Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just another rainy day.

I lost tract some what I did today. Did have to take Frieda to her foot Doctor, for her toe nails clippings. Personally I think it a waste of time. He comes in makes a few common knowledge statements. Plays patty fingers with her feet. Then gives with some more common knowledge. Tells Frieda the loss of her Medicaid coverage no problem her Medicare insurance is picking up the bills. Sounds like history repeating itself don’t it. “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.”
I gather all I needed to reset and put together water fountain come morning. Was going to take care of it this afternoon right up until it started another shower. I’d been caught out, soaked to the skin yesterday. I’d had enough of that last night.
Next six days promise fair weather I’ll be starting the hay making whirl wind adventures all over again. Plus brush-hog the barnyard in the hollow and clear the hot wires of grasses for some serious love matches going in there this week end. This it for another really wild day in Shorthorn country, BGKC.
PS: Think checking out furrier trade. Could just save some trips to town and foot medical appointments and any more shoes? I could save me some time and fuel. Now, I'm wondring if I can get her winter horse shoes?

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