Sunday, November 30, 2008

Counting 8 days down.

Oh did we have to talk! It was obvious I was totally unprepared for that day’s kitchen antics. Frieda and I alone I don’t remember where I parked us? I remember sure one place we had tried Ma and had rudely run us off. I’d turn the front porch light off, Ma’d turn it back on. Having given her three chances to leave it off was enough. So I Took Frieda away from there repeatedly and started my parking the Desoto under a street light some where around the town. Under a porch spot light was of little privacy as compared to the shadows cast by an overhead street lamp. Yet, there’s no darker place for a couple to sit than under car top’s shadow directly under a street lamp. More benefits included never bothered by a nosey cop’s flashlight or intrusive nature nor had the hub caps ever mysteriously disappeared.
As was quickly becoming the custom we kissed. And, kissed again making sure we both had gotten it right. And, once more when we were sure. Then, it was talk time, serious talk time. “It seems you and I have something going here,” I started to explain. ”So, I don’t know if you’ll like this or not, but I’ve another date commitment I‘d like to tell you about. Would you rather hear about it from me, or from the jaded grapevine what seems to run straight into your house?”
“Yes.” She’d said. “What do you want to tell me?”
“Well.” I started slowly, “It all started a couple months ago, while Virgil McCary and I were talking………..
Farming was a complete bust today. Early up and out I was in The cornfield to bale stover. Three times I went for it three times I got a 12” roll core started, the belts also stopped, loosing traction on the drive roller failing to keep packing the fodder in, thus the pickup had no place to push the gathered fodder. It proved useless trying to make any more bales.
Going over to the Crossroads Istopped by the filling station for a tobacco product. I hadn’t a taste of tobacco for over a week. I needed a nicotine fix. I tried another Sam’s coffee, where the waitresses look oh so good when they’ve a coffee pot or two a hand. Taking on a new tact I went back to the station and bought gasoline while I where so close. Holy smoke’ems, I filled my tank for less than a $20.00 bill. Once I was inside paying my bill, I tried telling the station manager, I was back again having missed seeing her beauty. She cracked up laughing. I get no respect.
Son-of-a-bitch! It was almost a nice day, if it hadn’t been for a genuine tear jerking pain hitting me squarely everywhere inside my head. Damn it hurt. Looking up at Frieda through watering eyes I looked for a skillet in her hand. But, no! She was sitting across from me empty handed just looking positively concerned. Not threatening.
A few moments later, Frieda’s sounding me out, “You’ve taken your pills a few minute early. Do you supposed you could eat a few minutes even earlier? I’m making a light supper. Should be all right.” She took a breath and as maybe an after thought, she asked, “Is your headache going away?”
“I think I shall be alright.” I told her. “This headache come over me with a sudden thought.” (yuk yuk yuk)
From Shorthorn country. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Ah oh this is getting serious but at least you have a mind to think of saving your hub caps.