Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho.

The laughs on me. Having to drive the van yesterday as I had been found a-foot, I used it while the weather turned nasty. I wrote yesterday about my van’s adventurous soul egging me on to shop more and more. Well as it turned out my bringing everything’ edible or cleaning, into the house out of the van, I came across a three/four week old bag of raisin breads from the day old bread shop. Checking the bread out this morning toasting some for breakfast it looked okay. Sticking my nose in the bag taking a nice long drag I got a faint scent of the grapes fermenting. As hope is my witness, this is first time I’ve ever had to deal with whining bread. What’ll the remaining loaf finds out what and where I’m going to stuff it. He He He What other spices go good with Cinnamon? Nutmeg maybe? What else?
10th day count down
Having had a good time Monday evening into the night I relived her look in my mind. Her bright eyed smile was captivating. She had a work horse’s figure. Her figure was narrow waisted, big beamed wide shoulders and easily a long neck. (More about that attribute another story.) Then there were those beguiling glimpses of sexy lace here and there peeking out from under that basic little black dress in navy-blue she had worm. Driving east for Kalamazoo, the sun behind us, the sun near setting that star’s yellow brilliance offered highlighted priceless gold specks in her hair. If I didn’t know better, did she orchestrate every little thing she did to entrap me? How does one man now what’s on a girl’s mind, when she don’t want him to know?
Oh I phoned her, praised her charming manner, and got permission to see her at home throughout the days ahead of us and a drive out a couple evenings a week.
More snow laid on us over night measuring 5“>7” deep with no adjustment for overnight snow melt in the driveway, deeper on the standing grass of the lawn. Sure looks like Winter’s set in.
Ginger maybe? Maybe Mint and/or Thyme? Hmmm… Do I add something to it or go with something the opposite?.
What was I doing. Or, What was the question?
Holy Cow, my fixing to step out the door I see some wayward ladies passing by my window. Out like a shot there weren’t about to listen to me I hollering nor yelling. Some drifting out into the road as if they were going somewhere, I tried to head them off, their ignoring me. To slippery to walk and to old to run or even sprint I brought the Ollie gasser into use driving around about the farm and barn yards changing gate configurations at least taking some control of the situation until they started paying attention to me. A hay bale carried on the back same Ollie I managed to coax one/two/four and more to follow me back in. Yeah, they came in alright, right where they wanted to go in. Plan “A” gone awry. I immediately went, to plan “B”. When they caught sight the hay I hauled in last night still sitting in the West pasture I had them. Setting a couple bales of for tomorrow’s feeding I took the remaining two bales back out into the East pasture where they belonged. The ladies following along, mere minutes later I had them contained. Oddly enough as long as I was reminiscing this very same morning there was a time or two I pictured some of the ladies cut and wrapped steak and hamburger packages. (grrrr)
Still forenoon I was invited out for coffee, I paid for plus tip. Somebody got some even, I‘m sure.
This afternoon, The warmed Ollie nosed into my barn I had it out of the wind some and sheltered stopping snow going down my neck. Tractor under some cover, Ugly retrieved, and gassed, I took on Ollie gasser, cleaning sparkplugs and changing oil. Lunch was fast a fast canned pork and beans. I figure surviving warmed first inside me and later into the afternoon likely warmed inside my barnyard tux.
Some reasonable time later, the Ollie’s oil been changed. The original spark plugs cleaned fired so poorly I replaced them new ones off the shelf. So of a gun, these two simple things taken care of it’s a happy tractor now and readied for work tomorrow.
The hay rake needing parts Bro’ had called TSC. The only store what had them in stock at $1.98/@ was approximately eighty miles (one way) away. I suggested call an Case-IH dealer between her and there. Same parts were $1.35/@ an obvious $.63/@ savings; plus a second time and fuel savings on the un-driven extra 90 extra miles (or more) round trip. Very once in awhile there’s a distinct advantage to “let your fingers do the walking.”
The afternoon growing late, not enough time to start or get into something old or new needing doing, I opted for my daylight left to haul another load firewood into the house. The Cushman accepting my weight on its back wasn’t quite enough to help the mini truck keep traction. Leaving it gear and stepping off to give push and then sprinting to catch-up and jump aboard is an activity I’ve simply got to give up. Finally getting a running start from the road, I made for putting it back in the barn: when, I had a colossal idea. Set two handy concrete blocks in the back corners the cargo box. That little extra weight was all it needed to negotiate the grades and 7” wet snow what had held it back earlier. Cushman loaded backed up to porch at sunset, I went inside for a moment’s rest to let my heart and lungs catch up with my over active mind. That last act was my companion nemesis migraine headache opportunity to punish me. I‘ve asked for help within my own mind to no avail for relief. Bottom line, for fear bending over to pick up wood at a most inopportune moment for a black out or dizzy spell possibly causing me to go head over heals over the Cushman’s side, making dents in the snow, I quit. Having set a spell, the Cushman remained loaded is back down in the barn. BGKC.
PS: The cussed headaches go on.

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Paula said...

So sorry about the headaches but glad you are able to continue your story. Yes I think Frieda has you hooked.