Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 14. Seeems I've gotten my day's mized up

11-22-o8 day 14 and counting.
“DETOUR” I should have read that “detour” sign. Looking beyond the sign It looked as though M43 had been ripped up and hauled away. Suddenly going nowhere fast I turned us north to Grand Junction, make a right east to Gobles, hang another right south to Armstrong Corners. From there, by road map, it was all down hill into Kalamazoo.
The roads we traveled the next twenty miles were over hard top roads made up of washed pea rock and tar build up year upon year since who remembered when? What other the rider in any automobile enjoy more or less, a Disney Park rock and roll ride.
Rolling eastward, as I had done upon the first leg of our journey, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at my traveling companion. A most dangerous thing to do on that detouring road-way where as a car carelessly driven could literally be thrown off the road, and this was flatland country. We passed apple orchards, blueberry fields, A Thanksgiving turkey farm. Oh there was lots to see, and watched her sitting beside me most. Back on M43 we rolled along the last twenty miles on safer road. When passing the fish hatchery, Frieda looking to her right at it, I looked at her.
Sundown was only minutes away by the time we had reached the Elk’s Kalamazoo country club where this shindig was to take place. We were a half hour late for our dinner and dancing. My lady’s chariot parked, it was our time fixing to go in……….

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