Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 19 counting down

After Tuesday’s impromptu evening walk my thoughts and being seemed to find me gravitating to a particular house on Cherry Street. This began Wednesday afternoon right about that same time I had needed to back off on my daily routine not understanding wherefore I needed one of these odd breaks. My not putting it all together I just naturally wanted to be in Frieda’s presents and did so as many afternoon’s from then on.
Oh she was a welcome site. She was always so spotlessly fresh, well groomed, and wearing a most infectious smile. From then on she saw me as often as I could every day enjoying her company. And, everyday I was served a Swedish coffee and Swedish roll. Her Ma was an excellent cook. Then I had two reasons to make my afternoon Cherry Street stops.
We walked out but once more that week before the dinner-dance date so slowly quickening coming up the Monday evening next. I had no other excess thoughts aside from my daily odd jobs. The dinner-dance was most appropriate as I had also gotten the Cape Cod house construction contract that same week. This shindig was appropriately sponsored by the SW Mich. Home builders Association. I had become my own home builder. And one more ultra big plus it was my birthday. Even I must wait for the next installment. Gotcha!
Today’s weather had a bit of everything in it: sunshine, snow squalls heavy enough I could not see the edges of the corn field I was working.
Chores of course. I turned left out my driveway. Headed for corn-stover making machines. Coming late out of the field last night I had to clear the baler of frozen stover. That was fun taking frozed blocks of what once was potential feed. That ,machine preped ready to go I turned my attention toward the mowing machine the hardest part there todat was starting the tractor. I opened up the air cleaner intake taking it apart to have thought I lost the assembly’s top nut and screw. Doppy me Hadn’t lost anything wasting a half hour looking for the parts I hadn’t lost or misplaced. Oh well, the time wasn’t wasted for I charged the batteries during this time. Ne thinks thie tractor could use four new batteries, but them again they just may be good enough to make it one more summer. We won’t be haying much longer when we’ve beeen covered under a good snow. So, I spent almost the whole day cutting, raking, and baling stover until a tractor draw bar bolt broke. To late in the afternoon to timely find a new bolt, be better to find two, I called this day’s haying finished. Besides I did dearly needed some srength time to carry in one Cushman load of wood. That’s done.
Evening chores done I had too pickup my Frieda coffee clutching with Loopy. No doubt raking their husbands over in their husbands absence. (grin) Anyway, women need women to talk over wimmin’s things. Perhaps the best part of this day was Loopy’s absolutely priceless hazel nut coffee. It’s been a good day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Oh so you're saying Fernan and Frieda use to dance, huh?