Sunday, November 30, 2008

Counting 8 days down.

Oh did we have to talk! It was obvious I was totally unprepared for that day’s kitchen antics. Frieda and I alone I don’t remember where I parked us? I remember sure one place we had tried Ma and had rudely run us off. I’d turn the front porch light off, Ma’d turn it back on. Having given her three chances to leave it off was enough. So I Took Frieda away from there repeatedly and started my parking the Desoto under a street light some where around the town. Under a porch spot light was of little privacy as compared to the shadows cast by an overhead street lamp. Yet, there’s no darker place for a couple to sit than under car top’s shadow directly under a street lamp. More benefits included never bothered by a nosey cop’s flashlight or intrusive nature nor had the hub caps ever mysteriously disappeared.
As was quickly becoming the custom we kissed. And, kissed again making sure we both had gotten it right. And, once more when we were sure. Then, it was talk time, serious talk time. “It seems you and I have something going here,” I started to explain. ”So, I don’t know if you’ll like this or not, but I’ve another date commitment I‘d like to tell you about. Would you rather hear about it from me, or from the jaded grapevine what seems to run straight into your house?”
“Yes.” She’d said. “What do you want to tell me?”
“Well.” I started slowly, “It all started a couple months ago, while Virgil McCary and I were talking………..
Farming was a complete bust today. Early up and out I was in The cornfield to bale stover. Three times I went for it three times I got a 12” roll core started, the belts also stopped, loosing traction on the drive roller failing to keep packing the fodder in, thus the pickup had no place to push the gathered fodder. It proved useless trying to make any more bales.
Going over to the Crossroads Istopped by the filling station for a tobacco product. I hadn’t a taste of tobacco for over a week. I needed a nicotine fix. I tried another Sam’s coffee, where the waitresses look oh so good when they’ve a coffee pot or two a hand. Taking on a new tact I went back to the station and bought gasoline while I where so close. Holy smoke’ems, I filled my tank for less than a $20.00 bill. Once I was inside paying my bill, I tried telling the station manager, I was back again having missed seeing her beauty. She cracked up laughing. I get no respect.
Son-of-a-bitch! It was almost a nice day, if it hadn’t been for a genuine tear jerking pain hitting me squarely everywhere inside my head. Damn it hurt. Looking up at Frieda through watering eyes I looked for a skillet in her hand. But, no! She was sitting across from me empty handed just looking positively concerned. Not threatening.
A few moments later, Frieda’s sounding me out, “You’ve taken your pills a few minute early. Do you supposed you could eat a few minutes even earlier? I’m making a light supper. Should be all right.” She took a breath and as maybe an after thought, she asked, “Is your headache going away?”
“I think I shall be alright.” I told her. “This headache come over me with a sudden thought.” (yuk yuk yuk)
From Shorthorn country. BGKC.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

On Kissing

So, before I continue on my tale of woe, let me back it up a couple days and evenings to that evening we both found we like onions. Yum!
Settled in our seated places under a street light right out front the Catholic Church this scene over-looking Lake Michigan I turned to Frieda to check upon her practiced puckering skills.
“Hey!” I voiced getting her attention. “What was that quick peck on the lips the other night after the dinner-dance? I thought I was entitled to something better than that.”
“Like what?”
“A real kiss, like what.” I said.
“Like this, and she leaned into me giving one of those toothless old grandmotherly smooch’s smeared all over my face. Ho boy, did she need lessons. “No!” I said, “Not like that. You’ve been kissed by to many old ladies. You’re not my grandmother and that kind of a kiss you can save for your grandchildren. Now just sit here quietly and I’ll explain and show the kissing facts of life.”
“You’re going to show me how to kiss?”
“Yeah! Now shut up and listen. We know you’ve got a grandma’s kiss down. Now here’s one like your mother’s.” I demonstrated kissing her forehead. Now here’s one from your brother.” And I kisser on her cheek. “Now, Let me show how a boy interested in your future does it.” I had been within for this moment For at least a couple days, taking her chin in gently my hand I held it gently and slowly closed the distances between our lips, while whispering softly, “Now don’t open your mouth, breath, do what I do, and feel the magic if it’s there.” Our lips pressed together, the world turned some.
When our lips parted I heard her whisper, “Whew.”
“Now that is a good start.” I told her. “Want to do try it again?”
“No. Oh no. You shocked me with that one. Now I think I want to go home.”
“Did I do something to you, you didn’t like?”
“No, No, that, that kiss.” waving her hand, “It was criminal.”
“You liked that kiss?”
“Ummm, it was a good one.”
“If you want to get better at it, pucker up and kiss the back of your hand and I’ll check on your progress another night.” And then I took her home. Walked her to her door merely shook her hand and wisher her a, “Good Night.”
The weather nice today even at 20*, the air’s quiet, the sun shined bright. Ugly loaded, I used the empty Cushman’s able bodied assistance to run the road for eight five gallon cans gas. Preparing to haul hay, Bro’ came up with, “Lets try to rake the stover out of the snow and bale it. Okay, I went to field. Started JD, made a round on the field. The IH rake could not do it.
Then getting a dangerous idea. What the heck? If I break it, we can fix it. I returned home and brought the Allis-Chalmers combo tractor and hay rake into service once more swearing I’d never abuse it as I was about to. I put the rakes swinging basket into high gear, dropped the tractor transmission a gear, upped the governed engine speed and took off. The old rig surprised me. Areas two fields raked I went for baler. Prepared belt repaired I slipped it into the baler. When extra parts were also repaired Bro’ finished belt lacing. An hour and a half daylight left I had that much of the day to hustle. In the field a bale started easily. Half way down the field with a half bale rolled the belts slipped util bale quit turning. A no a turning, a no a tying the bale. The gate opened I drop a lump on the ground. Baling was all over. Day’s end was looking good. BGKC.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Xmas Shopping........,

......I wanted to buy some warm gloves for Herr Clink.
Seeing a sales girl I got her attention, speaking, “I want to buy gloves for my wife," I had told the overtly buxom salesgirl, "But, I don't know her size."
"Will this help?" she asked nicely putting her hand in mine.
"Yep," I answered. "Her hands are a smidgen bigger than yours."
The enchanting young miss showed me a half dozen pair, from which I saw a pair she’d like. Finding a box, gift wrapping them, and writing up a sales receipt, the “S” curved miss asked me, "Will there be anything else sir?"
"Now that you mention it," I replied, "she could use a new bra!"

11-28-o8 10 days counting down

Opps, my counting down days has been numerically wrong again. Nonetheless, I’ve almost have always remembered Frieda’s big day. But that is another story I may only tell one day after the vital upcoming fact.
Ooh Lord, what had I done? One thing! One simple little act what should have been my business alone had been broadcast all over the community. On that day I learned to ever do business in the same community a body grows up in! This statement was to become my motto for the rest of my life. On the other side of the coins spent, non of my friends made it a topic for discussion when ever we were either run into each others or got together for social events. I had learned a great deal about true friendships.
That loose lipped bitch in the back of the jewelry store had no right invading our privacy with her big mouthed announcement. All of a sudden I had a lot to answer for. Holy crap. My sitting at that kitchen table an unsettled question what had not yet even been properly asked nor properly answered, loomed before us. the be damned town was abuzz over the matter what should have been very private between two people. Gossip mongers are an ill-moral scourge of the earth.
Excusing myself for the moment, I told Frieda, I’ll pick you up later. We’ve (I’ve got a lot to talk about.” As from then on, what anybody else thought I didn’t care what nor who’d be saying it, our lives would continue going on. But that day’s events needed talking about between us, and a whole lot of issues needed to be discussed and settled upon, before there were to be any official announcements‘.
I was glad the busy bodies didn’t know it all, or did they? I might have been described as an uncommitted Blue Beard. Busy body’s be damned………….!
Chores, haul home corn-stover. Ugly was just making it in and out of the fields, and that was with the help of extra stover bale blast in the cargo box. And to add something of Murphy’s adventurously following me today, the gasser Ollie ran out of gasoline along about a short eighth mile from return trip home. So it was a two way evening walk for a funnel and gasoline can to nourish the Ollie enough to get it home.
Oddly enough, tonight’s supper reminded me of yesterday. BGKC.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey day

One wouldn’t know it were a holiday around here. First thing out I had to bring home a load of stover. And, while I had to go that far to bring home the ladies their eats, might just as well make it two loads. So taking using the gas Ollie I loaded al the wagons. The gasser needed here to unload and move the feed, it had to come home. So you see the tractor brings home the first two wagons and taking Ugly I go and bring back the third and last one, in between the two trips I fed the ladies. Surprisingly enough Ugly didn’t spin a wheel bringing the last wagon out of the field. Ugly had impressed me again.
I baled out the tarp, filled with ice and snow, what had been covering the second load shelled corn. Stripped that tarp off and spread it over the barn housed Leland to dry before its folded and put away.
And as sorry as my butt feels I went down again today continuing to polish the ice and snow to an even higher luster. I got to quit that continued each day debuting. It’s down right embarrassing see the barn cats laughing their hinnies off when they see me go down my feet higher than my head. Plus I’m beginning to look like a black and blued bruised/abused husband.
Now where was I, or my mind, in the ever loving romance department?
It had been a good morning to turn in a lot of insured storm damage bills for payments. The insurance office was in one of the down town blocks. Right in between the camera shop a couple doors away on one side and Murphy’s five (nickel and dime emporium). Why it was still the 5&10 I never knew unless that’s what it was called years and years ago, when its fancy sign was cheaper, even before my time. Then there was one of the them privatizing chain drugstores. Truck parked a couple nickels in the parking meter, I went in to see my insurance agent and gave him my accumulated Spring’s windstorm damage bills. He checked them over happy with my figures and then we chatted a bit about my Mom’s getting along and some other friendly chat matters.
Coming out the insurance office looking right and left, walking to the truck, standing there for a moment looking back, I thought, “What the heck. Gotta do this someday anyway and I got money today. Well, I could price’em regardless. The place empty save for the proprietor and a lady standing in the back. “May I help you?” he asked. I told him what I wanted to see and how much. Here he brought out three, four, five trays, giving me a look at everything he had. I asked him, Have anything brighter?”
“I have some in blue white.” Another tray set out before my eyes I liked what was seeing. Not knowing anything about these sort of things I simple mindedly picked out what I thought would make somebody a pleasing yet a serious gift. Christmas was only another six months away. “Wrap then up. I’ll take them with me.” Parting with my money, twice the amount of a month’s pay. I extravagantly left the place.
I should have known better. But, what sense has guy got when he’s chasing a dream. I’d have later bet, thr lady I saw in the back of that store was on the wire before I had gotten in, started my truck, backed out of the angle parking space. But I thought I had something nobody’d know about.
Taking myself over the contracted house site I was right on time to shoot basement grades for the back-hoe operator. About the time he finished I thought it a goodtime to pay my respects to an adorable young lady. Parking was easy on an Elm tree lined neighborhood street. Hollering the screen door I was bid to come in. I sauntered through the kitchen proper and set myself down at the kitchen table beyond. My seated Frieda’s Ma set in front of me the hellishly hottest cup of coffee had ever had the opportunity to be set before me. Just about that time Frieda had come waltzing into the kitchen. She was pleasant sight in my eyes, my eyes having not blinked once when Ma descended upon me as though I were a criminal. “What and who are you buying rings for, young man?”
“For an investment in the future.” I had said my tongue stumbling on it’self.
“You’re taking mine Frieda out and marrying some one else?” she spieled loudly. Meanwhile, Frieda having heard the news had turned on her heal and slowly walking away. Ma have had her words with me went stomping out of the kitchen. Me, I didn’t know what to do; although, as Frieda had turned away from me I had seen her cheek bones rise, she was smiling widely. Me? I took up trying to hide behind the steam off my lifted coffee cup. Sipping at it, she wouldn’t expect me to be saying anything just rat then.
Frieda wide eye smiling ear to rear slide sideways into a chair oppisit from me. At about that moment abouy to take a sip of my coffee, I felt a foot sliding softly up my calf startling the living Hell out of me, The cup taken up shaking, its contents making waves savagely burned my lip. Choking on the coffee I had almost drunk, I windily spewed hot coffee over the cup’s rim with my own wholly blown windstorm in surprise spraying down the table‘s cloth spread.
Oh, by God, she knew exactly who those mystery rings, were intended for, who’ll they’d belong to, and her foot running softly up-inside my leg was a yes. Oh lawd, what had I done? “All of a sudden I knew I was headed for an inescapably life-time sentence. After all these years, I’m just getting around to asking now, was there ever a reprieve for a thief of heart’s?”
And what’d I do with the rest of my afternoon?
I filled fire starting’s bottles with gas Ollie’s drained crankcase engine oil.
I cleaned snow off tarped wagons before snow’s weights ripped the tarps in two.
The Cushman demanding to be let out of the barn gladly assisted me bringing two loads firewood to the house. Then becoming obstinate making me carry the firewood in by myself. (mumble, grumble, mumbling, grumbling, oh humbug)
All in all it’s been a good Shorthorn country day right up until 4:00 PM when my headache caught up with me, plus a nauseating feeling thrown in. BGKC.
PS: The turkey stuffing was absolutely wonderful. I used that cinnamon raisin bread dried upon a rack over the wood stove. To the dried bread I added grated carrot, short sliced celery, chopped green and ripe olives, pepper, garlic powder. The bird stuffed, on a rack in the covered roaster with two quarts water was baked until the red button popped.
I wonder what's for supper tonight?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 9 and counting

Glory be. I’ve found a couple more forgotten door jambs down in the barn. I get all these pieces of wood uncovered. I may start preparing my assembled mill work for widening this home’s front doorway openings.
Can’t explain it? Like a moth I was drawn to her candle’s flame! So bright was her candles light, my wings singed I lost all interest flitting from any old or new flowers in my quest for a life’s mate. Oh how very lucky I was not to be married to the wrong one when the right one came along. She was bewitching magic I could find no fault with.
Over the next two weeks my lonesome soul kept being drawn to Cherry Street whenever I was conveniently working in town taking my afternoon off the wall hit 30 minute rest break. During the short evening retreats we talked about our expectations. And after a few days the word games started. “Are you open to a proposal of marriage?” because we had both confessed we where both interested in moving to the big ‘A’. Alaska and Australia both were of some interest to me. Frieda was harboring some wander lust for Arizona. “Have you any short term interests to take you away from here?”
I had to have been out of my mind, to what had happened next!!!!
Wanting to haul hay I was to find a wagon tire flat. What a mess. The tire was shot my likely pulling home on the tire flat for some distance the side wall destroyed. Unable to change it in the field, I had to take it the shop. No problem tire already trashed. A spare down to the barn I took it along as well. Tire fixed, wagons I delivered here, and I fueled the Ollie gasser again.
Then found out I needed to grind. Slipping and sliding getting Ugly truck from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ on this wet greasy seven inches of snow was a nuisance to deal with, all day. It’d been surely easier had it been a dry snow. Plus I like the way drier snow may creek or squeak beneath my feet. These are some of those sounds you simply can’t enjoy in the heart of Summer.
Tomorrow’s going to be at least a half day’s work for the chores requirements. That is not until after I’ve stuffed the turkey, preheated the oven, set the timer, then shoved the bird in out of sight, and then start drooling over what all’s gonna be fixed and served up for the holiday belly filling meal, until it’s smelling good and about right to come out.
And what have I got to be thankful for? I’m thankful I had found my other half to enjoy all we’ve done together over the years. I’m thankful for Shorthorn country. It’s been the sandbox to play in filled with domestic and wild animals to entertain my free spirit. And, lets remind me I’m surrounded by so many splendid ladies looking to me for their care and protection. I have been truly blessed. I’m thankful. BGKC.

Good works

Myself, issue from parents starting out together during the great depression I learned from both of them the art of “making do.” Over all my years finding I could never throw anything away. I found myself pressed finding a need for what I was having to throw away. Liking having a loud of wood scrap from a new or rebuilding project. I used to call around in search anybody in need kindling wood. Contributing carpenter skills to a most recent widow who’s husband had died un expectedly from heart attack, his leaving so many do-it yourself projects undone around her home. How about hiding out a father behind upon his child support payments and sneaking home out of town and state? Or giving rides to people without means to shop. Or, giving somebody the means to pay for a diabetic’s insulin? Or sharing my freezer with a family between jobs. Stopping by the road side to change a female’s tire” And, offer my cell phone to someone more than broken down? How about taking folks to vote just the same my having already gone? Being there to calm a wailing wife who’s husband had accidentally shot himself, my sane enough in that situation to call Police and ambulance? How about bringing a man back into this world when his heart had unexpectedly quit? Helping Frieda deliver her home made baby blankets to hospital maternity wards for surprises and State Police Posts for infant baby accident victims, which may be just as important to a child as a cuddly bear. I see giving in so many ways rewarding, having shared in ways what we could.
And, another very important gift, calling, giving someone an opportunity to help out or volunteer their assistance.
I swear I’ve been given back more lately than I can remember giving.

My infamous award

I’d like to thank the academy for my nomination and win for the reward shown on the left this page.
I wish to thank my ever loving wife I have been so mean to. Who’s love life, that part I couldn’t have written part without her. And, If I could do all over again, I wouldn’t change a single moment my doing her all over again. };?D
As for the four career’s I had so diligently worked at my liking ever moment, hour, day I was into each one of them; all of them over lapping at one time or another; for those day’s worked and added together I should have been around for 25 lustrums.
I wish to thank my nemesis (the one what nominated me) and all the folk who’ve welcomed me into their hearts, homes, and kindly pokes of fun. May thee all be blessed.
Thank you ((((Kelly)))).

Silly Sally ……………… Paula inspired

A number of years ago we’d had a sad Spring calving season. We’d lost three cows calving leaving of course the wonderful calves saved an personally nurtured by all of us having anything to do with the farm. There was an unnamed red bull calf, as his existence had an all beef ending, he wasn’t named much more than Bully, as his future was still in doubt. Next there was a roan colored heifer whom Frieda had called her Molly. Lastly there’s this all white heifer who’d started out simply called Sally. Frieda like that name as Frieda thought this calf looked like a Sally.
Starting out hand feeding the all three calve on bottles I soon grew tired of that. My trying to use the iron mama‘s wasn’t working out either. Personally I wasn’t only having to keep the critters separated to bottle feed each one individually, I just plainly disliked making bottles and the following bottle and nipple clean ups. So it was I tried introducing the lot to the bucket. This done slipping my fingers into their mouths, one at a time, then taking to pushing their muzzles down into the milk twice each day until they got the drinking idea for them selves Oh, there was some resistance this process carried out about three days or about six times for the first two calves. Sally had to be different. It must have taken me a week dipping her muzzle into the milk bucket, before she caught on, and even then I had to hold her bucket for days or she’d dump it every time. Thus what had started out a Sally became Silly Sally.
As the Summer when on Bully had been bought and processed for somebody’s freezer. Molly grew and grew until she was auctioned in a state wide production sale, as a bred heifer. Sally stayed with us for years. When ever I needed the heard, all I had to do was holler “Sally.” She’d pick up her head and look at me. I’d hold up an ear of corn (or an orange glove, she was on her way coming to me, the whole herd following her. I know. A sneaky way bring the lot into the holding pens for working them thru the chutes
I had come to pass Sally had possibly injured her udder and it had become infected requiring her to be kept in sick bay. My having to treat her with penicillin shots and applied scarlet oil twice a day the first week and once a day after that until she healed, we had come to a most memorable understanding.
My having to go out into the holding pen (the sick bay) I had to driver Sally into the chute, the squeeze chute, and the head gate. After four days of so this routine she was coming inn on her own for the inevitable treatments. My delighted with her cooperation the same time my headed her way, I started rewarding her. A couple three pounds of corn each treatment guaranteed me her cooperation over the next three months.
When we were all done she her treatments finished with her udder healed, she still remained a good three quarter cow faithfully contributing to the herd four fourteen years, plus giving me an occasional back massage if I should be standing among the whole of the herd when out on pasture. I stll miss her. ………Fernan

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho.

The laughs on me. Having to drive the van yesterday as I had been found a-foot, I used it while the weather turned nasty. I wrote yesterday about my van’s adventurous soul egging me on to shop more and more. Well as it turned out my bringing everything’ edible or cleaning, into the house out of the van, I came across a three/four week old bag of raisin breads from the day old bread shop. Checking the bread out this morning toasting some for breakfast it looked okay. Sticking my nose in the bag taking a nice long drag I got a faint scent of the grapes fermenting. As hope is my witness, this is first time I’ve ever had to deal with whining bread. What’ll the remaining loaf finds out what and where I’m going to stuff it. He He He What other spices go good with Cinnamon? Nutmeg maybe? What else?
10th day count down
Having had a good time Monday evening into the night I relived her look in my mind. Her bright eyed smile was captivating. She had a work horse’s figure. Her figure was narrow waisted, big beamed wide shoulders and easily a long neck. (More about that attribute another story.) Then there were those beguiling glimpses of sexy lace here and there peeking out from under that basic little black dress in navy-blue she had worm. Driving east for Kalamazoo, the sun behind us, the sun near setting that star’s yellow brilliance offered highlighted priceless gold specks in her hair. If I didn’t know better, did she orchestrate every little thing she did to entrap me? How does one man now what’s on a girl’s mind, when she don’t want him to know?
Oh I phoned her, praised her charming manner, and got permission to see her at home throughout the days ahead of us and a drive out a couple evenings a week.
More snow laid on us over night measuring 5“>7” deep with no adjustment for overnight snow melt in the driveway, deeper on the standing grass of the lawn. Sure looks like Winter’s set in.
Ginger maybe? Maybe Mint and/or Thyme? Hmmm… Do I add something to it or go with something the opposite?.
What was I doing. Or, What was the question?
Holy Cow, my fixing to step out the door I see some wayward ladies passing by my window. Out like a shot there weren’t about to listen to me I hollering nor yelling. Some drifting out into the road as if they were going somewhere, I tried to head them off, their ignoring me. To slippery to walk and to old to run or even sprint I brought the Ollie gasser into use driving around about the farm and barn yards changing gate configurations at least taking some control of the situation until they started paying attention to me. A hay bale carried on the back same Ollie I managed to coax one/two/four and more to follow me back in. Yeah, they came in alright, right where they wanted to go in. Plan “A” gone awry. I immediately went, to plan “B”. When they caught sight the hay I hauled in last night still sitting in the West pasture I had them. Setting a couple bales of for tomorrow’s feeding I took the remaining two bales back out into the East pasture where they belonged. The ladies following along, mere minutes later I had them contained. Oddly enough as long as I was reminiscing this very same morning there was a time or two I pictured some of the ladies cut and wrapped steak and hamburger packages. (grrrr)
Still forenoon I was invited out for coffee, I paid for plus tip. Somebody got some even, I‘m sure.
This afternoon, The warmed Ollie nosed into my barn I had it out of the wind some and sheltered stopping snow going down my neck. Tractor under some cover, Ugly retrieved, and gassed, I took on Ollie gasser, cleaning sparkplugs and changing oil. Lunch was fast a fast canned pork and beans. I figure surviving warmed first inside me and later into the afternoon likely warmed inside my barnyard tux.
Some reasonable time later, the Ollie’s oil been changed. The original spark plugs cleaned fired so poorly I replaced them new ones off the shelf. So of a gun, these two simple things taken care of it’s a happy tractor now and readied for work tomorrow.
The hay rake needing parts Bro’ had called TSC. The only store what had them in stock at $1.98/@ was approximately eighty miles (one way) away. I suggested call an Case-IH dealer between her and there. Same parts were $1.35/@ an obvious $.63/@ savings; plus a second time and fuel savings on the un-driven extra 90 extra miles (or more) round trip. Very once in awhile there’s a distinct advantage to “let your fingers do the walking.”
The afternoon growing late, not enough time to start or get into something old or new needing doing, I opted for my daylight left to haul another load firewood into the house. The Cushman accepting my weight on its back wasn’t quite enough to help the mini truck keep traction. Leaving it gear and stepping off to give push and then sprinting to catch-up and jump aboard is an activity I’ve simply got to give up. Finally getting a running start from the road, I made for putting it back in the barn: when, I had a colossal idea. Set two handy concrete blocks in the back corners the cargo box. That little extra weight was all it needed to negotiate the grades and 7” wet snow what had held it back earlier. Cushman loaded backed up to porch at sunset, I went inside for a moment’s rest to let my heart and lungs catch up with my over active mind. That last act was my companion nemesis migraine headache opportunity to punish me. I‘ve asked for help within my own mind to no avail for relief. Bottom line, for fear bending over to pick up wood at a most inopportune moment for a black out or dizzy spell possibly causing me to go head over heals over the Cushman’s side, making dents in the snow, I quit. Having set a spell, the Cushman remained loaded is back down in the barn. BGKC.
PS: The cussed headaches go on.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Only 11 days out

While we dinned the Home Builders Association and the rest of the attending members did their thing, they held their meeting. While my date and I ate I really had nothing to add. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, my mind preoccupied with another matter in her Navy-Blue basic little black dress sitting across from me showing how a “T“ bone steak was devoured.
The meeting grinding to an end, Soft light/Candle light and an orchestra, replaced the bright lights and noisy speakers, filled the atmosphere for the rest of the evening. Maybe sitting one or two out, Frieda and I danced until the bright lights flashed on and off a couple times. Seems only the two of us were keeping the orchestra from their beauty sleeps, plus they had regular jobs to go to come the morning’s daylight.
It were a slow drive home Frieda having decided I was safe enough to sit close too. That was alright enough, for that evening only added to my need to have her by my side forever more.
Walking her to her door her hand in mine, we stood there for an eternity’s moment. I wanted to embrace her. Myself timid, she made the first move leaning towards me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and tried leaving me. I had said, “Wait a moment. I want something more than that. Gently holding her hand we kissed. It weren’t a lovers kiss. It was a friendly gesture kind of a kiss. Reclaiming her hand she quickly turned and giggled as she hurriedly ducked into her home. I was freed to leave.
It wasn’t the kiss I was expecting, but it were a positive kiss nonetheless. I was on cloud nine. Oh yes, even a guy can ascend such a lofty place. Progress was being made. I’d have to call her on the morrow and thank her for the lovely time.
As for the rest of it, time would only tell?
It’s 12:30 AM and I already miss that fat faced two handed shy clock what giggied out only yesterday afternoon and no longer hanging on the wall. Snow in our weather forecast, looking outside with the aid of the porch light, we hadn’t gotten it yet.
I’ve a splitting headache. Soon to take another pain reliever. I wonder if its coming-on had woke me up? Seems I might better try laying it down, I don’t rightly remember ever having one laying flat out!
Hot-dam what a man don’t see, all week, when he ain’t got a gun. Deer everywhere going every direction. They’s even in numbers crossing the same fields I’m working, even to passing between our two Oliver’s working the same field the wild things know no better than to tease. It ain’t safe out there. A good man could get run over wearing Rudolph’s hoof prints either over one‘s chest our forehead.
Getting with the hay baling program extra early to bale as much and long as I could before the rains and snow forecast. Every thing already readied all ai had to do was point the tractor towards field raked yesterday. I should have paid attention to the negative feeling I had about rushing right into the first windrow. Inside twenty feet passage the baler plugged big time twisting three belt at the same time. I’d just been Murphy visited. Whoopee! I had thought I could’ve straightened them out. Looking the situation over further that impromptu task wasn’t going be easy. It was shop time for tools and parts. Murphy had done me again. Three hours passing ready to go save a puddle of oil under tractor, there wasn’t a single quart what I needed in the shop. I could by what I need at the dollar store over to the Crossroads.
The oil in the van my turning the ignition key it refused to turn. Be goshed, Murphy was still with me. Oh well, I’ll walk down the plaza walk and get bread and milk, eh a turkey and some other things including a Downy dispenser ball and a store brand fabric softener. Maybe the ABS brakes would let go their hold on the steering column’s internal linkage while I was preoccupied elsewhere? Returning with grocery’s and cat vittles the key still refused to turn. Oh well, I decided to go back in the Dollar store and find us a replacement wall clock. Clock in hand. thrown on the back seat, the key turned. Surprise, surprise. One more stop in the crossroads I was on my way home, well almost. As I got nearer Sparky and Miss Loopy’s house the van turned in. Scooby was happy to see me. Sparky needed a couple suggestions putting a new ceiling fan up in the breakfast nook area. I also came in handy impersonating Miss Liberty of NY harbor fame for a fan’s hand up. And, I carefully stayed just long enough longer for one coffee plus a refill. };^)
Unloading the van once I got home I found a bag of bread I had purchased about a month ago. Having been in van all that time it could still be good, at least good enough for turkey stuffing. I’ll know more in a couple days. Should make MY stuffing be flavorful rather interesting I’ll brag about it after I’ve served later in the week.
Backing the tractor up:
While I was in the market, Mother Nature had come alive dropping snow all over the landscape. This snow has brought fodder making to an abrupt stop. Well, I might better start hauling the stover fodder home.
Wanting to haul two loads home, the gas Ollie running so bad I managed one load. Got to either clean old spark plugs or install new one’s and change the oil, before I blow the engine. The ragged running sound just isn’t the muffler rusting out.
Home five minutes ahead of sun down, I’ve figured I’ve wet arsed done enough. If there’s anything I dislikes it’s a chapped arse. Now it’s making one’s self Shorthorn country comfortable. BGKC.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 14. Seeems I've gotten my day's mized up

11-22-o8 day 14 and counting.
“DETOUR” I should have read that “detour” sign. Looking beyond the sign It looked as though M43 had been ripped up and hauled away. Suddenly going nowhere fast I turned us north to Grand Junction, make a right east to Gobles, hang another right south to Armstrong Corners. From there, by road map, it was all down hill into Kalamazoo.
The roads we traveled the next twenty miles were over hard top roads made up of washed pea rock and tar build up year upon year since who remembered when? What other the rider in any automobile enjoy more or less, a Disney Park rock and roll ride.
Rolling eastward, as I had done upon the first leg of our journey, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at my traveling companion. A most dangerous thing to do on that detouring road-way where as a car carelessly driven could literally be thrown off the road, and this was flatland country. We passed apple orchards, blueberry fields, A Thanksgiving turkey farm. Oh there was lots to see, and watched her sitting beside me most. Back on M43 we rolled along the last twenty miles on safer road. When passing the fish hatchery, Frieda looking to her right at it, I looked at her.
Sundown was only minutes away by the time we had reached the Elk’s Kalamazoo country club where this shindig was to take place. We were a half hour late for our dinner and dancing. My lady’s chariot parked, it was our time fixing to go in……….

Counting day 13

My Lady’s coached parked, it was our time to go in. My opening her door and watching her step out the car. Oh yeah, she had a couple of finely turned ankles. Having not paid all thsst much attention to women’s ankles, why was I so interested if this young lady’s…. Ohh my, by delighted eyes caught sight still more, a bit of a laced edged slip. It couldn’t be, she came out dressed like a blueberry cake with white laced frosting. Taking my hand she wobbled a bit finding her balance. This was my birthday and she continued to be the picture I wanted to watch. Why couldn’t she have been my Birthday gift.
Entering the front doors, walking in the dinning tables were being cleared. Seeing us the association president greeted us and he apologized my being late. That was a switch. I explained the detour and my not knowing of it or we’d have been there on time. When he parted or company here came the wolves hitting upon my date. Neither one of us taken kindly to this behavior I told the sum of them, “If you guy’s don’t back off, I just might like to see you off to where you don’t want to go. The Lady is with me. Now, I want all of you to courteously apologize to my Lady and back off.” They did, every one of them, excusing themselves.
A moment later, a waiter came up to us, “I’m sorry you missed the dinner Sir. May I suggest a couple steaks in exchange for the chicken?” I looked at Frieda and saw the look of agreement in her eyes. I said, “Thank you.” Then come this way Sir, Miss.” Frieda followed the waiter I followed her watching her wobble a couple times. She had noticeably given herself away again, she was not accustomed to wearing heels. Oh, how I was thinking how lucky I was to be escorting a disadvantaged beauty. (grin) Shown to a table set for two, we were authentically served family style. The steaks came on iron platters. Potatoes and gravy, vegetables and salad in serving bowls, and warm towel wrapped warmer rolls served in a basket.
Oddly enough when I picked Frieda up, I had asked, she’d heard me, she’d denied she might have been hungry. At that table that night, once the food has been served she dug in with the ferocity of a lioness displaying an appetite so strong I feared for my fingers and hands a safe reach across any part of the table, say for a roll and butter, let alone anything else, saving me getting a knifed or forked the hard way. I watched my reach. Good lord, if she eats like this, a draft horse? She could be expensive to keep?
A cool 17* here this morning, no new snow. Looks like sun is going to shine. We’ve got a better than even chance making more stover-hay. My finally figuring out the hay baler, my learning the lessons or even trouble shooting suggestions, what none of which are in the operators manual.
I’ve taken my expensive new kick arse pain reliever. Up a couple hours I’m already feeling its positive effects. Supposed to last 12 hours. I’ll see?
Frieda heard for our fourth and youngest son yesterday. He was hit by a car when he was eight. Neurosurgeon husband and wife team took his head apart and put it back together again, Bronson Hospital, Kalamazoo, Mich.. I’m proud of this boy. Having lost over half his brain our hope for college graduated professional man was lost with that accident. He’s held a number of jobs in recent years and always highly recommended for his dedication whom ever his employer had been.
Flip had just been 18 wheeling it out to California and he’d picked up another load for his trip back. He’d called his mother on the company’s cell phone after hours from somewhere his passing through Tennessee or Kentucky. He had told her, “I‘m having a ball.” Frieda encouraged him doing what he was doing staying independent. From his past performances, he’ll do alright.
Hope’s Speed Son.
It were a good day under plenty of Sun. Out the door I needed parts from shop. While at shop I filled fuel cans for my eventual fueling three tractors. My work day included some extra frosty machinery repair. About the time the frosty white night’s coat had been taken off by the helpful aid and grand manners the sun., the repairs were done and the crop was dried enough for raking and baling. While I had started the raking I called that activity for lunch. After lunch I baled all I could manage. The baler behaved beautifully. While I did a couple light cleanings I moved right along unlike all my down time the other day. I expect the stover having dried some was not sticking to the baler’s inner surfaces as It had the other day. Near the end of day I had two belt twisting instances. To handle the first twist I had to have an eight foot ladder to climb on top the baler. So what I hadn’t baled two day, perhaps I’ll luck out with no over night snows. I finished my out side day two hours past sundown.
The latest headache medication worked fairly well for me today. While the medicine was no cure, I at least I experienced some relief. What few spikes found me I could at least ignore them keep my hands and mind busy. It has been a good day, Now uncomfortably tired I simply have to lay it down. BGKC

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Counting down 16 days

Saturday morning ,at a burr 17*, between the cold and more freshening breezes, The weather’s gonna freeze my umm umm umm off my out there making a liven hay for a lot-a unappreciative ladies in my neighborhood. Speaking of ladies I owe one particular lady in my neighborhood an apology. I had un-respectfully called her Loopy yesterday when-whereas I should have shown more respect having said MISS Loopy.
BP 143/92 PR 74 and I’ve got one Hell of a headache. I thought this intrusive beast was supposed to go away and leave me alone. I had gotten along without for years. An hour later BP 147/95 PR 74
Just 16 more days.
Getting back to lives changing Monday was one whale of a busy day. I had so much to do work wise. Dressing for dinner was an easy no choice easy manner for a guy whoe only owned a couple piecs what might make a suit. I wore a gray-white wovern material sport coat over gray trousers. My tie selection was a stripped thing leaning towards the blue. Gray socks and my oxfords polished hard brightly black. The dinner dance scheduled for 7:00 PM until when I called my day at 5:00 o’clock. An hour to shave, shower, and dress and an hour’s drive I had plenty of time. Mon had sillily asked me if I wanted something to eat? ESP inclined, she knew I was in trouble.
On time to pickup my date, I was a bit nervous. This wasn’t another date. It were a lady and gentleman dress up date. An no nonsense evening out for adults. The meticulously cleaned and polished chariot (car) parked at the curb, the front porch light on for a change I anxiously walked the walk, taken the step, rang her bell, the door opened wide. Entering the house I exchanged pleasantries with her folks until she came into the room. She just didn’t enter that room. Whether she had known it or not she had made an entrance.
I was locked jawed speechless upon her entrance that evening. She was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. My standing there likely open mouthed, I could feel my heart pounding on my temples, I had quit breathing wondering if she were heaven. I’d have died if it weren’t for her speaking first, “Shall we go?” as she took my arm and pointed towards the door.
Are there such a thing as lope jawed recovery aftershocks? Until tomorrow, A detour.
I don’t know about these headaches. The one what comes on me isn’t anywhere as interesting as the one I sought some five decades ago.
BP rising, headache laying heavy on my eyes liking a rock slide waiting to rumble down, Couldn’t take a physical and mental road block. I found out I’ve been taking a recalled drug, what was replaced today. Plus I’ve been prescribed another drug for my headaches to try. Of course it isn’t covered by my insurance and had to pay it out of pocket. Already stoked to the hilt today I’ll start the new medication tomorrow.
While I was waiting for Doc to turn me loose, I had told him, “Wish I could get out of here, Doc” I was his only patient, “I got some ether to sniff starting tractors to ride on; and, to ride on the tractors I got to sniff some ether.” This is true. I had some stover to bale.
Doc keeping me all morning, druggist keeping me near an hour, a called ahead quick lunch I was on my way. The drawbar bolts I needed had been laid upon the seat. The bolts set, climbing aboard, tractor started, I was on my baling way. What a delightful afternoon. Sunshine to warm a body’s soul. Quiet airs so light I knew I weren’t going to be blown away. Dressed lighter for the season I was so comfortably dressed right.
A field start earlier than mine Bro’ had mown and raked enough stover to keep me busy what afternoon we had left. It was a good day in spite my delay. And, this the way it was in today’s Shorthorn country. BGKC.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 19 counting down

After Tuesday’s impromptu evening walk my thoughts and being seemed to find me gravitating to a particular house on Cherry Street. This began Wednesday afternoon right about that same time I had needed to back off on my daily routine not understanding wherefore I needed one of these odd breaks. My not putting it all together I just naturally wanted to be in Frieda’s presents and did so as many afternoon’s from then on.
Oh she was a welcome site. She was always so spotlessly fresh, well groomed, and wearing a most infectious smile. From then on she saw me as often as I could every day enjoying her company. And, everyday I was served a Swedish coffee and Swedish roll. Her Ma was an excellent cook. Then I had two reasons to make my afternoon Cherry Street stops.
We walked out but once more that week before the dinner-dance date so slowly quickening coming up the Monday evening next. I had no other excess thoughts aside from my daily odd jobs. The dinner-dance was most appropriate as I had also gotten the Cape Cod house construction contract that same week. This shindig was appropriately sponsored by the SW Mich. Home builders Association. I had become my own home builder. And one more ultra big plus it was my birthday. Even I must wait for the next installment. Gotcha!
Today’s weather had a bit of everything in it: sunshine, snow squalls heavy enough I could not see the edges of the corn field I was working.
Chores of course. I turned left out my driveway. Headed for corn-stover making machines. Coming late out of the field last night I had to clear the baler of frozen stover. That was fun taking frozed blocks of what once was potential feed. That ,machine preped ready to go I turned my attention toward the mowing machine the hardest part there todat was starting the tractor. I opened up the air cleaner intake taking it apart to have thought I lost the assembly’s top nut and screw. Doppy me Hadn’t lost anything wasting a half hour looking for the parts I hadn’t lost or misplaced. Oh well, the time wasn’t wasted for I charged the batteries during this time. Ne thinks thie tractor could use four new batteries, but them again they just may be good enough to make it one more summer. We won’t be haying much longer when we’ve beeen covered under a good snow. So, I spent almost the whole day cutting, raking, and baling stover until a tractor draw bar bolt broke. To late in the afternoon to timely find a new bolt, be better to find two, I called this day’s haying finished. Besides I did dearly needed some srength time to carry in one Cushman load of wood. That’s done.
Evening chores done I had too pickup my Frieda coffee clutching with Loopy. No doubt raking their husbands over in their husbands absence. (grin) Anyway, women need women to talk over wimmin’s things. Perhaps the best part of this day was Loopy’s absolutely priceless hazel nut coffee. It’s been a good day. BGKC.

good morning Friday

I’ve just realized I’ve repeated myself. It shouldn’t take me more than all day to either straighten my story out or just jump head long into another documentary portion of what this girl hd done to me, an absolute innocent.
Maybe what I need is a good social editor? Somebody to keep me straight while try to prepare feed for the animals and pay tribute to a very very special lady.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was on anxiety’s edge all day Tuesday. I was going to see that lady. Yes lady, a mature woman. She wasn’t an empty headed good time girl. I had Sunday last found she had looks, sass, mystery, a good listener, suportive, sustaining, and I was yet to learn she was also flexible, agreeable, comforting, plus an individual so willing to give more than she’d ever expect to receive. I was on the threshold to find her a very rare treasure. The worst for her regard was yet to come?
Oh I had a busy day hither and yond I had so many odd jobs to do all over town: broken windows, leaking plumbing, fixing some wooden steps for wit I just never seemed to have enough time to make everybody happy. It was well after dark when I unloaded my truck. I had said I wanted to see her and would. I washed up changing shirt and jeans before I was off. Asking her if she wouldn’t mine going out for a little while she agreed. Hungry I headed for the same drive-in where I had first seen Frieda chauffeuring her Ma and a night nurse for her Ma’s nursing home. One of the Shalck family waitresses was beside my window before I knew what I wanted. “What’ll you have?” she asked.
I asked Frieda what she’d have? “You order for me.”
That simplified, I turned to the waitress and ordered, “Two cheeseburger deluxe plus two strawberry shakes.”
“You want them with onions?” she’d asked. I didn’t know what to answer my mind gone blank for either a simple yes or no, when Frieda exuberantly fessed up, “I like onions.”
First word coming to mind, Wonderful. Next words for the Shalck girl, “Smother them.”
“She likes onions. She’s a girl after my own heart.” I had thought.
Finished dining, smiling inward-outwardly our tummy’s satisfied. I asked her “What would you like to do?“ giving her the choice.
Let’s go down town and take a walk. It sounded good to me. The heart of town less than a half mile it weren’t long before I had parked my car beside the bank. I got out, walked around the front of the car, opened her door and offered her my hand. It was a lovely hand fitting again just as well sait did Sunday last.
The business district all of four blocks laid out four ways from the city’s second traffic light one block ran to each the four points of the compass. We walked west first until Phoenix Street called that in town or Phoenix Road in the county ran to the bluff over looking the Black River bottom where the right of way broke dropping the street almost straight down particularly towards the empty wharfs where water front warehouses had once stood. There we crossed the street and walked back turning right at the corner. Doing this pattern until we had walked by all the storefronts our way back to the car. Hand in hand we made many stops. She more than I picked the windows we looked in on. She was particularly interested in the displayed fashion. She’d asked me what I thought about the looks of this fabric or color. Which of a couple pieces lingerie I found more interesting. I thought her a bit weird asking a me, a man, my opinion on what women wear. Oh yeah, I liked girls in dresses, dresses keeping girls looking like girls. A bit chauvinistic, but was me. Completing the business district circuit I took her home and with a hand shake bid her a good night.
Son of a gun, first thing out this morning two water fountains had froze. I knew I should have turned on the heating elements a few days ago. Darn darn darn. Every time I had thought of it. I as easily forgot about it. Both thawed out. The first one kept on line. The other put in an empty lot was taken apart for parts repair or replacement was put on hold to get back to bailing stover.
Corn-stover baling went a lot better today than the last two. Primarily my spending more time or times between bales cleaning the balers rollers where corn leaves and stalks accumulated slows down the belts, the belts in turn, moving take the crop away from the pickup header, in turn roll the crop into cylindrical bales. When the belts aren’t turning nothings baled and the machine plugs. A plugged machine don’t make hay bales.
Going to talk neglect.
Poor ladies were talking when I got home. Don’t blame them either, seeing as how I had maybe forgotten them. Thankfully I was all forgiven when I finally put some corn vittles in front of them. That stuff shut up their mouths.
Secondly, getting so cockeyed late, cold and hungry, darkness having fallen hard I’ve again failed to bring firewood into the house Well, there’s always tomorrow. BGKC.
One more thing. Myself being a slow lad, It’s taken me years to figure this one out over a lot of tomorrows.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I was on anxiety’s edge all day Tuesday. I was going to see that woman. Yes woman. She wasn’t an empty headed good time girl. She had already found she had looks, sass, mystery, good listener, up lifting, sustaining, and I was yet to learn she was also flexible, agreeable, comforting, plus and individual so willing to give more than she’d ever expect to receive. I was on the threshold to find her a very rare treasure. The worst for her regard was yet to come?
Oh I had a busy day hither and yond I had so many odd jobs to do all over town: broken windows, leaking plumbing, fixing some wooden steps for wit I just never seemed to have enough time to make everybody happy. It was well after dark when I unloaded my truck. I had said I wanted to see her and would. I washed up changing shirt and jeans before I was off. Asking her if she wouldn’t min going out for a little while she agreed. Hungry I headed for the same drive-in where I had first seen Frieda chauffeuring her Ma and a night nurse for her Ma’s nursing home. One of the Shalck family waitresses was beside my window before I knew what I wanted. “What’ll you have?” she asked.
I asked Frieda what she’d have? “You order for me.”
That simplified, I turned to the waitress and ordered, “Two cheeseburger deluxe plus two strawberry shakes.”
“You want them with onions?” she’d asked. I didn’t know what to answer my mind gone blank for either a simple yes or no, when Frieda exuberantly fessed up, “I like onions.”
First word coming to mind, Wonderful. Next words for the Shalck girl, “Smother them.”
“She likes onions. A girl after my own heart.” I had thought.
Finished dining, smiling inward-outwardly our tummy’s satisfied. I asked her “What would you like to do?“
Let’s go to town and take a walk. It sounded good to me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still out 20 days

Thank goodness it were Monday morning I a-woke from my harrowing Sunday adventures. Was Sunday real or was it all a dream. It was whatever I had been up to the first workday of the week. I had so much to do and I felt as though I had just fallen asleep. I knew I’g feel better after one of Mom’s breakfast’s. Down the stairs I went descending slowly my tired mind having some trouble keeping up with any hurried ascension. Coming through the stair well door Mom over a the space of the dining room between us said, “I want to know more about the girl you’re going to marry?”
Holy Saints preserve me. May they be many blessings bestowed upon so many broken hearts! Yesterday had happened? I had lived it for real. I had been out with a real funny lady, even havin’ takin’ her across a county line, then there was the fantastic looker over a dinner table, and lastly an over sexed late night creature who sparked between the stacks. “Uh what girl, Mom?”
“The one you said was going to be your wife? That’s what!” she stated at our meeting at the table, my taking a coffee cup from her.
“Uh, did I say something like that last night?”
“Yes you did. It was the most ridiculous announcement I’ve ever heard. With some one you have known for just one day, how do you know this?”
“Oh boy!” I opened, “Maybe I had better call her and apologize.”
“Apologize?” she grimaced, “What did you do with the poor girl?”
“Nothing, Mom.” I assured Mom, short swearing, “I might better just call her and find out where I stand.”
Whatever she wanted to know after this exchange I had no real common sense answers. I likely used my best growing up mumbles and evasive mannerisms I found had work getting to the age I was at that moment. Then it be I a lucky surviver her cross examination and worldly truths she was laying on me. Little brother said nothing, just sitting there slurping up his heated creamed cereal. Did I mention he had rolled his eyes a number of times…, both ways.
Oh I was so glad to get away from Mom’s inquisition. I had work to do, and a truck to load up for all I had to do that day and more besides. Two of the most important sides: I had to call a pretty girl thanking her I think and say yes to figuring the costs for submission the house building contract. Thankfully I had all day to think on both problems. One harder to dwell on than the other and one of them wasn’t the house. The house was merely three/four months material and labor undertaking. The other a lifetime responsibility.
I to am waiting 20 days?
Speaking of Flu shots
Quoting a smart alec, "i was told they were for the old and feeble"
I heartily deny resembling that remark!
Boss lady and I get ours every year.
It's important we get ours, for her I don’t know how I’d take care her and farm at same time, and for myself as I'm the only full time legs on this farm. Anything happens to me it becomes a so very trying time around here. The day my spirit loses this vessel is the day this farm dies. no body interested in it, it'll likely be sold off in pieces for the money. I've suggested if this be the inevitable case so let it be sold and the proceeds be invested in mutual fund stocks, the proceeds from the growth sums support a promising State FAA/4H member student qualifying for an agricultural coarse college scholarship.
This plan will serve all our issues right. They’ve all had there chances. A couple of them greedily more than enough, even to using the (suggested) old and feeble around here.
What a lousy morning’s start. Well, the chores went easy enough. It was when my bright idea to see if the rotary-conditioner could knock some snow off the cornstalks as well as windrow them so I could bale, without rake‘s use.
First off the tractor failed to start, I had to charge it’s batteries three times before it’d start. Manifold heater failing to work I’d ether-ed the tractor twice when I had finally got it started. And while the batteries charged I had noticed the flat racked hay wagon had a low tire. My trying air my portable air tanks the belt on my air compressor kept coming off. Just the same, scant on air I managed enough airing that tire I could eventually road roll it to the shop’s compressor.
Tractor started I figured I could finally get on mowing. Hah! When I had gotten tractor and machine up on the road, tractor rolled rather oddly. Dad-gum-it, The right driver had gone flat. Looking for fluid leaks I saw none on tire, rim, or wheel as well as checking ground where the tractor had been setting. Every thing appearing healthy and living how’d the tire leaked air and no Calcium Chloride. Had found valve cap been gnawed on by an animal. A rodent of some kind likely. And a big and, I don’t think that tire was even loaded, our using that tractor almost as it came from the last owner.
Darned if I hadn’t felt like I had run in circles all morning, accomplishing nothing. My physical fitness walks all over both farmyards aught to have earned me in a passing enough grade shape for exercise today.
Spaghetti and meat balls for lunch for afternoons body energy I did finally start making corn stover. The R-M behind and off to exchanged sides I had cut about three acres. Then I called Bro’ asking if he’d race stover for me. Theoretically he was supposed to have been out in that field a couple/three hours earlier to heroically save the day. I tried baking, making corn-stover and found myself having to figure it out all over again as to how it’s done (grrr). The first bale I made to large, the second bale just right, the third bale to small, and two more attempts were plugs (frown). Bro’ called onto the scene he had raked the whole three acres while I hadn’t made a single complete round (disgust). It’s supposed to be nice most the day tomorrow. Hopefully……naugh……nope……I’m not mentioning any projected expectations for tomorrow’s feed making efforts. Ooh no, not me…!
Now quitting writing for my beloved Shorthorn country I’m going to pull in my belly put on my almost starved to death look for Frieda’s, “Feed’s me look.” sympathy. Ah, what fresh air can do for a healthy appetite. BGKC.

Monday, November 17, 2008

21 days to go

Having had just dropped a lovely creature into her home, driving away, I felt the first pangs of loneliness. One thing sure, I had to call her on the marrow and tell her I enjoyed her company.
Meanwhile, I had a dinner date with another young lady to consider. I had made this date with her long before my meeting Frieda. Somehow, I knew we’d go out together only one more time (that‘s another story). Getting home, I had to change duds: clean shirt, tie, sport trousers and sport coat, and a quick spit polish job on my shoes.
Parked in front of my second date’s place where she was a guest, I stepped into this her sister’s home. I told her sister where we were going and about when I’d be bringing her home. I likely took her out for dinner on the near south side of town to one of them in between muckity muck type restaurantee‘s.
Settling in our chosen booth, we chatted, and ordered our meals. I must admit it was not easy keeping my mind on this second young lady showing her the attention and courtesy she deserved. Spending an hour or two, likely a bit more, with her and took her home earlier than I had previously suggested, walked her to her door and thanked her sister for letting me enjoy this sister‘s company.
Getting home, I gave up my coat and tie for a sweater. I had another date with a telephone operator getting off at 11:00 PM. She was much happier to see me than I her. I never had a chance to open the door for this one. She wanted me to take her somewhere and neck. I wanted to take her somewhere and talk. I took her down by the black river and parked us between the coal and stone piles on the north side the river. She generated some amounts of steam gettini in more necking than I did talk. I was never to see her again on a social level. It must have been after 1:00 AM when I had given up on any talk. So I took her to her door.
On getting home and havin’ tried walking into my Mom’s home as quietly as I could, it didn’t work. Even knowing who it was by name, Mom called me, “Fernan.”
“Yes Mom.”
“Come in here a moment.” inviting me into her bedroom. “Do you know what time it is?”
“Uh, after midnight?” I guessed with some measure of targeted avoidance,
“Where have you been all day?” she asked, my knowing the look on her face even though I could not see it.
“I’ve been out with the future Mrs. Goofer!” And from where the Hell that admission had come from only my subconscious could have known.
“Okay.“ she drawled. “Who is it? Mary, Joanne, Carol, Dorothy, Alice, Bonny…..” and there were a few more. Oddly the names Mary and Joanne were popular enough there had been four Jo’s and three Mar’s. And Mom was doing her memory best to ask which one it was.
“Uh Mom, You don’t know her. I had shared that picnic lunch with her only just today.“ I explained, adding, “The chicken and side dishes were the best.”
Her voice flustered, either way she might had meant to say it, it came out a statement and/or question. “You’re nuts!?”
And I asked, “What?”
“Do you know what you just said?”
Short on selective memories even in those day’s, “No what?”
And Mom remarked, “Let me get this straight. You have just announced you are going to marry a girl you had only had a first date with today?“ Then with a disgusted tone in her voice, she instructed me, “Go to bed, now. We’ll talk some in the morning.
And I climbed my stairs to my solitary rooms. Oddly enough I didn’t just lay my head on my pillow that night, I hugged it while poor Teddy took a Hell of a castaway beating, my finding him under the bed collecting dust-dust-bunnies for alternative adventures. What’s next?
We’ve got snow. beautiful wet refreshing cold white snow. How much better than this can life get and be in Shorthorn country? It is so purrdy outside this morning. This snow so wet and heavy is not a sweep away snow. This one’s going to need a scrapper. Either that or it isn’t going to last long.
We haven’ made up our minds yet?
A-side from this year’s the bargain turkey price influences we've other choices: venison, beef roast or steaks. Pies are already made. I wants some of all the things I can't have, even if only a sneaked taste, liking whole berry (no-no)cranberry sauce, (iffy)apple pie, (no-no)pickles, (no-no)selection olives, a (no-no)lettuce salad, and hot (no-no)buttered rolls.
If it should happen to be the big bird I make the more imaginative stuffing.
In general I want's anything what tastes good, I can't have.
And, how about Including a breakfast menu: (trickily)poached eggs on toast with (iffy)sausage links, and potato (no-no)fried patties.
My day’s shop time was getting and/or setting up the tools and tractor so’s bro could load the Ollie tire. Bro’ taken car of I tried some field work making corn-stover. Downed corn stalks to wet to handle like to started breaking up the finely tuned hay rack, my having to give up that idea. Meanwhile, Ollie (tire loaded) was hooked back up the the 445 Vermeer silage baler. To feed my lady’s I hauled home three bales hay from other end good for next two days. What we need is a break in the weather. We’ve had almost a continual rain fall last ten days adding up to better than three inches. My driveway is liking greased as I’ve never seen it before. Mud’s sloppily deepening every day in the yards and winter pastures. I hate’s mud, particularly in Shorthorn country. BGKC.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

2nd out of pocket offering

My interpitation, what’s going on around the cyber block.
Misery’s people are entertaining relatives. The Mr. hold close relatives for his old breakfasts payoffs.
Somebody in Texas is reading epic Outhouse stories. And, mixing in a few Santa Claus fantasies. Worse yet a she’s taking spiking Alf hair styling’s off the top her head. I’m imaginatively seeing some interesting repercussions when the domino king husband walks in seeing one these new wave fair cuts?
Sounding like kids ditched (grin) a couple went history sightseeing in the New England states. There’s got to be a lot to see up there where I’ve never been.
An Orygun miss is posting fair warning via begged, borrowed, and stolen web sites on and off hot computers. LOL. (not really!) Hurry back miss notable. You’re missed when I’ve an open day.
Loopy Acres is under Loopy mama’s heavy house cleaning and flea patrolling upheavals fire . She’s rearranging her furniture with the bearer’s of testosterone using an engaging manner. Do-it guy‘s or else. Been rumored she’s not accepting any more Turkey day dinner reservations. Not only that there’s rumored no table topped entertainment this year. Seams the primary artist has retired.
Holy Antibiotic, I’ve heard of staff infections. Always thought this germ was something picked up in a hospital? Frieda says being to-clean opens a person up for this problem’s entry into the system. Dirty children build up an immunity to some infection problems protected them.
KC: I wish I could help you with some of your animal problems. I could recommend an electric fence to improve Derby’s behavior. BUT, I have no idea what such an electric fence would have on you poultry.
An electric fence requires a fence charger, wire, insulators, and a ground rod, if you‘ve the use for one. Suggest, you might look up electric fences on the net. A warning. Be careful where and how you set it up. 10,000 volts at one amp sure bites when touched.
hope everybody's had a good day. BGKC.

27 day out counting

Loosing track my days count, I think I might have the correct number now, maybe?
Well, at least the girl had started making conversation, crazy conversation nonetheless. This date could be interesting. Having looked around the junk shop (antique) twice , we quickly dashed for the car my assisting (watching) her get in. Mmmm, easy to look at.
From this first shop stop I drove us down to the new recently completed free beach parking lot, to draw in more day tourists. The lot empty likely because Lake Michigan was covered or hidden from view under a cloud of fog. So turning around I took us back to Saugatuck, picked a street going through a residential neighborhood. Old houses lining the block likely built for the first stinking rich community settlers. It was liking the banker, enterprising lumberman and tannery owners to express their social position in the community. I parked the car amongst some of the finest representations old Victorian houses plus as an added bonus the Anglican Catholic Church. There was nothing modern in this neighbor hood save for paved street, electric lights and I’d venture to guess a modern bathroom in every house. This was where I brought the picnic basket up to the front seat between us. Ohh, my mom had outdone herself: fried chicken, potato salad, apple sauce, cheese, baked beans; plus napkins, plates and silver for eating. We talked about a great many things: dreams, ambitions, priceless thoughts. Telling her about a proposed contract, offered me to build a possible new client’s house, she encouraged me to do it. “Who’d you hurt if it went wrong? She reasoned, “Only yourself?”
Lunch packed away, I took us down off the bluff into the town’s central business district. The town was slowly opening up for the summer tourists season. We visited more junk shops, art galleries, the local corner drugstore what had an original soda fountain. We laughed at each other over cokes. Walked both sides of the street hand in hand as if we were old friends. She was of good mind, charm, and surprisingly displayed a sense of humor. And when she smiled her whole being smiled. The after noon flew ahead of us in such speed the inevitable time to take her home had come. Reluctantly having to escort her to her door, I asked her, “I may see you again?”
Back in my car, I headed for home in a most miserable rain, and wondered when it had started. The rain didn’t help my mode, for I felt loneliness for the first time in my life. Yet, I was committed to what was to happen next.
Slept good last night, had to wake up for one of then cussed habitual water hauls. Sitting down for a moment before laying back down, the gosh awful headache slapped me one up beside my head. Took pain and health pills early. An hour later I went straight for the oats breakfast cereal drowned in milk.
Letting the fire die last night I cleaned out wood stove ashes and restarted fire.
That inevitable hour coming around it was time I fed my ladies this AM. Taking care of them four calves were out or not exactly where they belonged. Checking fence charge it was good west side , dead east side. An on /off wire switch was broke requiring attention. Fence back on, it still wasn’t up to full strength. Well I had to get the calves back where they belonged any way. Back out to field. Calf getting had to wait. I found more fence to fix. And morning was all to quickly shot. Took lunch and saw afternoon trading tired rims on Ollie. Then it started snowing. Bro’ whimped out loading tractor tire for a little snow might get wet open pump motor. So, his eyes might light up. That’s his better’an mine. BGKC.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear hunting season had opened.

I got into this AM. The official start of Michigan’s gun seaso was to open at 7:28 AM. So I loaded up went down to the barn, the Cushman happy to see me took me out ti my favorite sitting place. A light rain leaving the barn behind by the time I got to the wood lot I decide to still with the Cushman. For a couple/three reasons, the rain of course being dryer under the Cushman‘s top, skeptical my prowess climbing the wet mossy covered ladder 24’ high, and from where I the Cushman had parked me in a spot from where I had five alley ways of clear shooting the range of my sight. So what the hey? On my selected post my watch had to have been off 20 minutes my hearing the first gun accidentally going off at what my cell phone told me was 7:08 AM. So much for the law and sporting rules?
There's nothing so boring as having nothing to do. Today was better than this, thankfully. Busy days are the best.
Seems like only yesterday I used to go on a mere 4 hrs sleep nights. My shop was my living-room those days. Sports near bored me to tears. AS I felt about sports, participating or watching, whatever could have been said worthwhile was ever tangibly accomplished by the time the event was over? While so many people occupied their time wrapped up sporting events I was proudly making new or renewing thing useful to my family. During foot ball season I was busily helping the great northern Elf fill his Chrisman eve bag. During basketball season id be found busy waxing the family car of TLC-ing the pickemup truck whatever it needed to make one more year under my derriere‘s tool and materials toting. During Summer’s bored out of my mind trying to even watch baseball I saw it pitcher’s game. Great for old time radio.
And the chase went on.
Arriving the pretty young lady’s home the door was opened to my knock. Let in she took my hand and lead me into their living room and showed me a deplorable overstuffed easy chair. Myself scarcely seated this girl remaining standing opened up on me. I unfairly caught ALL the flack what rightfully belonged to someone else who had caller to have her met him in some park down town. Holy crap, every time she reversed direction pacing the floor walking before me, I settled deeper and deeper into that chair. Could almost swear I could hardly see over the arms that overly stuffed chair. What on earth I let myself in for? Finding myself dually speechless I did my gentlemanly best to arise from the ashes her declaring her space. I wanted out of there. I wanted no more than to get away from that babbling BUZZSAW while my tail was still in tact. Risen looking into those deep dark chocolate eyes, the only words coming to my lips were, “How about going on a picnic with me this coming Sunday?”
“Yes!” she had said without a moment’s hesitation, leaving me gladly exit while I were still whole. My thoughts walking away, “What have I done?” I asked myself reaching my car. “Maybe I can go back and call this picnic thing off?” while slipping behind the wheel, “Naugh. Dad would never have approved. Yup, I had to make the gentlemanly best of a committed situation.” Oh, whoa was I! “Just one date and it’d be the end of her/me!”
Getting back to the house I was reasonably dry and missing my coffee cup. The cup could wait. So, I set about writing some of this. Then a chill came over me and I was ready for an extra eating. I’ll call it brunch.
Reflecting on my morning out back, I had seen a young this last Spring’s skunk, some squirrels, a woodpecker, several geese flights and surprise of surprises a butterfly. The rain’s about to turn to snow and a butterfly is flying by?
Lunch was a baloney sandwich and a couple salads. I should have nuked some of Frieda’s Potato soup.
Right after I left, not hearing the shot Scot shot a dear a couple hundred yards from where I was sitting.
Speaking of the possibly of rain turning to snow I’ve got to go look for some keys. Bummer!
Putting my shoes on, grabbing a heavy flashlight, headed for the dungeon, and found my keys washed and dried in the laundry drier. Yeah! I had worn my newest tux out doing last evening’s chores. As long as I was going to get wet anyway, I chose the garment I wanted washed. That tux pre-rinsed could go in the wash immediately. Being last worn on Tractor just before coming for the night, I figured the keys had to have been a pocket when it dove into the laundry. Sure glad it had let me out of before that last dive. I don’t tolerate soap well.
Afternoon saw me doing a number of things. Ready to roll out of house after lunch Handy Andy called. Wanted help dragging deer half mile home from out back his home. Nice button buck. Then he needed ride over to the Crossroads.
I was found me on the Loopy estates wondering about/for a number of things. Sparky got his deer this AM. Loopymama continues cleaning house for all the relative white glove tests, and I assisted Sparky moving a stove into daughter’s house. Later this same day I fit a sheet blue Dow board over my daughter’s second story stair well to save on heating.
Shop time saw me fail miserably wit fix ATV tire for EzGo. Now it needs an inner tube and still thinking on an additional boot. Seems inside these tires can’t be safely leveled for patch application without shredding cords. So, anybody following me trying a similar repair, be fore warned, and forget it.
For getting nothing done it was a full Shorthorn country day. Ladies having plenty hay, tonight was a rare night I didn’t hay them. I’m sure I’ll get hollered at come morning. BGCK.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 26 & count-n down

If you really want to get better at something, go back and take it up at a much earlier age.
No mediator to help me with my meeting the heavenly lookin’ thing, I chose to do the into-duck-you-airy thing for myself. It couldn’t/shouldn’t be all that difficult to do. This idear coming to me on a Sunday evening last I finally got up the nerve and round to-it the Thursday next. I washed up real good, shaved, dabbed on some stinky aftershave; all this so’s I’d look good over the phone.
Picking up the phone one of the girls I had been seeing was my operator for the moment, “Number Please?” The number given, the phone ringing, the phone answered, “Hello.”
“May I speak to a Miss Frieda please?” I asked.
“Sure. I’ll get her for you.” A moments silence. ”This is Frieda.”
“Hello.” I started not knowing what I was going to say next? I repeated my first word. “Hello, my name is Fernan (mumble mumble) I’m calling you, likely you don’t know me. So, I’d like to come over and introduce myself, If I may?”
“Okay, sure. Do you know where I live?” she asked.
“Oh yeah, I know where you live.” Truer words couldn’t have been uttered at that very moment. I happily answered her with an a, “Fine.” Another moment of silence, I came to from my mental stupor, and said, “Give ma a few minutes and I’ll be right over.”
I can’t believe I had said, “I’ll be right over.” Did I sound to anxious? I didn’t want to frighten her before I got to know her. Sheesh! I hadn’t been this nervous since dating girls for High Schools Proms or Christmas Balls years ago. I mean really. I was acting, being, unbelievably scared stiff shy. Oh Hell, what on earth was I going to say to her when I see her.
Dressed in a sweater to go see her, I took it off exchanging it for a light Spring jacket. It was something I could take off and put back on. It could by me time. Time? It was time I be going.
This time I drove my car. Who goes courting when there’s something better than a work dirty old pickup. How ever will I open my introduction, our first meeting? ???????
Chores done, swapping Ugly for Van I was on my way to keep an appointment with my cardiologist. Getting there it was said I was mistaken. Okay, I’ll recheck my appointment cards when I return home. And, sure enough I had two cards with the same today’s date and time written on them for last month. There ain’t nothing wrong with me, with me, with me!
No doctor’s appointment, I was facing a long useless drive back home; bunk, I used it to make few stops. First, I stopped by a day old bread depot looking for some soft oat bread. Nada, I picked up a couple cinnamon raisin bread’s for a couple breakfast treats plus a jar lidded mug of apricot jamb. Yum, the bread and jamb were half price anywhere else. Second stop Home Depot to check out storm doors. Saw two I liked and priced them. Ho boy, I need to salvage or make me an outside entry doorjamb. Forth, I stopped by an Ace hardware store looking for Frieda a backing pan in either glass or stainless. They put me onto Kroger, where I picked a Pyrex backing dish for my primary cooker. That could have been a mistake. She get’s mad at me I might miss seeing it coming or clearly wondering what had hit me. Sixth stop was by a distanced drug store what was interested in carrying the products what were useful in making peoples well. there I picked up a hot or cold, micro waved or freezer chilled, gel pack for less than a sawbuck. Seventh stop was by the super market. Need little more than some milk, a couple angel food mixes plus some needed laundry soap and a couple other products. My eighth stop was buying the old woman’s beer. Could be I keep her happy maybe she’ll keep the new backing dish busy cooking something in the oven.
Shop time saw the 18.4 X 38 tractor tire mounted, the wheel ready for mounting on an Ollie. Then wet or dry I can get into making up corn-stover.
The Shorthorn country weather was more miserable than yesterday. There was scarcely a dry moment all day, everything pretty much kept wet by an almost invisible mist. Humidity had to be classed at 100%.
Tonight’s supper is macaroni and cheese. This I like, this I’ll eat. Chicken parmesan can’t begin to sound good to me! Even worse when I’m supposed to cut down on cheeses. BGKC.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 27 and counting

However was I going to get an introduction. I asked around over the weekend finding I knew no one in her circle. Which was the wrong preconceived notion I’d learn later. This girl had to have been one of the best kept secrets in town. The parsonage roof job finished five days already, spending the last three seeing no help what so ever upon the horizon with this introduction conundrum, it looked as though I’d have to take this matter into my own hands.
I could handle this intro thing for myself. I was no longer the once shy bashful country boy anymore. An earlier year Wednesday evening viewer commented movie premier had changed me forever. Danny Kaye playing a Jew in the movie “The Sargeant and Me” both of them running ahead of the German army escaping France, Danny Kaye had shown me there was a 50/50 answer or solution to any question. The question if never asked could only be assumed negative. If the same question were asked and answered one-way or the other on a 50/50 basis it could well be positive, the inquirer either moving forward or sideways on his way. Yup, it was totally up to me. I weren’t going to waste a lot of time never knowing the answers to my questions. Negatively waiting, the fox never caught the rabbit.
Now, how was I going to handle this dilemma?
Good morning? I’ve gotten some checks written and off in the mail. Thankfully that’s all done; well, until next time……
More rain promised for the day with lighter periods this day with maybe yes or no possibilities the Sun may even, teasing, peek through the overhead gloom. Temps in the 50’s for a few days. Can’t decide which is better: painful overcast warmer wet weather; or, feel good clear skied freezing dry weather.
I put on my barnyard tux and suffered the over heat wear I had chosen for the day. Had my blood drawn for thinness check. Picked up some prescriptions turning down those neither one of us were no longer on.
Holy Pony Express! Time out! Even the US Post Office is talking early retirement buy-outs for getting rid of unneeded postal employees. I can just see each city postal carrier on roller skates replacing two flat footers, under these gubernment cuts.
On the farm scene, I …uh…. Woiked on some tidying up my truck and the shop floor of stuff dropped where it had landed over the last few days. Even put in some time cleaning and greasing an Oliver tractor driver rim. The tire’s half on, the inner tube laying on top. Not feeling like I wanted to finish the tire mounting, it’ll wait until I get back tomorrow.
Holy Ice Blanket! I finally found a drug store what not only knew of what I was talking about and wanted. They can get them next Spring coming in lunch pack kits. Meanwhile they have a flexible gel filled something or other for a mere sawbuck. I’ll try remembering to check that gel thingy out in my tomorrow‘s travels.
The goofy arsed physical therapist was out and caught me this morning loaded for bear. He wanted to put me through his passes. Again I refused. What is it with these odd ball doctors and their insistence I need training. We talked about my PB, about my physical activities, my range of motions. When we got to my range of motion I immediately wanted to become irritated. What held me back was my continued diet of my Wellbutrin calming mind altering prescription drug. Bottom line, my knowing the usable range of my arms and limbs I don’t need any goofy induced arms and limbs pains. My theory is very simple. If I find what it is what hurts me, I don’t do what yurts me anymore, period. I often walk a couple miles or more a day. I press half the 300 pound weight of a couple hay feeder rings at least twice a day and roll them over either rough or muddy ground putting them over fresh 5‘ round hay bales. I had one of them BIG tractor tires to work on today. I asked this guy if he wanted to take my place for a day? He turned me down. He admitted he hadn’t my strength. Wussee! If he couldn’t keep up with me, why would he or I want to be messed with? Lets get real where I need medical help! BGKC.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 27 one way’r’other

The parsonage reroofing job secured, I’d had the shingles delivered. Having my ladders, ladder jacks, 2x4 toe boards, planks and picks on scene I set up my staging. The staging set I carried up shingles for my starter courses, and soon would be wiring my first toe boards in place for good roofing foot holds.
About the time I had my roof work established I see ambling down the street. A fellow I had given a many a ride to from town out towards the country side dropping him off at the end of this block at the passing business route. “Garth” I hollered out, getting his attention, and before he had ambled to far. I slid down my wooden ladder as an old saly liking a squirrel in pursuit of a freshly dropped nut.
Meeting Garth, I encouraged him to sit down with me on the parkway to chat a spell. I must explain, Garth had suffered some spinal damage at birth. Never expected to walk he had beat the odds considerably managing to amble along as he did walking wobbly and looking like he were out of control and ready to colapse. Garth also had a speech impediment what caused him to slur a good number his words. “Garth, have I just seen you come out that house?” my pointing at the same house where in I suspected the pretty young lady lived.
Garth’s speaking as clearly as he could answered me, “Yeah.”
“Tell me Garth. Is there a pretty girl living there?”
Garth looked at me in an odd manner as if I had picked a subject he was forbidden to talk about. So, I changed tactics, “What is the pretty girl’s name?”
“I can’t tell you.” he confessed.
“Alright then. Who is she? “ I asked him.
“I can’t tell you.” He worriedly looked at me and back again at his house, saying, “Ma wont like it.”
Not liking the word “blackmail” I stooped to another tactic. “Look, what do you say I stop in to see you until I see the girl. Your Ma will want to know how I know you; and, I’ll just have to tell her.” Oh I was rotten. I’d never have told his Ma anything. But what the Hell, I liked the word extortion better than blackmail. “So how about being nice to me and tell me who she is.”
“Ma wont like it!” he’d said it again.
“Ma will never know. Whatever you tell me Ma will never know.” I promised him.
“Well,” Garth started slowly, “She’s Frieda.” more hesitating, “She’s my sister.”
I was totally knocked over, my rolling back over looking straight up into the bluest blue of a Spring day’s sky. Laying there for a moment or two I righted myself, saying, “Your not kidding me are you?”
“Nooo.” Garth assured me.
“Thanks Garth. you’re a good man. One day when we’re both down town the coke’s will be on me.” We chatted some more until I had to excuse myself, giving Garth a hand up, and got back to work on the parson’s roof. The next couple days I finished shingling that house, all the while my mind was preoccupied by the mystery girl I had seen in my dreams for the last seven years. She might just be the one only two doors away. However was I going to get an introduction.
Now here’s something you have simply got to check out, A reindeer shoe: . It is a most interesting happy tale passed on by Kelly. Oh yes, Kelly (a genuine country girl) was once a KL girl. If you don’t already know her look in on Kelly and her menagerie. Her place is always a pleasant stop.
Gosh, I’ve no memory all whet I did today??? Sick, sick, sick! Short-term memory making it Old Timer’s Disease.
Ohhhh! Yeah!! I grown grain today, the process taking longer than the usual. Picking up the last of the Alpaca feeds for my grinds supplements. Should only at a couple three weeks for this years Spring calves to stop sounding, “Capca capca.” getting back to a more maturing “Ma!” turning into a deeper throated “Moo!”
Leaning on the afternoon for entertainment we ran out to the distanced satellite field and rigged (manually picked up the wings on both implements making then road worthy narrower) the tows disc and drag behind the 2150 for drive home. Now that was a ride home once I got into it. Seven MPH the whole distance home. Why? The dang spring toothed drag would start wig-waging back of the disc, there, liking the tail waging the dog, the 2150 Ollie the dog, slow was the speedy movement of the day. Getting back I was more than ready for lunch, my beating it to what Herr Clink had threatened to feed the cats extra. Warm, it nicely filled my belly out.
After lunch I ran my favorite Ollie with baler in tow to the shop. Bro’s wanting I should change the thin skinned spare tire on this Ollie for a more substance tire. Why? He’s afraid some tough cornstalk just might puncture that thinned old tire. Dropping the baler the That Ollie’s ready for tire repair and change. To make more room in front of shop I brought 4010 JD with serviced hay rake in tow home. One more mile and it’ll be in the corn field.
Backing the tractor up, I found we needed some ether starting fluids. Church brothers were the closest parts dealers in my neighborhood and decide to pay one of them a patron’s visit before lunch. Getting there, walking into the store, my mind decidedly became a blank. Walking in greeting the owner face to face without a counter between us he asks me, “What do you need?” I found myself speechless. The best I could do to communicate, I brought my right hand up motioning my first index finger up and down. “Ah, you need a couple cans starting fluid.” He had either surmised or read my mind. I led me to where the product was on a wall shelf selecting two cans, them we proceeded to the parts counter and cash register. Along the way I wanted to tell him, ‘this was for farm use,’ my hands silently trying to gesture what I could not say, He says, “Oh okay, for farm use.” He was right and as he stepped behind that counter, he added, “Anything else before I read your mind again?” How true that fact was as we all laughed, enjoying the situation, my embarrassment. Lawd no! I didn’t want him reading any more my mind, my putting out of my mind, what I thought about the other 97% my waking time. So, this about covers it for another day in Shorthorn country. BGKC.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

28th day countdown.

The angel on my mind, I found it was a mistake to ride along with buddy Bob. Seeing her again and again when we were riding in Bob’s automobile and I wanted to follow her home, one evening, Bob refused. He didn’t want to be accused of stalking. My not seeing it that way we rode in his red Bruick convertible checking the daylight beach babes weekends, and my Desoto checking on the mystery drive-in dark hair and eyed angel weeknights. Three/four nights gone by seeing her I followed her, Bob protesting the whole distance until I lost her. Seeing her again one last time, as it worked out, old buddy Bob suggested, “Why don’t you just walk over to her car and introduce yourself.” took a breath and continued with, “A faint heart wont win the fair lady.” He might have been jesting me, but that night, I don’t think he had any idea how close he had hit the nail squarely on the head. I didn’t do as Bob suggested. I waited off to one side the drive-in lot. When that black Mercury pulled out onto the street I followed at an assumed safe distance. I had repeatedly followed her into the same neighborhood each time loosing her every time. I could not believe my rotten shadowing luck.
A day or so later, about around noon returning to town having completed a job in our rural county, I remembered something. A traffic light catching me, just a half a block beyond I remembered an alley on my left. I positioned my truck using hand signals to gain position to cross threw on-coming traffic to turn into that alley. Almost to the other end of that backyards block, There it was, nosed into a garage, to short a building, to house the entire car. I had her residence. Then what? I hadn’t thought far enough ahead to have formed a plan “B.” In truth I had no any idea my next move.
Then what followed had to have been divine providence (at a time I still believed). I received a phone call informing me a particular parsonage in a particular neighborhood needed reproofing. I bid in that job so close I got the work. Bestest yet, that parsonage was a mere two doors away from the angel‘s abode. Did or did I not gain a positive place of position to possibly learn something of the colleen I had up until then only shadowed. All I needed was a name.
Tune in tomorrow and find out how I had come to be miraculously educated.
Gasoline selling at less than half it’s price just weeks and days ago, our bank account’s bottom line is beginning to look a lot healthier. That is until I pay a few bills I don’t have to worry about making.
What a mess I had on my hands loading just one grease gun this morning. I just plainly plunged the opened business end of the grease gun into the grease bucket and pulled up the plunger’s handle locking it in place when I thought it were filled. Eureka, it worked, scraping some clinging excess off the grease gun’s body and screwing the pump back on, destroying a throwaway rag tidying the whole thing, I was in the greasing business again. It surprised me how well it worked taking the whole load to grease that hay rake. Finally finished it is ready for field work. Now for the baler, I make a simple jacking adjustment lifting the pickup head and removing the hay savers, add a couple more bales of twine the baler will be ready to go corn-stover again.
Talked to one of the Sixguy boys and settled on fields were we’ll harvest the corn-stover. Hopefully I’ll get to making some feed headway tomorrow.
Went out to nine mile satellite winter wheat field and brought the Ford tractor and Brillion seeder home. That was a truly refreshing drive all the way home. Took me an hour for the one-way drive home. Nine MPH was all the speed I could take driving into the descending darkness just making it far enough home when I had reached my frozen keeping limit. The timing all the way around was phenomenal.
Worst part of my day found me my head taking on the same month old aching I could do nothing about having no water to drown down a couple Tylenol. I sported this face aching for most the late afternoon. It was my fault numbering them. First of my problems is the delayed taking of pain medications for a couple reasons concerning if I wont need it why should I take, the other I dislike being so medicated I have no feeling as to my limitations.
I’ve done my chores in the dark again. I’d like to see a useful farm bill outlawing shorter and shorter winter’s workday daylight. After all, I only put in seven days labors during any given farm work week. I don’t feel as if I’m asking to much. I think the one and one half percent of dedicated people in my profession are entitled to some congressional consideration. It seems the auto industry is going to be taken care of just as the spendthrift insurance companies have reaped still more federal money for still more partying. Why not reward me my every day CEO contribution.
Lastly, My wee corner of Shorthorn country settled in for the night I await my feeding. Gloriously Frieda’s making me supper tonight in place of the vitamin “K” ladened meals on wheels delivered so very dangerous to my health. Some genuine home cooking is already wetting my appetite. And moving right along her super efforts came up mighty taste. I just may have my cooker back. BGKC.