Monday, July 27, 2009

What a day

Been a long day. Somebody finally called to tell me I needed to grind. Dummies!
So it was definitely the time to clean the wheat out of the green gravity box. First things first the Cushman had to come out of the barn first. Then to grind the Leland and grinder-mixer had to come out next. It was blocking the wheat. The green wagon behind ugly we headed down to the other farm to park this wagon on the compost pile. There I may have saved about six bushels wheat seed. I also put an equal amount damaged wheat on the compost pile. Then had to load it on Ugly’s back. The seed first saved in 200 pound tubs I had to empty them up into tubs on Ugly. Wagon emptied I was on the road again for home. Ate on the run. Had to call Tom for his help. Keith had jammed the supply wagon’s gate so cussed tight I needed Tom for one and have him bring a couple wreaking bars and hammers for a yet unplanned panic attack upon that gates forced opening and quick closing before five tons of shelled corn comes pouring out to flood my drive way.
Tom’s help invaluable we got the grain ground dually supplemented off the Cushman. Nearing delivery I parked today’s ground grain wagon in front the shop. Here we bolted down plates fore and aft the gravity box. To these we added a couple plywood sheets cut out in the shape of a gable ends. Inside the gables top we nailed in a yellow-pine ridge board. Lastly we rubber strapped a plastic tarp over the loaded wagon. Tom went home. Weather protected I spot parked the latest conjured up feed wagon.
Home I had to unload wheat I’d put the grain in to heavy to move. I again baled the grain from Ugly’s tubs into pails I pour yet into some other tubs. While I did this I passed by a ground hog who’d got itself caught up in the trap what I moved when it was empty this same day’s morning. All this done it was time to put the Leland away. Darn it, it failed to start. As much as I disliked doing it I called Bro’ he knew this tractor better than I did. He got it going shorting the terminals on the starter solenoid. Bro’s hoping it a bad wire rather than an ignition switch. Finally I backed the equipment down into the barn. I opened the gates letting the cow and calf have their freedom of my yard. Made milk for calf, the calf near running me down for it. The trash gotten out I made it in the house owing myself some early to bed time, but it isn’t going to be tonight. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I think all your days are "What A DAys"