Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 9 and counting

Glory be. I’ve found a couple more forgotten door jambs down in the barn. I get all these pieces of wood uncovered. I may start preparing my assembled mill work for widening this home’s front doorway openings.
Can’t explain it? Like a moth I was drawn to her candle’s flame! So bright was her candles light, my wings singed I lost all interest flitting from any old or new flowers in my quest for a life’s mate. Oh how very lucky I was not to be married to the wrong one when the right one came along. She was bewitching magic I could find no fault with.
Over the next two weeks my lonesome soul kept being drawn to Cherry Street whenever I was conveniently working in town taking my afternoon off the wall hit 30 minute rest break. During the short evening retreats we talked about our expectations. And after a few days the word games started. “Are you open to a proposal of marriage?” because we had both confessed we where both interested in moving to the big ‘A’. Alaska and Australia both were of some interest to me. Frieda was harboring some wander lust for Arizona. “Have you any short term interests to take you away from here?”
I had to have been out of my mind, to what had happened next!!!!
Wanting to haul hay I was to find a wagon tire flat. What a mess. The tire was shot my likely pulling home on the tire flat for some distance the side wall destroyed. Unable to change it in the field, I had to take it the shop. No problem tire already trashed. A spare down to the barn I took it along as well. Tire fixed, wagons I delivered here, and I fueled the Ollie gasser again.
Then found out I needed to grind. Slipping and sliding getting Ugly truck from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ on this wet greasy seven inches of snow was a nuisance to deal with, all day. It’d been surely easier had it been a dry snow. Plus I like the way drier snow may creek or squeak beneath my feet. These are some of those sounds you simply can’t enjoy in the heart of Summer.
Tomorrow’s going to be at least a half day’s work for the chores requirements. That is not until after I’ve stuffed the turkey, preheated the oven, set the timer, then shoved the bird in out of sight, and then start drooling over what all’s gonna be fixed and served up for the holiday belly filling meal, until it’s smelling good and about right to come out.
And what have I got to be thankful for? I’m thankful I had found my other half to enjoy all we’ve done together over the years. I’m thankful for Shorthorn country. It’s been the sandbox to play in filled with domestic and wild animals to entertain my free spirit. And, lets remind me I’m surrounded by so many splendid ladies looking to me for their care and protection. I have been truly blessed. I’m thankful. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I can't wait to hear what happened next. I'm thankful I get to go out and mingle with the cows.