Monday, July 20, 2009

Will rains ever stop?

As for yesterday in spite the rains, the beat went on. Unable to get it the fields un-account of rain, the shop still beckoned. EzGo cart needed repairs. I had nothing to do with that. The gravity box floor almost mended it wasn‘t finished until today. Ugly taking it in tow I saw a bit of light shinning thru a hole what ain’t supposed to be there. Tough. I ain’t putting it in line for another week for another repair order. Bummmmmmmmer!
While I saw to everybody else was happily doing something along the lines of orderly repairs I experimented with cutting up a tire. It’ll be a few days before I’ll make anything even wholly short of a comprehensive report. If my first cutting works out I may be in bussiness ridding the this Shorthorn country place of a few regooded new to reuse tires. But then maybe not. The first cut up tyre is giving me a bit of trouble.
This very morning’s activity included Tom’s continued gravity box floor’s repair. I aired tires to bring up a retired forage box. I removed the aprons and related hardware. A party of three freed the forage box its un-loader machinery with the aid a heavy skid-steer. The roof raised ugly in tow we moved it away to Tom’s farm-yard. The side walls may be recycled into swine shelters. If I’m not mistaken they’re old materials in that forage box what have already seen service twice.
Now for some tidbits:
Stepping out this morning’s door the home cows were gone having broken the gate. The calf still here I closed things up a bit so he didn’t fall out of the barnyard. This evening taking bottle down to my then full charge, ma ma cow shows up. I locked up the calf and opened the gates to let mom in. Before evening chores were done ma cow was back in my custody with everybody happy for the night.
Our loco weather report, having lived it, three showers today totaling a ½” rain today had gotten uncomfortably wet.
Now, something entirely remarkably different.
Walter Breuning, 112, the world's oldest man, a Montana resident who was born Sept. 21, 1896, remembers his grandfather's stories about fighting in the civil war. He still walks the ramps of his retirement home wearing a suit and tie.

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