Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 29 and counting.

On the verge of giving up my search for a life’s mate I had started considering studying for the priesthood. As long as I were going to be celibate I could at least be some use to christen, baptize, confirm, marry, and perform last rites seeing over a much much-larger family.
It is hard to fathom a change in such thoughts, myself having been turned away from believing in a supreme being, becoming a practicing agnostic. This last confirmation laid upon me these last twenty years with the overt combining this nation’s bible belt ideas with politics. A nation founded on the principles the new peoples to this new land who would have freedom of speech, freedom to worship, including the supreme distinction on lands governed by free peoples under the strict separation between church and state.
No sooner had one divinity thought come into my mind, I saw an angel of my dreams pass live before my eyes. Who was she? From where had she come? How was it we’d never met? All of a fait sealing circumstance clouding any good judgment, I had a new quest of divine proportions to pursue. Tomorrow the chase begins.
Using the 4010 JD in front of it, the mower-conditioner has been cleaned and parked in yonder farm-yard. The 4010 JD freed I used it to transport the bale wrapper back here. The wrapper parked in this hay-yard is positioned for wrapping corn-stover. The 40104 JD freed once more I used it to take the once upon a time red IH hay rake back to the shop its needing a whole lot of TLC replacing bar-beater tines and a good greasing inclusive. Dark over-coming me I never got to the greasing part. Hey, I’ll finish in the morning when I’ve decided what alternative method I’ll use to refill the grease guns?
Getting home late having difficulty begging a ride, I finally found daughter willing to come to my aid. I could have walked it, I guess. But having put in one full day, I wasn’t any to keen one putting in half a night literally on the road.
Good and dark by the time I did get home I did the chores the lazy way. I delivered the feed, I didn’t wrap it fancy.
Talk about feed. Meals on wheels supposedly fully aware of my heart, lung, and liver diseases, they had sent for my last three meals all the stuff I’m diet denied for my continued health. Were they destined to be my last three meals. I wonder? I seek a little dab taste of this or that every now and then, but these guys are pushing on me the envelope of ill taste. Ah ha, I’m gonna beat the cats to the leftovers tonight, or I could just drink my supper and talk mama into burping me. }:^D There’d be an activity we haven’t played out in a while, if that scenario were ever played out before in our more memorable pasts?
Ho boy, all this mental activity is wearing me out. And it’s getting onto time I can start taking interest in my final supper menu selections. BGKC.


Paula said...

Waiting to read about the chase.

Kelly said...

YOU? Priesthood? Nahhh...lets hear more about it soon. :) Kelly