Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Obama Wins Election in Landslide
Luckily for us all, Sarah Palin, McCain's inexperienced running mate, returns to Alaska as governor after a tumultuous (ridiculous) debut on the national stage. I’ll bet’cha Sarah ain’t gonna share any of her talk show appearance earnings. As an albatross, Palin brought McCain down.
The Senate seats 54 Democrats, 40 Republicans, 2 independent. (4 seats open)
The House seats 254 Democrats to 173 Republicans. (8 seats open)
Medical marijuana use approved in Michigan. (Now, where’d I put my seed?)
Stem cell research approved in Michigan.
And Missouri’s (show me state)’s elected itself a Democrat Governor
Now our country stands a comeback chance.
Enough Polytics!
I got the baler unplugged, also cleaned off the scrapers. It aught to run good now. So close to lunch by then I ate early, rather than run back home an hour later.
Started painting tractor cab running out of paint. While Bro’ made a paint run, raked hay until his return. More paint on shop scene I sprayed the second sealing coat over the first sticky coat.
This paint job has to be near my second worst paint of my tepid painter career. Sheesh! I had the shakes, had to hold the damned spray gun with both hands a number of times, and uncoordinated. I was a disaster painter unwittingly looking for a place to express a new and different form of graffiti.
Paint job out of my way I had to get onto baling hay. Finishing that I went back to raking hay a second time. I was trying to get an hour up on tomorrow’s activities including another Neurologist’s headache appointment. Chip also goes in tomorrow for a colonoscopy check-up for a colostomy reversal operation in about two weeks. I’m pulling for him.
Baling finished I hauled half the baled hay. Fed my ladies and got in after dark yet an hour earlier than last night.
For something different…….
Here’s just a few Shorthorn country Oliver’s
Got to watch them ganging up. Here’s one group picture.
Middle one's likely a originally badged 1850 C0ckshutt sadly shamed into green dress. The Ollie far left also pictured immediately below.

Winter’s rest in it’s own snow white blanket.
This 1850 is my temperamental favorite. That's a modified (respected dangerous: over powered, over tired) Allis-Chalmers WD45 far left. My winter's pulling tractor.

A Pain in the a$$ tractor. One more fix, it should be mechanically perfect, for a while?
[IMG][/IMG]These tractors six cylinder Perkins engines are parts available easy. Exceptionally inexpensive, strong, fuel efficient engines from Great Britain. This Bro’s current favorite.

Pictured above four (mid 1960’s) 1850 Oliver’s, there are three more Ollie’s: an 1850, 2150 MFWD, and a (later built) near cousin White Field Boss 4-180.
The (sleeper inexpensive) 1850’s are easy parts availability and fixing ease for us handicrapers. Plus there are all manner of after market parts makers and suppliers for these grand tractor these days. Phoned parts orders usually arrive UPS next day. For heavy tools, a chain-fall is about all that’s needed. The other green and red colors are liking twice expensive as in acquisition plus same for parts and labor.
I see somebody else has been painting the last couple days. Regardless, this is it for today my happily lived country life. BGKC.

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