments until August first. I’ve got to call them and see what this about. Therapy doing nothing for putting my sacroiliac back in place I did something about it.
Almost another mile up the road I wheeled into a place where my last chiropractor had snuck of to a couple years or so ago dodging a ton of rent owed that place‘s landlord. A new Practitioner man had taken over a shakened practice, after the previously mentioned crook-a-practor had dodge an even bigger bundle of unpaid rents. This gentleman taking over last May is trying to make something of it. He took good care of me putting my sacroiliac square with my body.
Next stop home, ice pack strapped on my back, half hour’s rest, followed by sacroiliac brace strapped on to hold bones in place, then I re-faced the world. What came after this? A small lunch keeping in mind my boyish figure and charming good looks.
Lastly I checked weather reports to get an idea where I could look good sluffing off next.
Its more than late afternoon my coming in. I had put in some sorry shop time. Worst part was getting a fill in project of my own past my Bro’s homesteading. Moments later Bro’ found the mig welder had been fouled. I fixed it last some ten years ago. That was when I could still see well enough to weld. This time I’s treated I didn’t know nothin’. So be it!
He going his way to have it looked at, wonderful, I closed up shop and came home. First thing I got Her Mostess to take her re-powered wheel chair for a spin. Once she got on it she started to get with it.
Left alone me and Holly, I locked her up and went about what needed doing here. I had to fence closed the one remaining side the hay-yard. Checked the rest that pasture’s fence and turned these ladies out. Let me not forget I hayed the ladies dry pasture just down the road.
Not only all the afore mentioned, bit I also looked after the laundry a moment here and there through out the day.
Coming in I was way past rattler time. I was given glass of milk to tied me over until supper. Meanwhile My body feels like it had been run over by a half tract. And still needed to bottle calf and put Cushman away. It’d be until 8:00PM before the last of the day’d be my own. I wish I could find the words to describe dog tired? BGKC.

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