Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thinking on Pains…

Before I say to much about my thinking or my reporting upon that which has been suggested a stretch of anyone’s imagination I maybe capable of I have to make one wee comment upon something I’ve read written from one of our friends. May I say this quote was the climatic end to one of her most delightful tales. In misery, it was said, “If nothing else, it's a nice place for bugs and mice to get out of the weather.” ROFLMAO ((((((Donna)))))) I’ll let my reads find the tale this line goes with… };^)).
Back to my McThinkin’. Pain is something a body endures for an injury. Okay I’ve been injured a countless number of times working the trades in my younger more youthful days. Pain was just a minor inconvenience that went along with the occupations essentials: a piece lumber over the head, walking off a scaffold plank, hitting the wrong nail one of them on a thumb, a swung plank on the arse, and some many more serious incontinences. So, so many of the good old fun days seam to be catching up with me. Broken bones; a diagonally broken leg surgically shortened with rod, nuts and bolts; elastic wrapped cracked ribs; job site broken fingers splinted wrapped in electrical tape. And how about sheet metal cuts, solder/lead burns, electrical pokes from live wires.
I may now venture to guess I haven’t yet finished enjoying all those fun years remarkably experiencing headaches for old injuries pain I had come to ignore as job bonuses. Sitting straight, sitting upon my custom notched cushions, a long forgotten sacrum-iliac manipulated back into place once more now supported by a sacroiliac brace. The ability to walk a straight line unlike a drunken sailor. Ninety percent my headache causes are now accounted for and their solutions all so simple.
One drawback. That brace strapped about my middle isn’t to unlike a corset and oh so good to get out of evenings to re-let my chest down.
An almost totally sleepless night. So bad I wrote the immediate preceding because no way could I drift back off. Or so I thought, Once I had emptied my mind, having nothing left, becoming totally bored with myself, the yawns set in I laid myself down even though I were only a few moments away from my rattler time. I slept for two hours waking up late. Throwing my feet over the side I was up and at it, hauling water, packing ice, sitting myself down on my customly notched home made cushion to wait out my hour‘s wait to eat after the rattlers and time for my ice to do its thing.
Leaving house I took up temporary fence around the bale wrapper. I’d have started it if the battery weren’t so flat. If I’ve got to jump it jumping can wait until tomorrow to run it for everthing, the move and the wrapping.
Four miles out I cut another field for supposed hay. What a sorry field that is/was. More weeds than grasses and clover combined. If the ladies will eat it fine if not, oh well. That was so rough it took awhile to mow it, and now that I am writing this I now realized what had done my system in about 2:00PM this afternoon. All that tractor’s jarring my spine had me laid out somewhere shortly after lunch. Laying down looking to escape the head and body (back) aches I slept for two hours. Handy had called waking me out of my afternoon snooze. Waking at right hany time I took my rattlers. Handy wanted a ride over to the crossroads for a few things. I needed petrol anyway. Was a good way to get two things done at once. Frieda also wanted ride to our daughter’s for a laundry bash. Don’t ask me what that means other than I need to fix daughter’s dryer. If I hadn’t been feeling so rotten today I’d been a good time to have looked into it. We’ll see where we’re at in a couple days? Meanwhile my head caving in again I‘ve got to lay it out. Sleep seems to be my easiest drug free pain reliever going for me. BGKC.

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Donna said...

((((((((((( Fern ))))))))))))

I love you too. Us weird country folk have to stick together. Especially those of us who love cows.

And I have a feeling you really do love your cows, just like I love mine. If I had to choose between horses and cows, as much as I love Blue, I'd choose cows.