Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I was on anxiety’s edge all day Tuesday. I was going to see that woman. Yes woman. She wasn’t an empty headed good time girl. She had already found she had looks, sass, mystery, good listener, up lifting, sustaining, and I was yet to learn she was also flexible, agreeable, comforting, plus and individual so willing to give more than she’d ever expect to receive. I was on the threshold to find her a very rare treasure. The worst for her regard was yet to come?
Oh I had a busy day hither and yond I had so many odd jobs to do all over town: broken windows, leaking plumbing, fixing some wooden steps for wit I just never seemed to have enough time to make everybody happy. It was well after dark when I unloaded my truck. I had said I wanted to see her and would. I washed up changing shirt and jeans before I was off. Asking her if she wouldn’t min going out for a little while she agreed. Hungry I headed for the same drive-in where I had first seen Frieda chauffeuring her Ma and a night nurse for her Ma’s nursing home. One of the Shalck family waitresses was beside my window before I knew what I wanted. “What’ll you have?” she asked.
I asked Frieda what she’d have? “You order for me.”
That simplified, I turned to the waitress and ordered, “Two cheeseburger deluxe plus two strawberry shakes.”
“You want them with onions?” she’d asked. I didn’t know what to answer my mind gone blank for either a simple yes or no, when Frieda exuberantly fessed up, “I like onions.”
First word coming to mind, Wonderful. Next words for the Shalck girl, “Smother them.”
“She likes onions. A girl after my own heart.” I had thought.
Finished dining, smiling inward-outwardly our tummy’s satisfied. I asked her “What would you like to do?“
Let’s go to town and take a walk. It sounded good to me.

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Paula said...

Frieda is one special lady, isn't she?