Tuesday, November 11, 2008

28th day countdown.

The angel on my mind, I found it was a mistake to ride along with buddy Bob. Seeing her again and again when we were riding in Bob’s automobile and I wanted to follow her home, one evening, Bob refused. He didn’t want to be accused of stalking. My not seeing it that way we rode in his red Bruick convertible checking the daylight beach babes weekends, and my Desoto checking on the mystery drive-in dark hair and eyed angel weeknights. Three/four nights gone by seeing her I followed her, Bob protesting the whole distance until I lost her. Seeing her again one last time, as it worked out, old buddy Bob suggested, “Why don’t you just walk over to her car and introduce yourself.” took a breath and continued with, “A faint heart wont win the fair lady.” He might have been jesting me, but that night, I don’t think he had any idea how close he had hit the nail squarely on the head. I didn’t do as Bob suggested. I waited off to one side the drive-in lot. When that black Mercury pulled out onto the street I followed at an assumed safe distance. I had repeatedly followed her into the same neighborhood each time loosing her every time. I could not believe my rotten shadowing luck.
A day or so later, about around noon returning to town having completed a job in our rural county, I remembered something. A traffic light catching me, just a half a block beyond I remembered an alley on my left. I positioned my truck using hand signals to gain position to cross threw on-coming traffic to turn into that alley. Almost to the other end of that backyards block, There it was, nosed into a garage, to short a building, to house the entire car. I had her residence. Then what? I hadn’t thought far enough ahead to have formed a plan “B.” In truth I had no any idea my next move.
Then what followed had to have been divine providence (at a time I still believed). I received a phone call informing me a particular parsonage in a particular neighborhood needed reproofing. I bid in that job so close I got the work. Bestest yet, that parsonage was a mere two doors away from the angel‘s abode. Did or did I not gain a positive place of position to possibly learn something of the colleen I had up until then only shadowed. All I needed was a name.
Tune in tomorrow and find out how I had come to be miraculously educated.
Gasoline selling at less than half it’s price just weeks and days ago, our bank account’s bottom line is beginning to look a lot healthier. That is until I pay a few bills I don’t have to worry about making.
What a mess I had on my hands loading just one grease gun this morning. I just plainly plunged the opened business end of the grease gun into the grease bucket and pulled up the plunger’s handle locking it in place when I thought it were filled. Eureka, it worked, scraping some clinging excess off the grease gun’s body and screwing the pump back on, destroying a throwaway rag tidying the whole thing, I was in the greasing business again. It surprised me how well it worked taking the whole load to grease that hay rake. Finally finished it is ready for field work. Now for the baler, I make a simple jacking adjustment lifting the pickup head and removing the hay savers, add a couple more bales of twine the baler will be ready to go corn-stover again.
Talked to one of the Sixguy boys and settled on fields were we’ll harvest the corn-stover. Hopefully I’ll get to making some feed headway tomorrow.
Went out to nine mile satellite winter wheat field and brought the Ford tractor and Brillion seeder home. That was a truly refreshing drive all the way home. Took me an hour for the one-way drive home. Nine MPH was all the speed I could take driving into the descending darkness just making it far enough home when I had reached my frozen keeping limit. The timing all the way around was phenomenal.
Worst part of my day found me my head taking on the same month old aching I could do nothing about having no water to drown down a couple Tylenol. I sported this face aching for most the late afternoon. It was my fault numbering them. First of my problems is the delayed taking of pain medications for a couple reasons concerning if I wont need it why should I take, the other I dislike being so medicated I have no feeling as to my limitations.
I’ve done my chores in the dark again. I’d like to see a useful farm bill outlawing shorter and shorter winter’s workday daylight. After all, I only put in seven days labors during any given farm work week. I don’t feel as if I’m asking to much. I think the one and one half percent of dedicated people in my profession are entitled to some congressional consideration. It seems the auto industry is going to be taken care of just as the spendthrift insurance companies have reaped still more federal money for still more partying. Why not reward me my every day CEO contribution.
Lastly, My wee corner of Shorthorn country settled in for the night I await my feeding. Gloriously Frieda’s making me supper tonight in place of the vitamin “K” ladened meals on wheels delivered so very dangerous to my health. Some genuine home cooking is already wetting my appetite. And moving right along her super efforts came up mighty taste. I just may have my cooker back. BGKC.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Didn't know you were so romantic Fern!

Paula said...

Bet you would have done that roof for free just to try to get a look at that girl.