Sunday, November 2, 2008

good & bad News

Frieda’s telling me her knee’s pain has up and left her in the middle of the night. Might be the heat pad had something to do with it. Disgusted with the ice packs doing her no more good, she had insisted I find her the heating pad. I did that and a power cord. I’m glad she’s feeing better. I ain’t gonna mention the rest of my wish, not wanting it getting lost before it’s fulfilled. {:^]
Myself waking up, to what looks like a messed up clock, it only took moments for my head’s throb to come back. Could it throb alone? Hell no! Along with it came the lightening spikes. Looks like another slow motion day for me again.
Getting some paper work together I added, the rest of the unrecorded over the counter medications, to the printed out pharmacist’s list. Also, I’m writing myself a page full of questions I may want answered. Maybe ask about another procedure. A bubble test maybe? If it’s a bubble headed procedure, I’m likely already half way there.
Doc will be pleased my signs up. BP138/83 PR51.
First thing out after my chores the Cushman delivered me and some maintenance supplies to the firld where I had last left the AC tractor and hay-rake. Poor hay-rake has been sadly over looked these last few days by the pressures of timely get the hay crop off the fields.
Getting back depositing emptied fuel cans and grease guns in Ugly’s box for refilling, tools went back down to the barn. Cushman emptied it was ideal time o haul another load of firewood into the house. Plus enjoyed coffee with Her Mostess on the still new looking deck.
For lunch I was served last night’s vegetarian been soup slightly modified. Moving a couple beans aside I found diced sausages, most likely to either conceal their original look’s or too spread it’s flavor throughout the luncheon dish.
Afternoon’s participation found me mortaring holes shut I Bro’s foundation walls. I raked hay and in turn baled it. Fed some to my ladies leaving some bales in the field.
Coming straight in, no stopping by refrigerator, no nothing extracurricular (fat chance) BP 144/90 PR 59.
Don’t know what’s for supper. Somebody here other than myself is talking out-loud to herself. In the meantime, my paying particular attention to her babbling I’m running my fingers over my forehead just knowing my forehead hadn’t always been as lumpy as it’s been these last few weeks. What’s going on? Am I turning into a fat head?
Supporting one Hell of a headache, not knowing what I’m doing (literally), I’ve just realized as I’m writing this, I have just mistakenly taken my rattlers an hour and one half early. Oh shyt! And, there ain’t any crappier way of saying it. Sitting down I’ve gotten this less than a appreciated monstrous headache come over my noggin. I’ve experienced pain before: legs, feet, chest and the most colossal worst one of all, a doubly dislocated sacrum-iliac. That pain has followed me around all my years since the fall what started it. It seems to me I’ve managed some severer pains elsewhere in this carcass other than in the head.
The laundry’s going, The animals have been fed, no need for me to go out again. I had a good lunch and wondering If may not be hungry ready for an early supper as Frieda suggests. I know what it is! It this nuts-o fact-o time change. I’m almost wishing FDR (Roosevelt) had it back! This is a cruel and unnecessary punishment laid on my Shorthorn country morals. BGKC.

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