Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear hunting season had opened.

I got into this AM. The official start of Michigan’s gun seaso was to open at 7:28 AM. So I loaded up went down to the barn, the Cushman happy to see me took me out ti my favorite sitting place. A light rain leaving the barn behind by the time I got to the wood lot I decide to still with the Cushman. For a couple/three reasons, the rain of course being dryer under the Cushman‘s top, skeptical my prowess climbing the wet mossy covered ladder 24’ high, and from where I the Cushman had parked me in a spot from where I had five alley ways of clear shooting the range of my sight. So what the hey? On my selected post my watch had to have been off 20 minutes my hearing the first gun accidentally going off at what my cell phone told me was 7:08 AM. So much for the law and sporting rules?
There's nothing so boring as having nothing to do. Today was better than this, thankfully. Busy days are the best.
Seems like only yesterday I used to go on a mere 4 hrs sleep nights. My shop was my living-room those days. Sports near bored me to tears. AS I felt about sports, participating or watching, whatever could have been said worthwhile was ever tangibly accomplished by the time the event was over? While so many people occupied their time wrapped up sporting events I was proudly making new or renewing thing useful to my family. During foot ball season I was busily helping the great northern Elf fill his Chrisman eve bag. During basketball season id be found busy waxing the family car of TLC-ing the pickemup truck whatever it needed to make one more year under my derriere‘s tool and materials toting. During Summer’s bored out of my mind trying to even watch baseball I saw it pitcher’s game. Great for old time radio.
And the chase went on.
Arriving the pretty young lady’s home the door was opened to my knock. Let in she took my hand and lead me into their living room and showed me a deplorable overstuffed easy chair. Myself scarcely seated this girl remaining standing opened up on me. I unfairly caught ALL the flack what rightfully belonged to someone else who had caller to have her met him in some park down town. Holy crap, every time she reversed direction pacing the floor walking before me, I settled deeper and deeper into that chair. Could almost swear I could hardly see over the arms that overly stuffed chair. What on earth I let myself in for? Finding myself dually speechless I did my gentlemanly best to arise from the ashes her declaring her space. I wanted out of there. I wanted no more than to get away from that babbling BUZZSAW while my tail was still in tact. Risen looking into those deep dark chocolate eyes, the only words coming to my lips were, “How about going on a picnic with me this coming Sunday?”
“Yes!” she had said without a moment’s hesitation, leaving me gladly exit while I were still whole. My thoughts walking away, “What have I done?” I asked myself reaching my car. “Maybe I can go back and call this picnic thing off?” while slipping behind the wheel, “Naugh. Dad would never have approved. Yup, I had to make the gentlemanly best of a committed situation.” Oh, whoa was I! “Just one date and it’d be the end of her/me!”
Getting back to the house I was reasonably dry and missing my coffee cup. The cup could wait. So, I set about writing some of this. Then a chill came over me and I was ready for an extra eating. I’ll call it brunch.
Reflecting on my morning out back, I had seen a young this last Spring’s skunk, some squirrels, a woodpecker, several geese flights and surprise of surprises a butterfly. The rain’s about to turn to snow and a butterfly is flying by?
Lunch was a baloney sandwich and a couple salads. I should have nuked some of Frieda’s Potato soup.
Right after I left, not hearing the shot Scot shot a dear a couple hundred yards from where I was sitting.
Speaking of the possibly of rain turning to snow I’ve got to go look for some keys. Bummer!
Putting my shoes on, grabbing a heavy flashlight, headed for the dungeon, and found my keys washed and dried in the laundry drier. Yeah! I had worn my newest tux out doing last evening’s chores. As long as I was going to get wet anyway, I chose the garment I wanted washed. That tux pre-rinsed could go in the wash immediately. Being last worn on Tractor just before coming for the night, I figured the keys had to have been a pocket when it dove into the laundry. Sure glad it had let me out of before that last dive. I don’t tolerate soap well.
Afternoon saw me doing a number of things. Ready to roll out of house after lunch Handy Andy called. Wanted help dragging deer half mile home from out back his home. Nice button buck. Then he needed ride over to the Crossroads.
I was found me on the Loopy estates wondering about/for a number of things. Sparky got his deer this AM. Loopymama continues cleaning house for all the relative white glove tests, and I assisted Sparky moving a stove into daughter’s house. Later this same day I fit a sheet blue Dow board over my daughter’s second story stair well to save on heating.
Shop time saw me fail miserably wit fix ATV tire for EzGo. Now it needs an inner tube and still thinking on an additional boot. Seems inside these tires can’t be safely leveled for patch application without shredding cords. So, anybody following me trying a similar repair, be fore warned, and forget it.
For getting nothing done it was a full Shorthorn country day. Ladies having plenty hay, tonight was a rare night I didn’t hay them. I’m sure I’ll get hollered at come morning. BGCK.


Paula said...

Boy I can just see you sunk down into that overy stuffed easy chair. I didn't see this coming when you went in the door. Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Well Fern iffn youda hung around you might have lucked out with the deer the other guy shot.

Now, about that chair, it seems to me you were put in a can't get-a-way position. So, I reckon you were a captive audience. Therefore, in a purely legal sense, you were placed in deep cushiony restraints.

Be good old pal........gfp