Monday, November 24, 2008

Only 11 days out

While we dinned the Home Builders Association and the rest of the attending members did their thing, they held their meeting. While my date and I ate I really had nothing to add. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, my mind preoccupied with another matter in her Navy-Blue basic little black dress sitting across from me showing how a “T“ bone steak was devoured.
The meeting grinding to an end, Soft light/Candle light and an orchestra, replaced the bright lights and noisy speakers, filled the atmosphere for the rest of the evening. Maybe sitting one or two out, Frieda and I danced until the bright lights flashed on and off a couple times. Seems only the two of us were keeping the orchestra from their beauty sleeps, plus they had regular jobs to go to come the morning’s daylight.
It were a slow drive home Frieda having decided I was safe enough to sit close too. That was alright enough, for that evening only added to my need to have her by my side forever more.
Walking her to her door her hand in mine, we stood there for an eternity’s moment. I wanted to embrace her. Myself timid, she made the first move leaning towards me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and tried leaving me. I had said, “Wait a moment. I want something more than that. Gently holding her hand we kissed. It weren’t a lovers kiss. It was a friendly gesture kind of a kiss. Reclaiming her hand she quickly turned and giggled as she hurriedly ducked into her home. I was freed to leave.
It wasn’t the kiss I was expecting, but it were a positive kiss nonetheless. I was on cloud nine. Oh yes, even a guy can ascend such a lofty place. Progress was being made. I’d have to call her on the morrow and thank her for the lovely time.
As for the rest of it, time would only tell?
It’s 12:30 AM and I already miss that fat faced two handed shy clock what giggied out only yesterday afternoon and no longer hanging on the wall. Snow in our weather forecast, looking outside with the aid of the porch light, we hadn’t gotten it yet.
I’ve a splitting headache. Soon to take another pain reliever. I wonder if its coming-on had woke me up? Seems I might better try laying it down, I don’t rightly remember ever having one laying flat out!
Hot-dam what a man don’t see, all week, when he ain’t got a gun. Deer everywhere going every direction. They’s even in numbers crossing the same fields I’m working, even to passing between our two Oliver’s working the same field the wild things know no better than to tease. It ain’t safe out there. A good man could get run over wearing Rudolph’s hoof prints either over one‘s chest our forehead.
Getting with the hay baling program extra early to bale as much and long as I could before the rains and snow forecast. Every thing already readied all ai had to do was point the tractor towards field raked yesterday. I should have paid attention to the negative feeling I had about rushing right into the first windrow. Inside twenty feet passage the baler plugged big time twisting three belt at the same time. I’d just been Murphy visited. Whoopee! I had thought I could’ve straightened them out. Looking the situation over further that impromptu task wasn’t going be easy. It was shop time for tools and parts. Murphy had done me again. Three hours passing ready to go save a puddle of oil under tractor, there wasn’t a single quart what I needed in the shop. I could by what I need at the dollar store over to the Crossroads.
The oil in the van my turning the ignition key it refused to turn. Be goshed, Murphy was still with me. Oh well, I’ll walk down the plaza walk and get bread and milk, eh a turkey and some other things including a Downy dispenser ball and a store brand fabric softener. Maybe the ABS brakes would let go their hold on the steering column’s internal linkage while I was preoccupied elsewhere? Returning with grocery’s and cat vittles the key still refused to turn. Oh well, I decided to go back in the Dollar store and find us a replacement wall clock. Clock in hand. thrown on the back seat, the key turned. Surprise, surprise. One more stop in the crossroads I was on my way home, well almost. As I got nearer Sparky and Miss Loopy’s house the van turned in. Scooby was happy to see me. Sparky needed a couple suggestions putting a new ceiling fan up in the breakfast nook area. I also came in handy impersonating Miss Liberty of NY harbor fame for a fan’s hand up. And, I carefully stayed just long enough longer for one coffee plus a refill. };^)
Unloading the van once I got home I found a bag of bread I had purchased about a month ago. Having been in van all that time it could still be good, at least good enough for turkey stuffing. I’ll know more in a couple days. Should make MY stuffing be flavorful rather interesting I’ll brag about it after I’ve served later in the week.
Backing the tractor up:
While I was in the market, Mother Nature had come alive dropping snow all over the landscape. This snow has brought fodder making to an abrupt stop. Well, I might better start hauling the stover fodder home.
Wanting to haul two loads home, the gas Ollie running so bad I managed one load. Got to either clean old spark plugs or install new one’s and change the oil, before I blow the engine. The ragged running sound just isn’t the muffler rusting out.
Home five minutes ahead of sun down, I’ve figured I’ve wet arsed done enough. If there’s anything I dislikes it’s a chapped arse. Now it’s making one’s self Shorthorn country comfortable. BGKC.


Paula said...

Awww I'm still here reading every word about this exciting romance.

Kelly said...

Fern I emailed you how to pick up that award. If your still having trouble let me know and I will try to walk you through it again. Sometimes my directions sound a bit scattered, but hopefully you can understand them. Put it on your sidebar now okay? I want to see it. Your blog is definitely one to pick, it doesnt get any more real than your writing about romance and your daily goings on around there. :) XOXO Kelly